What's a Thanksgiving without a few feathers flying?

For the Week of November 27, 2017
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What's a Thanksgiving without a few feathers flying?
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As families gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving, feathers were ruffled all over Port Charles as a cornucopia of delicious developments, guaranteed to satisfy us gluttons for drama, kicked off a holiday season that is poised to be filled with a bounty of soapy goodness. Our columnist digs into all these Thanksgiving delights and more in this week's Two Scoops.

I'm thankful for a lot this year. My family is healthy and happy and about to expand by one precious nephew who is due any day now. I'm incredibly thankful that my husband managed to fix the hot water heater without us having to shell out a small fortune for a new one right before a small army of family descends on us for Thanksgiving, and I'm super thankful that the dogs were bathed, their nails trimmed, and their teeth brushed without getting a single scratch on me. Aah, the perks of having kids.

I'm also thankful that things have turned around on General Hospital in the most delightful ways because sitting down to watch the show is truly a joy these days. I credit the arrival of new co-head writer, Chris Van Etten, who appears to have breathed new life into GH, and found a way to tell stories in new and interesting ways, leading to a few unexpected twists along the way.

The other Chris Van Etten on the show is another nice addition and an important reminder of why we should strive for peace rather than war. I want to see Chet's journey; I just wish the Amy wasn't part of it.

I want to be clear that my issue isn't with Risa Dorken because she's clearly a fine actress. No, the problem with Amy is her maturity level, the way she's quick to judge others despite her own glaring faults, her snide remarks, her propensity to lie, and the constant giggles. It makes her sound like a child, not an adult. It's even less attractive on a nurse because Amy gives the impression of being flighty and quick to panic in a crisis. That's a trait that I doubt any patient wants to see in their nurse.

I also don't like Amy's attitude toward Maxie, but I take solace in the knowledge that Maxie has a little bun in the oven.

I'm so thankful that the writers gave us Naxie (Nathan and Maxie) fans this boon. Not only because I love Nathan and Maxie but also because it means that Nathan will soon be all about his wife and baby -- and not Amy. Now that the Man Landers stuff is out in the open, there's no reason for Amy to keep running to Nathan for help with her problems. Problems, I might add, that were all of her own making.

Back to Chet. I really enjoyed his scenes with Finn, and it made me realize that there are several people who could fall victim to Cassandra's deadly machinations besides Finn and Chet.

I think the scene with Monica and Alexis after an A.A. meeting was an important one because it illustrated that even though their drug of choice was alcohol, they each struggled with addiction and are vulnerable to Cassandra's particular brand of evil poison. The same is true for Curtis, another recovering addict.

No one is safe from Cassandra's drug, but some are at greater risk than others.

Helena's death left a vacuum, and I sorely miss her. I think we need a good diabolical villainess to wreak havoc and kick up the dust, but I prefer that it be done through plots, not drugs. I'm not sure that a drug dealer, even a sophisticated one like Cassandra, is the right person to fill Helena's designer shoes, but I will enjoy Cassandra's reign while it lasts. Jessica Tuck is marvelous as Cassandra because under all that frigid aloofness, there's true evil.

Cassandra is alone by choice because I suspect that it's hard for her to keep up the pretense of genuinely caring for another.

I say this because I can't imagine anyone who actually cares about humanity even considering peddling the kind of drug that Cassandra gleefully described to Valentin right before she tried to invite herself to his Thanksgiving dinner. I haven't forgotten who Valentin is, but I like the idea of him, Anna, and Finn working to take Cassandra down. It will be fun to watch.

My absolute favorite moment of the week was the end of Wednesday's show when everyone, and I do mean everyone, showed up at the Quartermaine mansion with pizza and singing Edward's beloved Thanksgiving song, We Gather Together. I'm a big sap, so I love the Quartermaine Thanksgiving shenanigans, and this year was no exception.

