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Drew found the flash drive of his memories, an unknown man with a Cassadine ring has Cassandra, Brad says he got his baby from a homeless woman, and Lulu's going to work for a tabloid. What an unexpected week in Port Charles! Let's review in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear readers, which one of these statements do you think is true? 1) Margaux Dawson has a mad crush on Drew Cain and is trying to seduce him because she desires him. 2) Margaux is trying to get close to Drew to get him to flip on Jason so she can take down Jason and Sonny.

Frankly, I think it's a little of both. Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson have mad chemistry together, which has shown up on two different soaps now. I wouldn't mind if they took that chemistry and worked it into a fling. But ultimately, I have people I want together. I want Drew and Kim together. I want Julian and Alexis together. I want Margaux and....someone else.

Drew finding the flash drive with his memories on it in her hotel room will be hard for her to explain away. Maybe she can distract him by spilling some sort of condiment on him, since that seems to be their thing.

Since Peter bought the Invader and put a photo of Drew and the new D.A. making out on the front page, Carly's radar is up. She and Jason are suspicious of Margaux's intentions. I'm not convinced that she's just into Drew for the sake of bringing down the Corinthos crime organization. I think she has some connection to Drew that we aren't aware of just yet. Do you get that vibe, too?

I like her addition to the cast and think there is a lot of possibility for her character. Maybe it's time for Ric Lansing to come back to town. She could certainly seduce him and get him to roll over on Sonny.

Sonny is quite preoccupied with his dad's health right now, though, and the scenes this week with Mike and Sonny being playful and laughing together, playing catch, talking baseball, and acting like father and son were so genuine and real. I love this storyline, but I know it can't go on forever, and I think Friday's episode is probably the deal sealer for Mike getting sent off to a home. Jason, Sonny, and some random bodyguard are all about to shoot poor hapless Mike for setting off the security alarm.

Felix urged Sonny to have the conversation with Mike while he was still able to chime in, and I think this incident might trigger that hard conversation. I had an uncle with Alzheimer's, and my aunt was unhappy with the care he was getting in the facility he was in, so she checked him out, brought him home, and cared for him until his death. He didn't recognize their children or any other family members at the end, but he always seemed to know her. Watching this story makes me think about him -- and how he went from the fun, lighthearted man who hosted our family barbecues for years to a guy who didn't know his sons and lashed out at people in a way he would never have done before the disease took hold. It's a slow, sad decline, and GH is doing a good job of showing that transformation.

Max Gail has to win some sort of award. Even if every soap boycotts the Daytime Emmys as they are threatening to do, someone make up an award to give Max for his stellar work on this storyline. And I can't neglect to mention Maurice Benard, who is bringing such great emotion and tenderness to these scenes. He almost makes me forget that Sonny is a murderous mob boss when he's playing catch with his Daddy.

The Corinthos family is not doing well overall right now. Michael had to bury his son this week, or at least a baby he thinks is his deceased son. But, of course, the baby everyone is grieving belongs to the lady who gave her child to Brad and Lucas. I honestly don't understand how Brad can watch Michael grieving and not confess. I used to think Brad was just a weasel, but now I have upgraded him to a monster.

Hats off to Chad Duell for his work on this storyline. When Michael was sitting at Morgan's grave, asking him to watch over Jonah, my heart was broken. The day Michael finally finds out that Wiley is Jonah will be a day for celebration. I really want to see Michael punch Brad in his stupid face. But he is Michael, so he probably won't.

Something is going on with his sister Kristina, too -- she still hasn't given anyone the full story of why she is in town. I'm not buying the "I knew my family needed me" line because her family is constantly going through drama of some sort, and she never shows up. Is she ready to dump Parker and move home? If so, whom could we pair her with? I kind of liked the chemistry with her and Brytni Sarpy. Or, if we have determined that she is bi, maybe Detective Chase. Unless he is going to make his move on Lulu after Dante doesn't come home for months.

You're probably thinking, "What about Maxie and Chase?" You can hate me if you want to, but I still really like Maxie with Peter. I hope she can forgive him eventually. Maxie has made some mistakes along the way in her own life, and I find that people who mess up a lot are more inclined to forgive others who mess up a lot. I say this as a woman who has messed up a lot.

