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For the Week of April 23, 2018
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Nelle continues to haunt Carly, this time at Morgan's grave
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Mike and Avery went to visit some ponies; Carly smelled Morgan's famous cologne at his grave; Ava might actually get her daughter back; Spinelli, Sam, and Jason have potentially seen Henrik's face; and Nina told her whole crazy life story in 20 seconds. Let's examine another crazy week in Port Charles.

Dear readers, I feel for Carly right now. One of the most frustrating things in life is when you know something for a fact, and no one will believe you. I read an article this week about a lady who was not feeling right. The doctors told her she was just fat, but in fact, she had cancer.

It's a horrible feeling to know something is wrong and to be disbelieved. Carly has had phone calls that were real and were traced, she knows she held a bloody scarf in her hand, she knows she heard noises, and she found Morgan's broken picture in his room. But Sonny is convinced it's all in her head and that she is losing her mind. Laura Wright is doing a stellar job of conveying all the emotions Carly is experiencing -- fear, grief, anger, frustration, being unnerved -- by all these signs of her dead son around her.

Carly is convinced that someone is messing with her, and my one problem with this storyline is that she isn't automatically assuming that it's Nelle. Nelle has messed with her family in the past, they still have a very antagonistic relationship, and it seems exactly like something Nelle would do. Carly and the entire Corinthos family know full well that Nelle is capable of doing horrible, vindictive things.

I can hardly wait until it finally comes out and Carly bitch slaps Nelle in her stupid face. Oh, wait. I am adamantly against violence, and Nelle is pregnant. Why do I want to see that slap so badly? Because we all have someone in our lives who has done something purposely to hurt us, and we know how it feels.

But to be honest, I have been the Nelle sometimes, too. When I found out my college boyfriend cheated on me, I did something truly horrible to him that I am still ashamed of to this day. He was going to school to be an architect, and his final grade was drawing blueprints for an entire home. He worked on it for months.

We were engaged. We were planning a wedding. But then, he had a one-night stand with some chick in a bar, and she ended up pregnant. I was crushed. So, one day, he was in the student center, and he left his tube with his blueprints unattended to go and get a beer. I walked over, took the tube, and put it in a Dumpster. He failed his class. When I think about the most horrible things I have done in my life, that one comes to mind. Did he betray me? Did he break my heart? Did he humiliate me? Yep. But should I have done such an awful thing to him in return? Nope. But I was a 20-something with raging hormones and a "woman scorned" level of anger inside of me.

Maybe that's why I work in a church for a living, still doing penance for my sins.

Nelle is a despicable person at this point in her life, but she doesn't have to stay that way forever. Carly was exactly the same when she was young. She did terrible things to Bobbie, Tony, A.J., and anyone else who got in her way. She was a wrecking ball.

Consider this: someday, 20 years from now, Nelle (played by the magnificent Chloe Lanier) could be the town matriarch, the slightly flawed heroine that we root for -- just as Carly is now.

One more point, courtesy of my husband, Jeff, who pretends he doesn't watch GH and denies it to anyone who will listen. I have heard him say, "I don't watch that stupid show!" but now as I am sitting here writing, he comes out and says, "Don't forget to say that we never heard about Morgan's famous cologne while he was alive." (Dude, you SO watch GH.)

Carly is not crazy; she is in full control of her faculties. But sadly, Mike Corbin is not. Mike ran off with Avery this week, thinking she was Courtney and taking her to the stables to see the horses for an overnight campout.

I love the work of Maura West right now as Ava is standing on two sides of the line -- the old Ava and the new Ava constantly in a battle for her soul. One minute, snarling threats, and the next minute, holding Griffin's hand in prayer. Oh, how I love her.

Ava has every right to be concerned about sending Avery back to Sonny's house where Mike may or may not decide to take her on an outing again. Mike means Avery no harm, but he doesn't have a grip on reality right now, and Carly and Sonny can't be with him 24/7, so who's to say he won't wander off with Avery again one night when they think he's asleep?

At this point in time, Ava actually is the safer choice and the better option for Avery, especially with the calming influence of Griffin Munroe in the house. But is our favorite ex-priest ready to become a live-in stepdad?