From Olivia's obvious obsession with Pinterest to Monica's determination to get out of Dodge and head to a spa, it was fun and heartwarming.

I think the Thanksgiving episode was very well written, especially the nice little twist at the end, but more on that in a bit.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, despite Ned inviting everyone to join the Q's for Thanksgiving when not one but two Thanksgiving dinners were ruined, trouble was brewing because Ned has decided to use the appearance of the real Jason as an excuse to do what he's been thinking of doing -- and Olivia has been encouraging him to do -- for months, which is take over ELQ.

I don't want Ned to go to war against Michael, especially with Olivia cheering him on as if it's okay. It's not okay.

Edward was very clear about what he wanted, and what he wanted more than anything was for Michael to one day run ELQ. Not Ned. Michael. It was Edward's dream and the reason that he made peace with Carly. Michael was Edward's future, not Ned. I'm not saying that Edward didn't love Ned, but Edward had his favorites, and Ned wasn't always among them, but Michael was.

The sweetest moment of Wednesday's episode was Monica's talk with New-Jason when he turned up on her doorstep and poured his troubles out to her. She believes he's Drew, and I love that she assured him that regardless of who he is, she loves him as her son. I truly believe that she meant it, which is why I suspect he went to her. He knows she loves him. Sadly, he can't say the same for others -- and with good reason.

Robin returned home for a visit, and she brought her son along. I was so happy to see her -- until she ran into New-Jason. Robin was perfect when she pushed Anna about Finn and when she talked to Old-Jason on the footbridge then later at Sonny's house. Her advice about giving Sam space and time was spot-on, even though I believe that she was wrong about what Sam would ultimately decide to do. However, the worm turned when Robin stopped by Elizabeth's house and talked to New-Jason.

It's no wonder that New-Jason is worried about being Andrew because everyone is already treating him like a stranger. Robin's talk with him was devoid of the compassion and insight that she had displayed when she talked to Jason/Patient 6 on the footbridge. My jaw dropped when New-Jason all but begged her for assurance that she still loves him, and she decided that the better option was to leave.

I also find it somewhat offensive that Sonny, Carly, Robin, and pretty much everyone else assumes that Sam will go running back to Old-Jason now that she realizes that the man she married is his twin.

What about love? Does everyone assume that Sam's love for her husband is only contingent on the premise that he's Jason? That's not love; that's obsession.

Sam fell in love with "Jason" all over again. It was always acknowledged that Jason was different because when the truth first came out, he was still Jake Doe. He didn't have his memories as Jason, and therefore, he and Sam had to get to know each other again. His memories eventually returned, but he had different goals and loyalties, and Sam loved that about him. She embraced the changes because they fulfilled her deepest desire for Jason to break ties with Sonny and Carly and to make Sam and their family his first priority.

Clearly, Old-Jason is still very much committed to Sonny and Carly. Actions speak louder than words, and when he had the chance to reach out to someone, it was Sonny he wanted to call, not Sam. He has no intention of breaking ties with Sonny or Carly, and he never will. They are his family. His connection to them goes beyond blood, which is why I think no one has bothered to tell him about A.J.

Old-Jason never cared about the brother he barely knew, whom he'd always viewed as an adversary and a drunk, so it's unlikely that it would matter to him that A.J. ultimately died at Sonny's hand. Old-Jason's loyalty is to Sonny, not A.J., so he will agree that Sonny was justified in shooting A.J. in cold blood.

Ironically, New-Jason cared more about his half-brother than the one who grew up with A.J. At least New-Jason expressed some regret for the way he'd treated A.J. after Michael was born.

That said, I loved Old-Jason and Michael's scenes because I'm a sentimental fool, and I still remember how heartbroken Jason was when he was forced to give up baby Michael. It's really hard to imagine that he's not the real Jason when you see the truth in his eyes each time he interacts with his loved ones. Carly's right about that.

