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We've been warned. Winter is coming, but will the writers really go there with a serial killer on the loose and a disillusioned Ava consumed by thoughts of vengeance?

With a little nudge from serial killer Ryan Chamberlain, who is barely keeping it together posing as his twin, Ava confessed that she wanted Kiki dead. She quickly took back the wicked words, but Ryan looked delighted, which was interesting because he has every reason to be worried. Laura senses that something isn't right with her husband.

Could it be the dreadful cold that Ryan thoroughly sucks at feigning because one minute he's too weak to be intimate with his wife, and the next he's off to work a full day, treating patients and making rounds? Possibly, but it's also because he's fawning over Felicia and barely giving Laura the time of day -- something that Kevin most certainly would not do.

I want to believe that Laura will quickly figure things out, but I know that's not likely to happen. Everyone, including Laura herself, believes that Ryan is long dead, so it's not going to be easy to reach that conclusion without some significant clues along the way -- unless Laura follows Kevin's footsteps to Ferncliff and stumbles across Kevin. However, I also don't see Ryan holding back his homicidal urges much longer, which begs the question: will the writers go there and kill off a primary character?

It seems pointless to resurrect a serial killer like Ryan if that isn't the plan.

That said, the writers better not have any plans to kill off Laura. First, someone has to save Kevin, and second, Laura has cheated death at the hands of the Cassadines too many times to let the likes of Ryan Chamberlain -- who until recently has been locked up for decades -- take her down. She's a legend, he's just infamous.

Meanwhile, Julian wisely advised Kiki to stop poking Mama Bear. Too bad for Kiki, Ryan is intrigued with Ava and eager to stoke the fires of her rage. Ava has settled on a course of action far less drastic than Ryan's suggestion. She intends to make Kiki feel the harsh sting of rejection as the town's pariah. The question now is, will Ava have a chance to put her plan into motion, or will Ryan help a kindred spirit by taking care of the problem for her?

I'm conflicted about Kiki. I've really grown to like her since she decided to pursue a career in medicine, but recently, her anger toward Ava has rubbed me the wrong way. Last I checked, Kiki is the one who wronged her mother. If Kiki's recent admission to Griffin is to be believed, she slept with him because she wanted to -- not because she was hurting and drunk. So, how exactly did Ava become the bad guy when Kiki was the one lusting after her mother's man?

I'm not suggesting that Ava is innocent. She's not. She said some cruel things to her daughter when she found out about the tryst, but Ava was hurting, and she felt betrayed. She lashed out and said hateful things, but if anyone knows what it's like to be in Ava's shoes, it should be Kiki. Kiki has done and said a lot of things that she regrets, so her reaction to her mother's hurt truly baffles me.

A part of me wonders if perhaps Kiki wants to make Ava the bad guy because it makes her feel better about moving in on Griffin the first chance that she had. It's hard to feel sorry for Kiki when she's practically begging for Ava to do her worst by constantly provoking her, but at the same time, I don't want Ava's plans to succeed. I hate seeing Ava and Kiki at each other's throats over a guy. Again. It's sad, and, beyond that, it's really creepy that they keep falling for the same men.

I'm glad that I'm not one of the writers who has to decide who to kill off. If you choose someone insignificant, then it's anticlimactic and somewhat cowardly, but if it's someone too big, you run the risk of upsetting a big fanbase. However, someone must die with Ryan on the loose, and a part of me wonders if that's why we are suddenly seeing characters like Valerie, Kristina, and Molly return to our screens. I hope not, but each of their deaths would certainly send shockwaves through Port Charles and provide plenty of fodder for drama.

Speaking of which, I was riveted to Friday's episode when Nelle was brought to court, sporting a bright pumpkin-orange prison jumpsuit and handcuffs. Nelle didn't disappoint as she immediately turned on the tears and proceeded to play her mind games. Chloe Lanier truly is sublime as a diabolical femme fatale. It almost makes me want Nelle back. Almost.

Naturally, Brad, who was toting Jonah, happened along just as Nelle and the gang were gathered outside the courtroom. He desperately tried to retreat without attracting attention, but Nelle spotted him out of the corner of her eye. My hope is that on Monday, Nelle's interest in "Wiley" or Brad's nervousness will raise enough suspicions that someone will start asking questions. It's time for this farce to end and for Jonah to be with his father.

That brings me to Nina, who finally met her daughter. Things did not go well despite a nice chat between mother and daughter in the park and a glass of wine at Metro Court Restaurant. Nina and Sasha have oodles in common, like their love for horses, lazy days on the beach, fine wine, and books, but Sasha wants closure, not a relationship with Nina. I felt so bad for Nina when Sasha started to leave, and Nina cried out for her daughter not to go. My heart broke for Nina because it was clear that she was already deeply and eternally in love with her daughter. That's when I began to wonder if perhaps everything was too good to be true.

Yes, Sasha looks like the perfect blend of both Nina and Silas Clay (casting always does an outstanding job in this area), and there were two independent DNA tests, but something about Sasha seems off.

Let's start with Sasha's reaction to the news that Nina was her biological mother. I thought Sasha took things surprisingly well for someone who just found out that her whole life had been a lie. Then there was Sasha's reaction when Nina showed her the pendant -- or rather lack of reaction. Is it significant? Could it possibly mean that Sasha is a fraud? Did someone falsify the DNA tests that Curtis was so certain about?

