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Jax has been telling tales about how Josslyn got her kidney, the General Hospital writers appear to be rewriting a bit of Anna's past, and a letter from Edward was filled with emotion -- but was it also filled with Larry Ashton's royal horse puckey? Our GH Two Scoops columnist put fingers to keyboard to share her thoughts on all the write (and wrong) stuff in Port Charles.

My Daddy died in September 2004. About a week after he died, I got an e-card in my email from him. It was a bunny singing, "You Decorated My Life" by Kenny Rogers. It had a little two-line note. I knew he had set it up in advance to be delivered to me. I watched the stupid cartoon bunny singing Kenny Rogers about 100 times.

If someone had told me my bunny card could be sold to save a starving puppy, I would have done what Tracy did and written a check, but I would not have relinquished the singing bunny. Tracy and I get each other.

Tracy's letter from Edward was touching, and in my mind, I heard the words alternating between John Ingle's voice and David Lewis' voice. I'm a multi-generational Edward Quartermaine fan. Their relationship over the years was fraught with bickering and maneuvering, but ultimately, Tracy and Edward deeply loved one another.

The note was healing. But was it real, or is it some scam of Lord Ashton's? I hope with all of my heart that it is real, for Tracy's sake.

The painting looks like the Tracy of the 70s, including her signature braids. I used to have mad hair envy over those braids.

I am enjoying the friendship between Tracy and Laura. It's easy to see why Luke fell for each of these ladies; they are both spitfires in their own way, and each has a light inside of them that is never extinguished. I mean, come on -- how many AARP-aged ladies would hop a plane to snoop around in a Turkish monastery? Not me, that's for sure. (So, please, no mean letters about me bashing older women, as I am an older woman who would not be this brave. I'm only brave enough to go on cruises to the Bahamas and drink fruity beverages out of coconut shells.)

What makes that painting so valuable? Who is the lady lurking in the corridors of the monastery? Which villain is the shifty-eyed monk working for? So many questions!

While a new mystery begins for Tracy and Laura, one mystery ends for Carly and Nelle. I would like to go on record and say "I told you so" all along that Jax was harboring a secret about Nelle. I suspected he was the one who bought Nelle's kidney, and I was right. It's a horrible thing to do, but it's Jax, so of course Carly forgave him. He's the good guy who occasionally does questionable things, versus Sonny, the career criminal who occasionally does something nice.

I prefer Jax to Sonny. Every woman on GH who ever had to choose between the two should have chosen Jax, in my humble opinion. I would choose Jax 100 out of 100 times. I know some women are fascinated with bad boys, but I am not one of them. Who wants a lifetime of trying to scrape up bail money and visiting your boyfriend in the interrogation room? Pass! Jax would fly you to New Orleans for a breakfast of beignets.

It's a bad week for Jax. His beloved mom Lady Jane has passed away and his darkest secret has come to light, and yet, he is still kind, and calm, and lovable. Sonny would be throwing wine glasses at the wall.

But, a plot twist is a-comin'. Nelle did not sleep with Sonny, and she's about to confess to him just as Carly and Jax are working their way into a romantic moment. I hope Carly sleeps with Jax before she finds out Sonny is innocent. I hope Jax impregnates her and Joss gets another sibling. I know that's mean, but I like Carly with Jax.

Will Nelle's confession bring Michael back? When he finds out that Nelle didn't really take his Daddy to bed, will he be able to look her in the eye again? Poor Michael has had he worst luck with the ladies. He's a genuinely nice guy, and all of his romantic encounters have ended in rejection or heartache -- Kiki, Rosalie, Sabrina, and now Nelle. Hey, writers, can you find it in your hearts to give this guy a few minutes of legitimate happiness?

I believed that Finn and Hayden were on the road to romantic bliss, but instead, Finn behaved badly while detoxing and scared Hayden away. Words are very powerful. No matter how angry you are, or what circumstances you are in when you spew venom at someone, you can't magically retract those words later without any consequences. The person will always know that somewhere in the depths of your heart, you have the capability to level them with your tongue.

