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Evil twins! Magic tricks! Doctored test results! Unexpected pregnancies! It's nonstop action in Port Charles this week, and we are just heating up for the Nurses Ball!

Dear Readers, I'm having Patty Duke flashbacks. (And showing my age.) I' trying to make sense of all the "evil twin" stuff on GH this week. Help me out... Since Alex and Anna were both double agents for the WSB and DVX at various times, does that mean there are actually four of them? I can't say for sure, but this sure is super soapy, sudsy fun to watch.

Did you read here on Soap Central that the cast didn't even know Anna was Alex in disguise and that they were surprised, too? That tickled me! Thankfully, this didn't drag on as long as Fluke. Just long enough to be interesting and not long enough to make me bang my head on a wall.

Alex got away with her trickery for weeks, until that darned kid showed up in town. The one person who could not be fooled was Emma Drake. Apparently, Alex didn't have the right Grandma smell. Emma just knew Alex wasn't her beloved Grandma Anna! I will accept that both because Brooklyn Rae Silzer is adorable and because I think kids are sometimes more savvy about things than adults are because they trust their guts.

Now that the truth is out, what will happen next? I half expected Alex to break free and switch places with Anna again, but as of the end of the show today, it hasn't happened yet. Once Alex explains the worries about Chimera to Anna, will the twins team up to save Port Charles? (And potentially the whole world?)

I am sure they won't be looking for a small boy and his magic set in their efforts to recover the Chimera, but that's who has it. Jake is set to do his magic show at the Nurses Ball and apparently unleash whatever horrors or weird virus it holds on the unsuspecting citizens of Port Charles. I am absolutely convinced that Helena is still alive and still pulling the strings.

I'm so excited. Is it Monday yet?

Dr. Obrecht auditioned for Lucy and made it into the Nurses Ball lineup on her own merits (at least according to Liesl), but we can't really root for her as much as we'd like to because it was revealed that it is she, not Brad, who has been tampering with Finn's drug tests.

Why does Dr. O hate Finn so much? Maybe because he was Tracy's friend. Maybe because she never wanted him to have privileges at GH to begin with. Who knows. With Obrecht, you just expect the crazy. But I'm okay with that -- she is always fun to watch, and I'm sure her number will be unforgettable.

Finn and Hayden are rejoicing in the news that they have a baby on the way. I love them together, and I'm excited about the baby, too. Will Hayden stand by her baby daddy when it's revealed that he failed another drug test without Brad in the mix? Man, I should have known Brad was a red herring. That was way too obvious. I should be ashamed of myself! I should have my soap diva card revoked for a week.

Back to Anna. Some people know that Alex was masquerading as Anna, but Valentin doesn't know yet, and I can hardly wait for him to find out. I want him to know that it wasn't Anna who played him for a fool. Maybe knowing about Alex and what she did to him can help him put the whole mess behind him and focus on regaining Nina's trust. I wholeheartedly understand Nina's refusal to hear his pleas for forgiveness because he lied to her more than once, and trust broken isn't easily regained.

Will Valentin team up with Alex and Anna to find the Chimera? If so, will it redeem him in the eyes of Port Charles? I wish Nikolas and Spencer Cassadine would just come home and clear his name! Just like Helena, I am not convinced that Nikolas is actually dead. Maybe I really just want Valentin to be innocent because I dig him.

Valentin has more pressing troubles than Anna and Alex, however. After Nelle was mugged and didn't pick up Charlotte, Lulu used the lapse in her care to get Charlotte for an overnight visit. I know it's wrong of me to root against the birth mom, but I really don't want Nina to lose Charlotte and Valentin, so I'm hoping for an amicable outcome for all concerned parties. Plus, I'm a stepmom, and I guess I have a soft spot for a great and loving stepmom like Nina. If Lulu had accepted shared custody when Valentin had offered it to her, they wouldn't be in this custody battle. I still don't understand that. I know she hates Valentin, but it's clear he loves Charlotte and that she loves him.

Nina convinced Valentin to let Nelle keep her job, as the only reason she didn't pick Charlotte up on time was because she was mugged.

Readers, Nelle clutching her side and moaning Is making me feel like something super soapy is going to happen. I think that Nelle's one good kidney is going to fail and that Michael will have to give her a kidney to save her life or something. Are anyone else's soapy-senses tingling?

Nelle still has a job, but while she is sick, Lulu is more than happy to pick up the slack with Charlotte's care. I'm thankful that Lulu and Dante moved out of their tiny apartment and into a house, or the whole Falconeri family would have had to eat their chocolate chip pancakes in Lulu and Dante's sofa bed.

Apparently, Griffin wants to hang out with Charlotte, too -- I can't decide if that's sweet or creepy...I think the writers need to decide what they are doing with Griffin. Is he going to be the priest of the show and all the other characters confess their sins to him, or is he going to be a doctor and leave the priesthood and get a love interest. He's always hanging around the fringes but needs love or a storyline of his own.

I definitely think it's creepy that Carly knew Sonny was having sex with someone and busted into his bedroom to catch him. They are mid divorce. She wanted the divorce. Thus, Sonny can sleep with anyone he wants. I know I should probably hate Martina, but I don't. I kind of enjoy her and Sonny together. I'd rather Carly be with Jax, anyway, but since he's banned from America for all time...

Now that Carly knows about Martina and Sonny sleeping together, Ava just lost her blackmail leverage over Sonny to get more time with Avery. Back to square one, Ava!

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Across town, her brother Julian is being offered a deal to go free and be cleared of all charges if he spies on Sonny and wears a wire. If I were Julian, I would jump at that deal! I know the whole "Snitches get stiches" rule, but if it means potential freedom vs. being in prison for life, isn't it worth the chance? Sonny never gets busted for his crimes, and Julian always gets busted for his. And Sonny is a blowhard braggart, so you know that Julian could easily get him on tape, bragging about something shady. But Julian declined. Must be that mob honor code.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will anyone notice Jake creepily whispering "Never forget, never tell" under his breath? Will we actually see Cameron next week, or will Jake and Aiden just keep talking longingly about their missing third brother? Will the news networks ever stop having their "breaking news" updates during General Hospital? (It's never breaking news.) Will someone tell me where I can take that one-week nursing school that Kiki has already completed and passed? Will Franco confess to more evil deeds, since Liz didn't even flinch when he admitted to tying up Jason and beating him on Cassadine Island?

Will Robin be more clear the next time she needs a private spot to talk about sensitive issues with Griffin, since he apparently thought she just wanted to step five steps to the right and still be completely out in the open? Will anyone explain to me why the only people ever in the park are people we know and none of the other random citizens in the booming metropolis of Port Charles? Will someone tell me how Anna, Alex, Robin, and Emma all coordinated their travel to get to the airport at the same time, since my family has been trying to master that for years? Will Laura regret the board seat Tracy gave her after the Chimera virus (or whatever it is!) is unleashed at the Nurses Ball?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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