I hope that's not the case, but I sense that Sasha is hiding something.

Margaux was hiding something, as well -- a dark and twisted soul.

I've been on the fence about Margaux ever since she first appeared. I was predisposed to like the character because I'm a fan of Elizabeth Hendrickson, and Margaux was on the side of justice. The problem is that Margaux has rubbed me the wrong way from the start. I tried to keep an open mind, but as time passed, I found myself growing to dislike her.

I understand Margaux's desire to seek justice for her murdered father. She also made an excellent point when she told Carly that Sonny had put countless family members in the same position that Carly found herself in with Morgan. Sonny is far from an innocent lamb, so he definitely belongs behind bars. Everyone knows that, including Sonny himself, but Margaux lost me when she arranged to have her father's body interred near Morgan's grave to force Sonny -- and the rest of his family -- to look at one of Sonny's victims every time they visit Morgan's grave.

It's downright disturbing, and it makes me wonder just how much Margaux actually loves her father if she can use his remains in such a disgraceful way. Some lines should never be crossed.

I also found it ironic that, while Margaux was preaching to Carly about Sonny's sins, she neglected to acknowledge her own father's likely transgressions. After all, Vincent Marino was a consigliere for the mob not the Little Sisters of the Poor. How many murders did her father help cover up? How many killers did he put back on the streets to kill again?

Despite the hypocrisy, that's not what bothered me the most. After leaving the cemetery, Margaux arranged to meet Drew so she could strike a deal with him: his memories in exchange for dirt on Sonny, because she wanted to take Sonny down at any cost. Drew was stunned when he realized that she had the flash drive with his memories.

I have no idea what Drew is going to do, but I hope he turns the table on Margaux and helps take down the corrupt and unethical district attorney. The only good thing to come out of Margaux's offer is that I'm pretty sure it killed whatever sliver of attraction Drew might have had left for her.

Poor Drew was having a nightmarish week. Not only is his son battling a malignant brain tumor, but Oscar seems bound and determined to fight his parents all the way to the grave.

I feel for Oscar. He's making endless foolish choices because he's hurting and filled with despair. His prognosis is bleak and his options few. But I also feel for Josslyn because she's young and in love, and she has absolutely no idea what is going on, except a gut feeling that something is wrong. Worse, the poor girl apparently doesn't have a single girlfriend that she can lean on. That should worry Carly more than anything. It's not healthy to be that completely absorbed in a boy at that age, even if they are dating, for this very reason. Sadly, breakups are a part of dating.

What's going to happen when Oscar dies and the only friend that Josslyn has -- literally -- is Cam? A boy that age cannot and should not be a grieving girl's only friend. That's way too much responsibility to put on his young shoulders.

Finally, Maxie overheard Peter ask Lulu out. Only, Maxie has no idea that Peter was extending the offer as a friend because Lulu was upset over an argument that she'd had with Dante. Lulu's marriage is beginning to feel the strain of Dante's continued absence, which doesn't surprise me.

Just how long is Lulu supposed to wait, wondering about the fate of her husband, who is working a dangerous assignment? Sure, Lulu married Dante, knowing he was a cop, but he worked for the Port Charles Police Department, not the World Security Bureau. She didn't sign up to be married to a man who worked dangerous undercover missions half a world away. Lulu had a front-row seat to a long-distance marriage, thanks to her parents, and it didn't end well for Luke and Laura Spencer. I can't blame Lulu for wanting more for her children than an absentee father. She has every right to be upset that Dante is not at home where he belongs.

I've grown to like Maxie and Peter as a potential romantic pairing, but I'm not in a rush for them to become a couple. I still miss Nathan dearly, and I'm just now getting used to the idea of Maxie moving on with his brother. That said, I do like that Maxie is the one pursing Peter rather than the other way around because it makes it easier for me to accept that she's ready to move on and not being pressured into it.

Random observations

Port Charles' park is an interesting place with its lush West Coast foliage sprinkled throughout the grounds and tall hedges that apparently only pop up at night or when people are conspiring.

What's the significance of Alexis' mother's watch stopping at 10:10? At first, I thought it might be linked to the date, as in October 10th, but the date passed without incident. Was it the moment that Mikkos' mistress' heart stopped when Helena slit her throat? More importantly, what does Valentin know about it? I'm certain that he does know something.

My favorite line of the week was when Valentin told Laura, "We're one big, happy dysfunctional family. Join us." I laughed so hard, I had to pause the show until I pulled myself together.

Reader feedback

I wish the baby switch plot would result in Michael truly understanding what AJ went through by having his son taken away from him, or what Sonny, Michael, Carly have put Ava through. Yeah, she's bad, but how is she worse than Sonny and Carly, exactly? She killed Connie, um, okay, but Sonny and Jason have killed so many more people. I have yet to understand how she is so terrible, but he is a saint, but the sad fact is, Brad will be the villain, disposed of, and that will be that without a shred of reflection. -- Andrew

Wasn't Jason breaking his promise to Oscar by sharing almost every detail of their conversation with Sam? I'm sure Jason guessed that Sam knew about Oscar, after their weird encounter the other day, but OSCAR doesn't know Sam knows, and I don't think there were any exceptions in Jason's promise, REGARDLESS of who knows. -- Scrimmage

I just cracked up when Curtis said to Valentin that GH has one of the best reputations in the country for DNA testing. HELLO?????? BRAD!!! -- JDF

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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