I would love for the writers to go with a plot twist that Patient 6 is Drew, but then they would lose something, especially when there are scenes like the ones between Old-Jason and Robin on the footbridge, his reunion with Sonny and Carly, and of course Michael. When Michael told him about Nelle, I couldn't help but anticipate Jason running into Nelle.

If anyone will see Nelle for who she is, it's Jason.

But first, there's a little matter of Oscar's mother, Kim, to contend with.

If Kim seems familiar, it's because Tamara Braun played Carly Corinthos from 2001 to 2005. Now, she has returned to the show as a new character, and if Kim is anything like Tamara's version of Carly, then we are in for quite a ride.

Kim cut to the chase and let both Sonny and Carly know that she's fully aware of who Sonny is, but she won't stand in the way of Oscar and Josslyn's relationship because the kids are, well, kids, and she's confident that both will eventually move on.

It's a good bet -- unless you're on a soap opera, where the teenage dating pool is quite limited.

The bigger problem was Old-Jason because Kim recognized him as Drew. That means that Kim and Jason's twin have history, and since I'm a betting woman, my money is on that history including a son named Oscar.

Luckily, Oscar narrowly avoided being related to Josslyn.

Random observations
Why does Griffin not explain to Ava that he is a neurosurgeon, not a plastic surgeon? More importantly, why did two non-plastic surgeons dismiss Klein's work when the proof that it had promise was staring them in the face and waiting for someone to point her to someone more qualified than them to determine if the technique could be completed?

I worried about the choking hazard that Olivia's harvest of Thanksgiving decorations might present to little toddler Leo, but then I realized that we haven't seen him in ages, suggesting he might have a little case of SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome).

Hey, remember that time that Carly destroyed Tony Jones's world, and he lost his mind, shaved his head, and kidnapped Robin and baby Michael? Carly apparently doesn't.

So, there's no other way to determine who the real Jason is except through fingerprints? It's 2017, not 1917. I can't believe that there isn't another test that they could run.

Reader feedback
I was kind of on the fence about how I would feel about SB coming back to GH (b/c tbh, I'd gotten used to BM as Jason), but I'm really enjoying it. And while I think BM is a great actor, seeing SB with the cast over the last 2 weeks and the flashbacks, there is just a different connection and history there that I love. -- lk

Nelle has no job, no money, no boyfriend and gained a couple of enemies in the process. I feel like this all leading up to Nelle discovering in a few weeks she is pregnant with Michael's child. If that turns out to be true, she will probably make it 6 or 7 months before she loses the baby and we will have our May sweeps mystery. Was it Valentin Cassadine getting revenge on Nelle for messing with his marriage? Was it former boss Nina Reeves who felt Nelle manipulated her and is also doing the one thing she can't: have children? Was it motherly-in-law from hell Carly who wants Nelle to just disappear from her son's life? Or was it the former fiancé's family getting revenge for Zach's mysterious death? Now this is all me speculating and I don't expect any of this to happen, but it would be funny if it did. -- BCAD

Let's not forget what Carly did to A.J. [with alcohol] to get rid of him / back into rehab. It's essentially the same thing Ava did; [hoping for return trip to a mental hospital for Morgan/get him away from her daughter Kiki] but unfortunately it ended differently than she'd intended with him dying from the car bomb. -- wide awake in sleepy eye

Monica and Alexis running into each other at an AA meeting? That's hardly what I'd call "anonymous." Still, I'm glad to see that Monica is front and center in the storyline surrounding the Two Jasons. That's exactly where she SHOULD be! I'm glad she's getting her miracle. -- Scrimmage

Liz, I totally agree, Oscar is Drew's son. Damn this show is on FIRE!! I feel like I'm back in high school in the early 80's and need to skip classes to watch GH! -- Superfly

Dear readers, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts each week. It means the world to me, and I'm grateful to have such wonderful people to share my opinions with. As always, I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

I hope everyone has a safe and joyful holiday filled with family, friends, and love.

Until next time, take care.
Liz Masters

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