It's the reason we are so unforgiving of celebrities who go on drunken rants and say racists and sexist comments in their inebriated state. Because we are shown the true contents of their heart, and it changes our perception of them.

Finn was under the influence of the drugs, but Hayden now has to question what he truly thinks of her and whether or not they can get past this incident. Since their entire relationship was during the period of his drug use, she has to be sure that he can love her sober, and right now, she is not so sure and is taking a step back.

Anna has taken a step back and discovered that she and Valentin had a different relationship than she originally believed.

There is a rumor afloat that Anna's (evil) twin Alexandra is really the person who did all the things Anna cannot remember. Alexandra Devane was on All My Children back in the day, and Anna and Alex had a few adventures in the 90s. To be honest, I had given up on AMC by then and don't know the details, but perhaps some AMC fans can fill us in on the message boards!

Is it possible that Valentin's relationship was with Alexandra posing as Anna? Was Anna ever a DVX double agent, or was she brainwashed into thinking she was while her evil twin did all the dirty deeds? So much intrigue and mystery!

The next mystery that needs solving is whether or not Julian is alive. Well, of course he is. Not only is someone using his credit cards to shop, but also someone is peeking in Alexis' windows, and unless Diane has gone mental, it has to be Julian. Someone is also peeking in on Sam. Of course, no one is peeking in at Lucas because he has vanished into thin air again, as have Brad and Felix...

I'm really ready for Julexis to reunite. After he tried to kill her, I said I'd never accept them together again. I lied. The writers gave me enough to suspend my disbelief and move along with this couple that I adore. Dear writers, hear my plea: once they are back together, please don't break them up again in two months.

You know what I really loved this week? Amy Driscoll finally getting a storyline other than gossiping at the nurses' station. Risa Dorken is adorable. I applaud the backstory about her and Dillon being teens who liked the same dorky things. I liked that Dillon admitted that he had thought of her over the years. Hearing that absolutely lit her up inside. I am anxious to see where this is going. Will Dillon and Amy become a couple? Will Kiki meet someone in the hospital that tickles her fancy and move along again? Let's face it; Kiki is slightly fickle in matters of the heart.

Ava is very concerned that Kiki is working in the psych ward at GH. Is she afraid someone will recognize Ava from her pill-swapping days? Is she afraid that Kiki learning that Morgan could not have fallen so far so fast without his meds being off?

Unfortunately for Ava, Sonny is already putting the pieces together in his mind, and once he arrives at his conclusion, she better Denise DaMuccio it back to Delia's place to hide out for a while.

Speaking of the GH psychiatry department, Dr. Andre is doing his best to get Jake to talk about his past, but even the badly made Wizard of Oz action figure scarecrow doll couldn't get Jake to spill. Jake wants to draw a timeline with Franco, and I doubt that anyone else will be able to get his secrets out of him. I understand that Jason has reasons to despise Franco, but if Franco is the only person who can help unburden his son's mind, he should get over it. Liz should be fighting Jason to allow Franco to work with Jake. Jason can listen from the other room if he'd like, or put up a nanny cam, but he must relent and let Franco help his son.

Liz is certainly allowing Franco to help her, like draping her in cloth and painting her. Side note: Franco only used red paint and had red paint all over his hands, and I was afraid the portrait of Liz was going to be some bloody crime scene, but lo and behold, when the big reveal came, it was a perfectly color-balanced portrait.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will the writers continue to make Lulu more angry, shrill, and unsympathetic until Charlotte and the whole rest of the town despise her? Will Ned and Olivia get married at the movie theatre and have a popcorn and soda reception? Will the sneering Gentry become a snitch and tell Dante about the pills after a night in lockup? (My husband, who pretends he doesn't watch GH, was mocking his sideways sneering mouth face.) Will Josslyn lock Carly and Jax in the basement until they reconcile? Will Finn ever realize that Roxy's entire habitat is missing from his hotel room? Will Nina claw Anna's eyes out when she sees Anna reminiscing with Valentin? Will Tracy be able to fit her painting in the overhead bin on the flight home? Will Liesl's passion for Faison be renewed after speaking his name to Anna this week?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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