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Ava looks at herself in a mirror and breaks down
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Breaking up is hard to do, especially with Ava -- as Griffin is quickly finding out. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason are back in action and making life difficult for Julian, but are they playing with fire? Things are heating up in Port Charles, and several are about to be burned.

Griffin is learning the darker side of love, now that he's come clean about his dirty little deed with Kiki the night of the Nurses' Ball. Do I feel sorry for him? Heck, no. He is reaping what he sowed, and he has no one to blame except himself.

Let me be clear. My issue is not with Griffin and Kiki's stolen night of passion. Like Alexis said, they were two consenting adults. Plus, Ava had most clearly told Griffin it was over and then walked out, so technically, he was a free agent and had no reason to believe that Ava would have a change of heart.

No, my issue is the coverup and the lies.

Kiki gets a pass because she's been dealing with a lot, and she's always had a rocky relationship with Ava. Kiki really doesn't owe Ava anything, and the truth is that I doubt Ava would do anything to hurt Kiki. She's mad at Kiki, but despite all the problems she's had with her daughter, she loves Kiki deeply.

Griffin is a different matter. If Griffin had been up-front with Ava when she turned up on his doorstep and apologized, then I would be typing something completely different right now, and it would be in support of Griffin. However, he chose to keep quiet. He knew it was wrong because Ava had every right to know that he'd slept with her daughter. That's why he was tortured by the guilt. Furthermore, Griffin knew exactly who Ava was when he first got involved with her because all of her ugly secrets had been exposed for the world to see. Sonny and Carly made sure of it.

Ava never pretended to be a choir girl, and she was honest about her insecurities.

Griffin doesn't get to play the victim now that Ava is lashing out and trying to hurt him as much as he hurt her. She was completely blindsided and her trust shattered. Again, he knew what Ava was capable of, and people had repeatedly warned him to tread with care because Ava was dangerous. If he didn't know that Ava would take a scorched-earth approach to ending their relationship after learning in court that he slept with Kiki, then he's a fool and a liar.

Women like Ava don't nurse their broken hearts over tubs of ice cream and chick flicks with their besties.

I have no doubt that things would have been ugly if Griffin had been honest in the beginning, but at least she would have heard it from him instead of a text message meant for someone else. And Griffin wouldn't have looked like the coward he does now.

The sleeping dragon has awakened, and it won't rest until the rage burns out.

With all that said, I'm stunned by what went down at the hospital when Monica addressed the situation.

I couldn't believe that Monica suspended Griffin without so much as an investigation or a talk with the patient. Griffin isn't a low-level candy striper or lab tech; he's a respected and gifted neurosurgeon. He's certainly a far more skilled doctor than Bensch, who appears to be a general practitioner. Shouldn't Griffin have received the same treatment as Bensch? Not only did Bensch have several sexual harassment complaints filed against him, but one of his accusers just prevailed in court, and he was ordered to pay her a substantial sum. I would think keeping Bensch on just opens the hospital to countless lawsuits by women on staff who have to continue to work and interact with him.

Plus, Peter had already agreed not to pursue legal action for the unauthorized paternity test, which means the matter was settled between patient and doctor. I expected Griffin to be reprimanded and have it noted on his record, but not a suspension.

Moving on, I received a little flack for my comments on the baby-switch storyline in my last column. A few readers felt that I should have simply suspended disbelief for the sake of the storyline. To be clear, I loved all of the performances by the actors, especially Chloe Lanier. She knocked it out of the ballpark, and she will be greatly missed. However, why should I settle for less? Why should I accept what I consider sloppy writing when writing is one of the categories the show is judged on every year when the awards roll around?

I suspend a certain amount of disbelief for the show every day for the sake of entertainment, like when Chase questioned a minor about possible shoplifting without reading Cam his rights or calling his parent, as is required by law. Also, when people heal rapidly from grave injuries without scars, undergo brain surgery without having their heads shaved, and the numerous times people have returned from the dead -- some more than once. I can suspend my disbelief quite easily, but not my intelligence.

Plot holes aside, Brad found himself in a rather difficult predicament at the close of Friday's show when Alexis revealed that Wiley's birth mother had changed her mind. Will Brad speak up and admit that Wiley is actually Jonah, or will he let the baby go to a woman who isn't his mother? It seems unlikely that Brad will confess because Brad has never been courageous. I suspect he will remain silent because he knows that Lucas will likely leave him for helping Nelle hide Jonah from Michael out of spite. Better to remain silent and help Lucas mend his broken heart than to do the right thing, which will ultimately be Brad's downfall.

Lucas might forgive a moment of weakness, but not weeks of silence.

I knew Brad and Lucas were doomed a couple of weeks ago when Sam, out of the blue, asked Lucas about his relationship with Brad, and Lucas talked about how they'd gone through a rough patch. The writing was all over the wall that Brad was going to pay a very high price for his deception. He should, because Brad knows -- despite what Nelle says -- that Michael is one of the good guys, and there's no reason that he shouldn't raise his son. More importantly, Michael is Lucas' nephew, and that baby Brad is playing hot potato with is Lucas' great-nephew. That makes it a deeper level of betrayal because Brad exposed Lucas' family to needless pain.

Lucas will never forgive Brad if Brad lets that baby go to a stranger. As much as Lucas loves Brad, I don't think it's the kind of unconditional love that Carly was telling Josslyn about.

