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Being that no one is every really, truly, 100% dead in Port Charles, Kim might be forgiven for not, you know, revealing that Oscar is dying. Nina was told her baby died, but that was a lie. That begs the question: Is Madeline really dead? What about Nathan? Or is this like an M. Night Shyamalan film and we're the ones who are dead? I see Two Scoops people -- in the latest GH commentary.

Dear readers, I hate cancer. I watched my mother die from breast cancer. I have watched several dear friends die from a plethora of different cancers. It's utter hell. But in all of those cases, the people I loved got to stay here on earth a little while longer because they got treatments that, while not curing the disease, at least slowed it down and extended their lives for a few years.

Kim not telling Oscar he is sick pisses me off. He should know. He should have the chance to make a bucket list. He should be able to "Make a Wish." He should try experimental treatments. He should be doing something to try to extend his time on earth. You'd think a medical professional like his mom would hold that view, as well.

Instead, she is keeping secret from her teenage son that he is dying, that there is no hope, and that the life he is planning and dreaming about will never happen. I'm rooting for Drew to be the voice of sanity and do the right thing and tell his son about his brain tumor. What is your opinion? Do you support Kim's decisions to stay silent and keep Oscar in the dark, or do you think he has the right to know?

But the bigger issue is this -- why did the powers that be suddenly decide to kill off Oscar? Do they need to trim the budget, and Madeline Reeves and Oscar were the sacrificial lambs? Is it because the writers think Nu-Cameron has better chemistry with Joss? Were they just looking for a reason for Tamara Braun to cry because she's so amazing at those gut-wrenching, emotional scenes? I don't know, but Garren Stitt is an adorable boy, and I've enjoyed watching the innocence of the teenage romance between Oscar and Josslyn.

Since he arrived in Port Charles last year, we have never seen any sign at all that anything is physically wrong with Oscar. Where the hell did this brain tumor come from? Can you have a brain tumor and have zero symptoms for a year? And if this has been the case since he was a kid, wasn't he in the hospital before? If not, how does Kim know he has a brain tumor? Was there a brain scan? Wouldn't Oscar remember that?

It really makes no logical sense, because Oscar seems like a smart kid, and he would be asking questions like "Hey, Mom, how come I have to keep getting medical tests in the cancer ward?" and hearing the doctor say words that he could easily Google.

But -- whatever. Without Patrick Drake on canvas, who is GH's brain surgeon now? I believe that Dr. Terry Randolph is an oncologist -- but is she a brain surgeon, too? Side note: I am so glad they are weaving Terry into the canvas as a real character instead of just using her as an issue or a prop. Kudos, GH.

So many mysteries. Maybe there is a broader story at play, and someone unlikely like Dr. Obrecht will know of a treatment. Maybe crazy Ryan will find Kevin's brain studies and find a cure. Maybe it's all a mistake, and Oscar was misdiagnosed. Maybe the whole story is designed to finally bring Kim and Drew together.

Although yesterday, it brought Sam and Drew together instead, and I'm going to launch my next rant...

It's been nearly a year since Steve Burton returned to Port Charles. We were all so excited! We wanted to see that big Jason and Sam reunion! We were on the edge of our seats! And then....fizzle. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. A stolen kiss. A few steamy glances. But no legitimate reunion.

I understand taking it slowly and building tension before reuniting Jason and Sam. But at this point, they interact more like brother and sister than former destined, soul-mated, and passionate lovers. GH has done very little to rekindle their passion or to allow us to see them fighting the desire to jump each other. It's all so polite and stodgy and boring. It's hard to believe this supercouple of old, the one about whom we see daily reminders on ABC, showcasing the last 15 years of their glory days, now only interact to sign permission slips for their kid's field trips. Zzzzzz.

Hey, writers, either reunite Jason and Sam, or reunite Drew and Sam, but for heaven's sake, do something. This long season of romantic limbo is very tedious. (Yeah, I know I just sounded like Helena Cassadine. I should have dropped "insipid" in there, too.)

At the risk of angering half of the soap fans in America, I think at this point in time, Drew and Sam have more chemistry than Jason and Sam. I was rooting for a Jason and Sam reunion a year ago, but now I can't decide. I'd rather see Jason with Ava, or have Brenda come back to town, or maybe Kim who already digs his face and has years of old Carly/Jason chemistry, or maybe someone totally new. What do you think, readers?

Next up, Nina, Madeline, Dr. O, and Valentin. I know some of you disagree with me vehemently, but I am rooting for Nina and Valentin. I adore them together. I adore both of their portrayers, Michelle Stafford and James Patrick Stuart. (If you don't follow them on social media, you really should.)

I was hoping that Valentin's discovery that Nina's baby was alive would be his ticket back into her heart, but alas, she figured it out on her own, thanks to the death box Madeline had for her. Think about this, though: if Madeline hadn't mysteriously died in prison, and lived to be 90, Nina wouldn't have known her child was alive until she was in her 70s. Not a great plan, Madeline.

