The tale of two Jasons?

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Viewers have known that something about Jason was different for a couple of years now. The folks in Port Charles are just sort of figuring it out, which is great timing because someone who looks like the Jason of old is on his way to town. There's some definite double vision coming to General Hospital -- and don't worry... it's not from looking directly into an eclipse.

Dear readers, Fall Sweeps storylines have clearly begun. I'm already riveted.

Have you noticed the plethora of people in Port Charles who have suddenly chosen this exact moment to voice their opinion that Jason hasn't "seemed the same" since he came back from the dead? Carly thinks he's different. Sonny thinks he's different. Sam thinks he's different. All of them casually mentioned their observations this week. Why? Come on. You know why!

It seems clear now that Steve Burton will return as the "real" Jason. Readers, that's going to be a magnificent tale. Where has he been all this time? How did he escape whoever held him captive? Does he have any idea that someone has taken his place?

But just as intriguing will be discovering the true identity of Billy Miller's Jason! Who is this impostor? Is he one of Helena's programmed robots? Is he A.J. Quartermaine, out for revenge? Is he the long lost, supposedly in Ireland, Lucky Spencer? (Helena already brainwashed Lucky once before, so...) Is he the presumed dead Nikolas Cassadine? Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is he a whole new guy we've never met before? Oh, my goodness, my brain is swirling with all the possibilities. My husband, who pretends not to watch GH, said, "Maybe he's the Belgian." I said, "Do you mean the Balkan?" He said "Yeah, that guy." Points for trying, honey, but no, he is far too young for that.

Next up, Liz. She was pretty wild about Jason 2.0 back when he was calling himself Jake Doe. Can you imagine Franco getting dumped in a heartbeat if Fake-Jason (shall we call him Fakeson?) is on the market again? I see potential for a love triangle there, for sure. "Jake" left Liz because he thought he was Sam's husband. But what if he isn't??

I am downright giddy about the possibilities. But, of course, all of this is merely speculation. Maybe these conversations are merely red herrings to lead my brain down the wrong path. But I seriously doubt it.

I hope Steve Burton's return does not mean that Billy Miller is leaving, unless he is going back to Y&R to be Billy Abbott and is sending us back Jason Thompson as Patrick Drake. That's the only way I would accept the move. As if I have a say... Honestly, I hope Billy is staying put in Port Charles. I adore him.

I've been watching soaps for 40 years now, and you can feel when Sweeps are coming. Suddenly, lackluster plots become wholly addictive. You find yourself on the edge of your seat, anxiously awaiting each day's episode. The Soap Central Twitter feed lights up with conversation and speculation, and the soap community tries to put the puzzle pieces together. I love it when soaps get especially sudsy.

I smell another Sweeps-worthy storyline coming up: the sudden emergency plane trip to Morocco. My soapy senses are tingling. If that plane lands in Morocco without a hitch, I'll be stunned.

My totally random predictions: The plane will crash. Dillon will die. (Robert Palmer Watkins is out at GH, so this sudden flight may be the catalyst for his exit.) Nina will survive, but Valentin will think she didn't make it. In his grief, he will do something reckless like kidnap Charlotte and take her to Morocco, or maybe something sinister like find the grabby photographer whose actions put Nina on that plane and whack him.

Or perhaps Valentin will be heroic and will move heaven and earth to find Nina and the other crash victims. Lulu will see the good in him, and they will all be at peace for Charlotte's sake. (That scenario is highly doubtful.) Nelle and Michael will make it (and probably have a lot of hot beach/cave sex). But Ned will think they died and take over ELQ and undo everything Michael did. There will be a battle for ELQ when the crash victims return home. Or maybe Nelle will die, too, and ABC can use Dillon and Nelle's salary to pay for the combined star power of Steve Burton and Billy Miller.

Again, all of this is total speculation, so if I get any of this right, you'll give me Soap Diva points, right?

A bit more guesswork... If Dillon dies, Kiki will be beside herself. She will be filled with remorse for studying instead of spending time with him. She will need a lot of comforting, right? Enter Griffin Monroe, priest on pause, a guy who has a knack for holding the hands of damsels in distress.

One problem, Kiki's mom, Ava, has already shared a boyfriend with her once (which was totally gross). Ava has a little crush on Griffin, especially after today when he punched a reporter to defend her. Who knew priests had such powerful left hooks?

If Griffin is going to give up his vow to God for one of these ladies, I hope he picks Kiki. She's turning out to be quite a lovely person, although when we first met her, she was getting Morgan hooked on online gambling. If you like this plot, go rent Change of Habit, an old film where Mary Tyler Moore is a nun who has to choose between God and Elvis. I'm going to keep recommending it until one of you actually tells me you watched it. It even stars Jane Elliot as one of the other nuns!

But I digress... Ava is wrestling with matters of the soul, and that might intrigue our rogue priest. Will Ava pursue repentance and work toward redeeming her soul, or will she give in to her vanity and lie under oath for Valentin in order to regain her beautiful face with his miracle treatment? Ava feels shame and remorse for the crimes she committed. She has realized the error of her ways. But there is a great difference between recognizing that you are flawed and actually taking steps to change your soul and actively seeking redemption. Which path do you think she will choose?

Her brother Julian chose the high road to pay for his sins, and it landed him in prison for 15 to 20 years. I don't know how we are going to undo this plot line now that Willam deVry's contract has been signed and he's going to stay in Port Charles. Let's see, they already used the "My crimes are due to a brain tumor" defense on Franco, and they already used the "pardoned by the governor" routine on Sonny, so what cliché soap plot will break Julian out of jail?

Maybe someone can persuade Rudge to admit he lied about everything. I'd suggest that Alexis put her sorrow to work by beating a confession out of Rudge.

Across town, Liz and Franco are about to move in together, and Franco is wrestling with the darkness in his soul. He wonders if he can keep it under wraps to make a life with Liz and her boys. As Liz rightly told him, we all have darkness in our souls, and loving someone means accepting the good and bad inside of them. She encouraged him to talk to her and not shut her out. Franco thinks getting rid of his old paintings will close the door on the person he used to be.

What do you think, dear readers? Was everything bad he did the result of a brain tumor, or is Franco still capable of evil deeds? My opinion is that he still has a dark side. After all, he put Elizabeth's rapist in a dog cage, and that was when he was brain tumor free...

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Sam confessed all to Carly, who understood that Sam's brain infection caused her behavior, but not so much about Jason and Sonny lying to Carly all this time. Trust is such a fragile thing. Or as Taylor Swift says "I don't trust nobody, and nobody trusts me." And if you don't know what song that's from, you clearly have not been online for the past two days.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Anna find out where the mystery diamond is from? Will she bond with Raymond Berlin in jail? Will Finn buy the house and move Roxy into the guest room? Will someone buy Heather's BLT painting at the gallery when they are buying Franco's weird CO77X paintings? Will Charlotte become a very tall ballerina? Will Lulu and Dante ever be able to complete their fantasy baseball night? Will the prison van crash on the way to Pentonville so Julian can escape to Canada?

Will Aunt Stella fix Curtis up with any more of his ex-girlfriends? Will Kristina admit that she's crushing on Valerie? Will Valerie admit she has terrible taste in men? Will Scott get an appeal for Julian and retry the case with a friendlier judge? (Seriously, don't the mob guys always have a judge in their pocket?) Will Lucy spill anyone else's private secrets like she did Finn's over a real estate transaction? Will I be able to stay calm until we find out about the two Jasons?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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