Peter convinced Lulu to take a shot on writing for his new tabloid and assured her it would start publishing more genuine hard-hitting news pieces instead of just gossip. What a timely storyline, considering that the owner of the National Enquirer just got immunity for cooperating with investigators regarding President Trump. Watching this news unfold has been extremely popcorn worthy.

Okay, readers, we suspected long ago that Nina's baby lived, and now we have confirmation. My vote is that her kid is Nelle. How about you? That would bring Nelle back onto the canvas and anchor her to someone. Plus, Michelle Stafford and Chloe Lanier have a similar enough look that they could be related. Nina dislikes and mistrusts Nelle, so there'd be a lot of drama of the two of them building a relationship like Carly and Bobbie in the past. Also, we already know Nelle's dad, Frank Benson, sold her kidney, and we know he was the kind of guy to shake someone down for money, so I can definitely imagine him accepting money from Madeline to raise her grandchild. Their names both start with N. Nelle. Nina. GH loves that! Luke, Laura, Lucky, Lulu... See? There's my theory. What say you?

My next theory is that Ryan Chamberlain is out roaming the streets of Port Charles while Doc is locked away in a straitjacket in Ferncliff. I'm glad to see the hospital got a new staff, and I'm hoping Kevin can persuade the orderly that he is the real doctor. Or maybe it's the opposite, and Doc is on the outside and Ryan is trying to make a break for it by concocting a crazy tale. I think this will be part of what brings Laura back to town, and I'm hoping it's very juicy and messy and filled with intrigue because I love the magically soapalicious tales of evil twins! At least whichever twin is on the outside brought the other twin a cupcake for their shared birthday.

Nina signed her divorce papers, but I think finding Nina's missing child might be the key to Valentin wining her forgiveness. Or maybe it will take the one-two punch of finding her child and keeping Cassandra from pointing the finger at her for putting her in a coma.

Do you think Valentin has Cassandra? That seems far too obvious, but perhaps he does. We just saw him in Port Charles, but we know the time and space continuum is not a strong suit for soaps. If it's not Valentin, which Cassadine is it? Seeing that crest blown up and tacked to the wall of clues made my spine tingle. Oh, please, please, bring back some formerly believed dead Cassadines. Nicholas is high on top of my list, but Stefan, Victor, Stavros, or Helena are all great choices, too!

Finn must have watched a lot of Princess Bride in the past. He sent the two nameless goons to buy medical supplies for him. Clearly one of those ingredients was iocaine powder, and clearly he knew the goons would use Vizzini's logic to clearly not choose the cups in front of them and do the old cup switcheroo.

Since Chase was the one who figured out where Finn and Anna were, he managed to win Robert's respect, and perhaps this will be a bridge for Chase and Finn to truly become brothers.

I'm so angry with Brad right now. When he told Julian he had a homeless woman's baby, I was screaming at the TV. Dude, you're busted. Just confess now, claim PTSD over your adopted son dying, and start again! At least he confessed to Julian, which will ensure that Julian can blackmail his way into Brad and Lucas' life forever. I hope the casting directors are already looking for toddlers who are dead ringers for Chad Duell. I want that baby to undeniably look like Michael.

It was a great nod to GH history to have Jason and Sam both end up at Lila's grave. Seeing those flashbacks of the sad, sweet history of when they first got together was very touching.

Will Julian take Brad down to the docks and ask him to point out the homeless woman he got the baby from? Will Dr. Bensch just move across town to another hospital and start harassing a new batch of medical students? Will someone buy Aiden some Princess Kalinda pencils? Will someone explain to me how Donna Mills looks almost exactly the same as she did on Knots Landing in the '80s? Will we ever recover from the shock of the miraculous occurrence of seeing all of Liz Webber's boys in the same place at the same time? Will SORASed Leo blurt out any more family secrets? Will Cameron's "You're not my real Dad" vibe bring Lucky Spencer back to town? Will Ava find more ways to get even with Griffin, or will she go back to the light side because Griffin is Just. So. Handsome.?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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