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Peter August. Jim Harvey. Is one of them P.K. Sinclair and thus Faison's other secret son? Drew Cain or Jason Morgan? Which one of them does Sam love, or is it possible that she loves them both? Ned Quartermaine or Laura Collins? Which one should be the mayor of Port Charles? So many choices this week! Let's discuss it all together in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear readers, I believe my three-word title is absolute fact. If you love someone in your life, a part of you will always love him or her, regardless of how things turned out with your relationship in the end.

Jason and Sam signed divorce papers, but I can assure you, it doesn't mean they have stopped loving each other. Situations and circumstances kept them apart. In the time they were separated, Sam fell in love with Drew (whom she believed to be Jason at the time.) Now, she has built a life and a family with Drew, and it's not so simple to unravel that and just walk back into her old life, but trust me, she still loves Jason.

Does a heart have a capacity to love two people? Absolutely. Sam sees Jason, and her mind flashes back to memories of the sweet life they shared. She sees scenes like a movie playing in her brain. The laughter and sweetness, the tender moments -- it's all there, swirling around inside her heart. She has a child with Jason and a long history of loving him. He still loves her as much as he did when he was kidnapped, and he dreamed of reuniting with her when he returned to Port Charles after a five-year absence. It didn't happen.

Why? Because there is Drew. For the past five years, Sam believed Drew was Jason. He had Jason's memories. There was a computer program that proved he once had Jason's face. She had no reason to believe he was not her beloved husband Jason back from the dead. Only, as it turns out, he was not. But Sam grew to love the new version of Jason; they also had a child together and began building a new life, apart from the mob.

When (the original) Jason returned, her heart was torn in two. She loved two men. She had kids with two men. She had memories with two men. At this moment, she is taking the path of least resistance. She has chosen to stay where she is now, with Drew in a safe, stable, loving home for her kids. But does she still love Jason? Of course, she does. Does part of her (the part that smooched him on New Year's Eve) want to run back into his arms and go back to the man she loved first? Absolutely. Does it break her heart to hurt Jason? Of course, it does.

It's torture to know that any decision you make is going to hurt someone you love and level them. But if she had chosen differently and run to Jason and kicked Drew to the curb, would that have been the better choice? I know some of you have very strong opinions about which man Sam should be with, but I'm willing to let the writers take me on a journey. Love is complicated.

Readers, there is no good choice in a situation like this. It's all messy and painful and hard. The line that drove me to tears this week was when Sam and Jason were trying to decide the reason for their divorce, and Jason said, "Irreconcilable differences, because I love you, and you love him." But even though she refuses to speak the words, I believe she does love Jason, too.

The divorce papers are signed (but not yet filed). Perhaps Alexis will lose the papers on the way to the courthouse. Perhaps Drew and Sam will marry immediately. Perhaps Sam will have second thoughts and not go through with it. Perhaps Drew and Sam will marry, and then his memory will come back and he will remember how much he loved Kim. We don't know how this heartbreaking storyline will end, but I, for one, am glued to the edge of my seat, watching it unfold. "Love don't die."

Since I mentioned Kim, I have to tell you that I really liked the chemistry I saw between Tamara Braun and William deVry on Friday. While I am rooting for Julexis, I wouldn't mind it a bit if Kim and Julian had a little fling before Julian and Alexis reunite (assuming they ever will...).

The previews for Monday, with Carly telling Kim to have her son take a cold shower, made me laugh. I enjoy seeing two Carlys spar. If only Sarah J. Brown hadn't already played two different characters on GH, maybe they could have worked her in, too! At least the condoms Carly found in Joss' purse weren't Enduro condoms.

I hate to admit it, but Sonny gave Carly magnificent parenting advice today. The scenes with Carly and Josslyn were so sweet. Eden McCoy is such a powerhouse for a younger performer. She can hold her own with Laura Wright, who is a master at commanding the scene. I loved the female empowerment tempered with the harsh dose of reality. I thought the "You can wear the dress if you think you're ready to handle what comes from wearing the dress" lines were very powerful.

In like manner, I loved the scenes with Joss's boyfriend, Oscar, and his newly discovered dad, Drew, at the boxing gym. While Oscar wouldn't admit to Drew that he was the one being bullied, I think we might come to find that is the case. I'm glad Oscar has Drew in his corner now. If someone is bullying Oscar, they better watch out, because he has a lot of powerful people who will have his back.

