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Valentin is a free man, Ask Man Landers is a bona fide hit, Spencer's taken a tip from the O.J. files and filed a civil lawsuit, and we say goodbye to a beloved GH classic character -- let's unpack it all in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear readers, if you have read my column for any length of time, you know I have now watched GH for 40 years. I began watching in 1977 when all of my high school classmates were watching GH. They talked about it all the time. I started watching just to try to fit in and to make soap friends, but what happened instead is that I fell madly in love with the citizens of Port Charles. I have no idea what happened to the cool girls who got me hooked on it...

What drew me in was the romance of Laura and Scotty. Genie Francis and I are the same age, so when I was 17, she was 17! Readers, I have to tell you that Laura's life was far more exciting than my life was at the time. Laura's adventures helped me daydream.

One of the things I daydreamed about was her dreamy boyfriend Scotty. I remember a sweet scene where the two of them were standing in front of the Christmas tree; Scotty stood behind her with his arms around her waist, and the two of them gazed at the twinkly star on the top of the tree. Laura cried, and I remember crying too. Before the days of waterproof mascara, Laura was there in fictional Port Charles, and I was in the little town of Stow, Ohio, and we both had mascara streaks running down our faces. Oh, to be loved the way Scotty loved Laura! Oh, to have a boy look at you the way Scott looked at her! It was delicious.

Scotty's dad Lee was a fine, upstanding man, but he and Scotty were always at odds. Scotty was always just a step away from pleasing his dad. I understood that relationship and related to it. My dad was a pastor, and I was...just a little shy of holy. I liked rock and roll, boys on motorcycles, boys with long hair and guitars, lots of blue eye shadow, sneaking off to the local disco to dance... Suffice it to say that my dad gave me a few Lee Baldwin-type lectures.

Scott's dad, like my dad, was a good dad. I look back on things my dad warned me about back then, and... he wasn't wrong. But I'm glad I didn't listen to him because, dude, I have some great stories. And so does Scott!

But I digress. When I heard a few months ago that Peter Hansen died, it made me sad. I am so glad that the GH writing team chose to honor his passing. I'm even more delighted that they brought back the lovely Carly Schroeder (Serena) to help Scott do it. Seeing Scott with Lucy and Serena together was a touching and wholly appropriate way to honor Lee's character.

I'm a little disappointed because I was hoping for a few more flashbacks, but I realize not all GH viewers are as old as I am, and most wouldn't remember Lee. I guess I should just be glad they mentioned him at all. Will Serena stick around town for a while? Let's hope so. Oh, boy, wouldn't it be fun to see Serena steal Michael away from Nelle? Carly would instantly be her fan.

Speaking of Nelle, if there is anything shady lurking in her past, you can bet that Felicia will dig it up for her buddy Bobble. But, really, what could it be that is worse than the things Carly and Bobbie have done? And that's where this storyline fails for me -- Carly and Bobbie, who are so judge-y about Nelle pretending to sleep with Sonny have both done far worse things! Carly actually slept with her Mom's husband. Bobbie was a hooker. Even if Nelle was an adulterous hooker, neither Carly nor Bobbie could throw any stones her way.

Carly's obsession with controlling every move of her kids makes sense when you take Morgan's death into account. Perhaps she's trying to overcompensate for not watching Morgan closely enough, for dismissing her instincts when she sensed he was in trouble? I don't know, but I know it's driving me mad. With Josslyn, it's appropriate, because Joss is a minor and needs parental guidance.

However, with Michael, it's really none of her business who he dates. Has Carly ever liked anyone he dated? She certainly didn't like Sabrina, and at the time Kiki dumped Morgan for Michael, she didn't like Kiki either. I just don't know if I can go through three more months of the "what's Nelle's secret?" game.

Side note, I know that Oscar is a bad influence and that he lured Josslyn out when she was grounded, but I kind of like him anyway.

Two weeks ago, I rambled on about my love for Nicholas Bechtel, and I am about to do it again. I dig that kid. Spencer's scenes with Ava were so precious. Their interaction was exceptionally touching. I know Ava has done bad things, but I still care about her. I am thankful that Spencer stopped by and showed her some affection and compassion. I was so sad when Nikolas died because I felt like the writers were heading to a fling with Ava and Nikolas, and that could have been brilliant. I kept hoping Sonny would walk in and find Ava hugging his nephew. Maybe Spencer's need for Ava to testify will keep her alive a little longer.

Could Ava and Nikolas still have a fling someday? Well, with all the hints Valentin was dropping on Alexis, I am more convinced than ever that Nikolas is alive. Valentin told Alexis she didn't know all the facts and that she was bringing a baseless lawsuit against him. Valentin hinted something about Spencer finding out who his dad really was and breaking his heart. If Nikolas has been alive this whole time and lied to Spencer, Spencer might never forgive him.

If making Nikolas' death a fake is the way to get Nina to forgive Valentin, then so be it. Next sweeps are in September, which isn't really that far away! If Tyler Christopher doesn't want to come back, maybe that nice Nick Stabile guy who filled in for him once is free. Or Colton Scott from 2000. I'd prefer Tyler by a mile, but he's got movies coming up, and perhaps he might not want to come back. But any Nikolas will do just to show up alive and get my dear Valentin off the hook.

I mean, Valentin named a horse-saving charity after Nina; she has to forgive him now, right? I am smitten with Valentin. I feel like Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) has chemistry with everyone -- Charlotte, Nina, Alexis, Spencer, Laura, and Anna -- every time he is in a scene, I can't look away. I find him extraordinarily compelling.

Thankfully the WSB sprung him from the Hague so I can continue my obsession.

Readers, perhaps you are more patient than I am, but I'm seriously over "Ask Man Landers" now. I hope I never hear them say the name again. I know that won't happen, but this is a silly side plot that is getting way too much airtime. Kind of like a bad SNL skit that goes on five more minutes after it stops being funny.

I want Maxie to come home. I want Nathan and Maxie to iron out their issues and be back in love together. If necessary, maybe Dante and Lulu can lock them in a room with a relationship self-help article. Also, I want Amy to find a new, appropriate love interest (someone who isn't married). Who would you like her to be paired with?

Sadly, there aren't a whole lot of eligible bachelors in Port Charles these days. Dillon. Michael. Dr. Finn. Maybe old Jason (Steve Burton) when he comes back, although it's possible he might be coming back as Amy's brother Chet.

Another thing I am over is Sam's cray-cray visions. Seriously, Sam, get a diagnosis and some meds, pronto. And that's all I have to say about that.

Don't hate me, but as I was watching the scenes with Laura and Scott, I thought, "I want them back together, and I want Lucy and Doc back together." Why? Because two super nice people together is great in real life (assuming that ever actually happens), but on TV, it's not as fun to watch. But a good girl and a shady guy, or a kooky girl and a shrink, make for better TV.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Doctor O truly wreak revenge on those who have wronged her? Will Sam hear Sonny whispering in her ear to buy a shirt that fits her? Will Liz and Hayden bond over a sisters' slumber party? Will all of Lila's Kids disappear into the forest, since the counselors are sitting on a bench, canoodling instead of watching them? Will Avery have to go see Kevin to get over the childhood trauma of seeing her mommy's face bandaged up? Will Ned take Olivia to Bensonhurst for their honeymoon? Will Oscar take on any more mobsters with his cell phone "stranger danger" strategy for protecting Joss? Will my hair ever look as good as Carly's a single day in my lifetime?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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