I'm not a Carly fan, but I will admit that I was firmly in Carly's corner in her war against Nelle. However, this week, Carly annoyed me when Liz gave her the heads-up about Cam and Josslyn shoplifting. I fully understand Carly's knee-jerk desire to defend her daughter, so I didn't have a problem with that, but I hated Carly having the nerve to judge Liz as a parent. Being a parent is hard, and being a single parent is twice as hard. Women should lift each other up, not tear each other down. Carly should have thanked Liz for clueing her in about the theft then left it at that if she didn't have anything nice to say.

Personally, I would want to know if one of my kids had been involved in something like shoplifting because even the best of kids test their limits and occasionally make poor choices. Better to hear it from someone like Liz than to have the police knock on your door.

I do give Carly credit, though, for how she handled things with Josslyn. She did everything perfectly, which ultimately is the only thing that truly matters.

I also commend Jordan for putting her foot down about Stella. Stella doesn't deserve to attend the wedding when she actively plotted against the bride and attempted to undermine the relationship. It's one thing to express your objections, but it's quite another to sic an ex on the groom. That is taking things way too far.

A couple's wedding day is a time for celebration and love with people who support the union and want the best for the couple. Stella doesn't fall into either category, so why have her sourpuss ruining all the fun for everyone, especially the bride and groom? Bad behavior should never be rewarded, even for family.

In an interesting twist, Nina and Maxie decided to pay Madeline Reeves a visit in jail to update her on James and share some videos. Madeline's eyes welled up with tears as Nina talked about what Madeline took from her when she drugged Nina and caused Nina's miscarriage. However, Nina and Maxie quickly realized that it was just another one of Madeline's ruses because she needed character references for an upcoming parole hearing.

The twist occurred after Nina and Maxie left, when Valentin slipped into the visitors' room to have a little chat with his mother-in-law. According to the previews, Valentin will be asking Madeline if Nina had had a daughter.

Finally, Nina gets her own child!

It doesn't matter what Madeline says, because the very fact that Valentin asked that question means that yes, yes indeed, Nina has a daughter. She did not lose the baby as she'd been told; she'd carried it to term, and Madeline spirited it away. Now the question is, where is the baby? Is she in Port Charles? Since Nina was in a coma for twenty years and has been out of the coma for several years now, the child would be in her early twenties.

The only women currently on the canvas who could possibly be Nina's long-lost daughter are Kiki and Francesca. A paternity test confirmed that Kiki was Silas' daughter, but a paternity test would also confirm that Nina's child is Silas' daughter. Could Madeline have switched babies with Ava's child? Possible, but unlikely because we are currently in the middle of another baby-switch storyline. That leaves Francesca. Of course, there's a long shot that the child will be revealed to be Nelle, but it's unlikely because Chloe Lanier just left the show. However, it would give Nina a newborn grandson to bond with. But what's the point of giving Nina a daughter if she can't be with her? It seems cruel.

I like the idea of Francesca being Nina's long-lost daughter because Kiki could use a sister/friend to support her, and Michael needs a real love interest. He was definitely attracted to Francesca on their date until Nelle ruined everything, and I recall that I liked the chemistry between the actors.

I didn't think there was a way for Valentin to get Nina to forgive him, but uniting her with her daughter would certainly be his best shot. Another reason that I believe all signs point to Nina getting a daughter.

Finally, Finn and Anna learned that the mystery patient that their captors want him to heal is none other than Cassandra Pierce. When last we saw Ms. Pierce, she'd been injected with a massive dose of opioids. Her right-hand man confessed to injecting her during an altercation when he'd tried to quit and she had attacked him. The doctors determined that Cassandra was in an irreversible coma, so she was transferred to a WSB medical facility.

Who took Cassandra, and more importantly, why did they take her? I can't wait to find out.

Random observations

I was shocked to see Dr. Terry. She had mentioned to Liz that she'd taken a job at GH, but silly me assumed that she would be a background character. I'm delighted to see that I was wrong.

Why can't Sonny arrange to have a construction company loyal to him do the work on Julian's foundation, so he can have his men remove the body without anyone being the wiser? It seems silly to arouse Julian's suspicions by trying to prevent the expansion project.

Best line of the week goes to Margaux when she told Julian, "Well, you're just all six degrees of Corinthos, aren't you?" I laughed. Margaux is about to find that the same can be said for everyone in that town.

Reader feedback

Nelle's creepy, glassy-eyed, spaced-out performance was absolutely riveting! What an incredibly talented young woman! She's putting together quite an impressive audition reel for her post-GH career. I just hope she doesn't get type cast as the "crazy ex-girlfriend" all the time. She's capable of SO much more. -- Scrimmage

I couldn't help but wonder if maybe there is some sort of twin connection related to all of the patients (1-6.) Maybe Kevin and his twin, Anna (who is MIA) and her twin, Jason and Drew. Maybe I am reaching, but that would add an interesting layer to the story. -- Kelly Ann

Oh, it would be so cool if Helena Cassadine had her memories backed up and put into a new (hot) body. You'd have to wonder what the cutoff point for the memories were. And as we've seen with Drew, just because the memories are the same, putting them into a new body makes them a new, different person. -- Leslie G.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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