Sometimes when I watch GH, I wish I had friends in the mob that would protect me from mean people.

Across town, two people we like very much are running for mayor, and though they have both pledged to run clean campaigns, I can't imagine that will happen because it's a soap opera. Ned and Laura will face off for mayor of Port Charles, Laura wanting to preserve the Charles Street neighborhood and Ned wanting ELQ to make a deal with a seemingly shady guy trying to buy it up and turn it into condos.

My dear readers, I don't know about you, but I am kind of politic-ed out. This past year of scandal upon scandal has left me weary. I'm afraid to turn on the news at night to see what dreadful thing has happened. My husband and I have started making bets of what the top three news stories will be each night. Tonight, I'm going with mudslides, winter storms, and Trump saying s***hole.

But I digress. Maybe Ned should run for office as Eddie Maine. Maybe Laura should remind everyone of when Luke was mayor; she showed up at the mayor's mansion and remembers her way around.

It will be interesting to see which one of them ultimately wins. I hope their race is not as ugly as the ones in our real political climate.

In news of the truly unbelievable kind, we discovered after Obrecht was forced into a confession, that Faison is Nathan's real father! Seriously? I'm pretty good at suspending my disbelief for the sake of my soaps. But this one is a real stretch. Have you seen Nathan West? It was much more believable that he was a Cassadine than Caesar Faison's son. Nathan has that dark, brooding Cassadine handsome prince thing going on. Not so much the smarmy, cigarette-puffing weirdo vibe. I can't see a trace of Faison in Nathan.

Maxie is losing her mind, trying to come to terms with the fact that her husband's father is a most-wanted crazy criminal. Lulu, on the other hand, thinks it's a great way for her to get a scoop for her new job as a news reporter. Maxie's inclination was to run and hide, but instead, the truth she wanted to never see the light of day will be posted for the world to read. Nathan was willing to use himself as bait to draw Faison out of hiding. I can't imagine this going well for anyone.

Over at Crimson, Peter August got a gleam in his eye when Lulu told him about Faison's secret son. Do you know why? I think Peter might be P.K. Sinclair, a.k.a. the Traitor, a.k.a. Faison's other son. It certainly seems that way. If he is indeed the one who was holding Jason, is he a hero for keeping him alive, or is he an evil villain? This is all just speculation, of course, because I have no idea if I'm right about him or not. What do you think? Is he part of the Faison mystery or just really interested in Lulu's writing?

Another mystery man has come to town, Jim Harvey from Niagara Equities. Supposedly, he dated Betsy Frank and knew Franco when he was known as Bobby Frank... but that seems out of place because I can't imagine Betsy Frank in a relationship with some real estate mogul. Or is he a thug? I can't decide which one he is yet. Is he acting on behalf of some mob guy terrorizing poor people to steal their apartment building, or is he the guy in every Hallmark Christmas movie that starts out greedy and turns good by the end and lets Christmas town stay open? More importantly, is he the guy who threw a brick through the window at Charlie's? Julian accused Sonny, but Sonny doesn't seem like the brick-throwing type. Time will tell where this is all leading and who is behind it.

Readers, when I was looking at the suspect list for who killed Cassandra, I didn't think Nina was Cassandra's killer. But, alas, that is the case, and Valentin worked his magic to clean the room and wipe all traces of Nina's involvement away. Except, apparently, he missed a broken clock, which Anna believes is a key piece of evidence. Has she let it go? Is she still building a case against Valentin, even though he was helping her? And if so, will her sleuthing lead back to Nina?

I remember the last time Nina went off the deep end and committed a crime. She didn't handle it well. There was an asylum involved. Nina has grown a lot since then, but I think it will be a challenge for her to go about her life as if nothing happened. Carrying this sort of secret around will weigh on her. Although, when Maxie asked her how far she'd go to protect her family and she growled, "All the way," I saw more fire in her soul than fear. However, someone should persuade Charlotte to stop talking about the ice-skating costume Cassandra gave her...

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Julian ever learn how to operate his cappuccino maker? Will Ned and Laura get hit in the head with a brick while campaigning in the dive bar? Will Molly get hit in the head with a brick at Charlie's the next time she comes to yell at Julian to stay away from her mom? Will Anna and Finn stop dancing around each other and finally seal the deal? Will Valentin have the good sense to throw Cassandra's laptop over the parapets at Wyndemere into the harbor instead of keeping it on his desk? Will P.K. Sinclair answer Spinelli's bait fan letter?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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