If Ava sued Sonny for custody, and he told all the things he knew about her, and she told all the things they knew about him, Avery would end up in foster care. What I am hoping is that Sonny will be reasonable (highly unlikely, I know), recognize that Avery is safer with her mother right now, and let Ava take her home. But I doubt that will happen.

Side note...I'm a big fan of Maurice Benard on and off the show. I want to offer my condolences to him this week on the loss of his precious puppy dog Cain.

I liked the scene where Sonny and Ava were actually being civil to one another. I understand the need for tension and animosity on soaps to keep the drama level high, but I also like tenderness, humanity, and understanding. Those scenes where enemies set aside their differences for the love of a common person always move me.

On a side note, I am still peeved that after Ava saved Jason's life and they had this great connection when he was Patient 6, their relationship was immediately nixed as soon as he hit Port Charles. I would love if that got picked up again someday and Ava got to tell Jason her side of the story.

Right now, of course, Jason is too busy pretending to be Sam's and Anna's bodyguard in Switzerland.

Spinelli had way too much fun hacking the banker and finding his misdeeds. I swear, Robert Mueller should hire Spinelli to unravel all the evils deeds of our politicians. He could probably find dirt on everyone on both sides of the party lines and weed out Washington for us in an afternoon.

Sam, Jason, and Spinelli have seen a photo of Henrik -- is the photo Peter August? Or is he one step ahead of them?

Meanwhile, across town, Anna has found a photo of Henrí from his boarding school theatre days. It's fuzzy, but Anna is clutching it to her chest because, at this point, it's the only photo she has of her son. Robert knows Anna too well for her to pretend she doesn't have a personal stake in this, so she might as well just fess up. The previews for next week seem to indicate that he has already guessed her secret. My only hope is that he will be sympathetic and help her find her son.

Once the truth comes out and Henrik is revealed to be Peter August, who will be his friend, and who will be his foe? Will Maxie berate him or try to understand? Will he accept Anna as his mom, or is his heart filled with rage for her abandoning him? I'm looking forward to this storyline -- so many angles to explore.

One of my very favorite scenes this week was when Nina (played by the radiant Michelle Stafford) was grilling him. She started by telling her whole crazy life story, and I was howling. While she was doing that, my husband was pointing at me and laughing because that's exactly how I am. (Evidenced by me telling you the unfortunate story of my college boyfriend.) And really, why not? Nina gave her whole truth to Henrik and asked for his, but he did not reciprocate with the same level of transparency. When the truth finally comes out, Nina will be all too happy to tell Maxie, "I told you so." I do like Peter August, though, and I hope Wes Ramsey plans to stick around.

I was hoping along the spy trail they would find that flash drive with Drew's old memories, but I also like the idea of the memories coming back to him naturally, like he kisses Kim and sees a flash of something, and little by little, his past springs back to life in his brain.

The only downside to this is that I really like Kim and "Charlie," too. But not as much as I like Julexis, so no hate mail please.

The other compelling tale being told right now is the aftermath of Jim Harvey's death and Franco coming to terms with his past. Elizabeth is being spectacularly supportive of him right now, and I am so glad she finally mentioned her own rape. What do you think Franco will do with that list of Jim's victims? Send them all a post card saying, "You never have to worry about Jim Harvey again"? I hope it's not dropped. I'd love to see Franco do something good with this horrible incident, and I'd like Jim Harvey's death to free Franco in some way and change the way he sees himself: not as a monster, but as a survivor.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Emma open up her own kids' detective agency? Will Sam and Jason keep ending up in the same city until they finally realize fate is throwing them together? Will Nelle spray Morgan's famous cologne on something of Sonny's and try to frame him for trying to drive Carly mad? Will detective Chase get hired as a nanny part-time, since he's so great with Avery? Will Lulu's meeting be all like the Piña Colada song, and when she meets Henrik, it will be Peter August, and she will chuckle that it was him all along? Will Kiki ever get brave and turn Dr. Handsy in to the hospital board? Will Dr. Bensch hit on T.J. when Kiki quits the shadow program? Will Dante be totally cool with his wife meeting with Faison's son right after Faison murdered his partner? Will the horse stables get some security cameras so they can see old men dragging toddlers into their barn to spend the night?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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