Just like with Jason and Sam, the writers have kept Nina and Valentin apart for too long. The world is a freaking mess right now. I just want some romantic fantasies to take my mind off things; can't you let me witness a little soapy happiness? It's hard for me to sympathize with Nina judging Valentin when she put Cassandra in a coma and held Peter captive for weeks. Nina is a pretty self-aware character, so her own hypocrisy has to be swirling around in her brain, and I'd like to at least see that back up on her occasionally.

I am aching for their forgiveness and reunion. I want them to search for Nina's long-lost child together. But here's the thing: I'm still sold on the idea that it might be Nelle. I have mentioned this idea before, and it wasn't very popular, but allow me to make my case again... They have a similar look, they have met and hate each other, Nelle is sending Michael letters from prison, and it would get Nelle back on canvas and give her the chance to be redeemed. We know that eventually she will be back because she's the only one who knows that baby Wiley is actually baby Noah.

Since Chloe Lanier left GH, it's potentially going to be a recast, or maybe instead, Chloe is just taking a three-month break to work on a project while this story builds. Or maybe I am completely wrong about this, but it would make sense.

I mean if Nelle wasn't Frank Benson's real child, that would explain why he was so willing to sell her kidney to someone. Also, if my scenario were true, that would give Carly and Nina a chance to be in scenes together, and can you just imagine the catfight between Laura Wright and Michelle Stafford? Explosive!

No one attended Madeline Reeves's funeral except Nina and Maxie, and there was a brief stop by from Valentin. Maybe it's because the funeral was held in Port Charles, where Madeline didn't live, instead of New York City where she is from...?

Nina was feeling like she was all alone in the world with her mother passing away, but a homeless woman with a strangely familiar accent let her know otherwise. So, has Dr. O been out there on the streets of Port Charles, pretending to be homeless this entire time, or did she sneak back into town just for the funeral?

Here's my idea... Have her come back, plead insanity for kidnapping Peter because she went mad after her son's death, end up in Ferncliff, and be the one to figure out Kevin and Ryan are switched. Let her become the hero. I really want her back on canvas for comic relief.

Seriously, readers, what in the world is going on at Ferncliff? Is there no security there at all? For months, we have seen people wander in and out of there all willy-nilly. You know, they sell those Ring doorbell cameras at Home Depot for a very reasonable price. Put one in every room, and you could see a patient wrestle his identical twin doctor to the ground and strap him into a straitjacket. Doesn't it seem like a hospital for the criminally insane would have such a thing? I work at a place that has a school, and there are cameras everywhere to make sure students are safe. It's possible.

In other storylines that are only possible due to bad security, Alzheimer's patient Mike has once again sneaked out of Sonny's house to cause mayhem. After they lost him the first time when Mike sneaked out and kidnapped baby Avery, shouldn't Sonny have hired Max and his goons to block all the doors? Seriously, this is just ridiculous.

But Mike overheard Sonny saying he was going to be in trouble if anyone found the body Mike buried in Charlie's pub, so Mike decided to blow the place up to hide the evidence. Great plan, Mike! That won't look suspicious at all. Of course, Kristina just took a job there and is now in the blast zone, and next week's previews seem to indicate that Mike will see her before she blows up. I predict this will be the thing that finally gets Mike sent to a home. Or prison.

While I hate to lose Max Gail and Mike, the way they are writing this storyline, there aren't many other options; they have backed themselves into a corner. I have been annoyed since the day they started to mob up this storyline -- it was plenty dramatic all on its own without having to go gangster with it. "A man who was estranged from his father now has to be his father's caregiver when the father gets Alzheimer's disease" is the description of an Oscar-worthy movie plot. No additional drama necessary.

If the bar doesn't blow up, I like the idea of Kristina working for Julian and renewing her friendship with Valerie. It was nice to see their interaction yesterday. Since Alexis gave up the booze, we have had a lot fewer scenes of female friendships in Port Charles. I miss Alexis and Diane's wine parties. Heck, I miss my own wine parties.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Griffin move into Kiki's building and make Ava's head explode? Will Ryan meet Laura at the airport when she arrives back in Port Charles, and will one night of passion with him make her realize he's the wrong brother? Will Sonny take Brick to the Pine Barrens for his excessive flirting with Carly? Will Peter and Anna make up in time for a sweet family Christmas?

Will Valerie pass her detective test right at the time the PCPD is super short on detectives? (Miss you, Dante and Nathan!) Will Roxy ever come to the side of the cage where we can actually see her? Will Valentin notice the homeless woman spying on him? Will we ever find out which Cassadine-ringed human took Cassandra and why? Will GH ever reunite all the estranged lovers so I can get some much-needed Love in the Afternoon?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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