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Maxie lurks in the shadows are folks with questionable motives make their moves in Port Charles.
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Planning weddings on Haunted boats, young princes escaping from exclusive boarding schools, long-lost daughters coming to town, and forlorn teens plotting fake relationships. It's a bust of a spooky week in Port Charles. Let's dish in this week's Two Scoops!

Dear readers, I feel the chill in the air, and odd and eerie things are happening in Port Charles. We are slowly creeping up to Halloween in Port Charles, and I see the dark clouds rolling in...

A serial killer is on the loose while his sane brother remains in a straitjacket at Ferncliff. Two unsuspecting newbies are planning a wedding on the Haunted Star. An unsolved murder and a body buried under a bar have come to light, with the murder weapon still at large, supposedly disposed of decades ago by a guy with Alzheimer's. Spencer Cassadine escaped from boarding school again and has announced he is back for revenge.

I think we all know one or all of these things will go terribly wrong. Getting married in a location that has the word "Haunted" in the name is never a good idea.

I don't think curses evaporate, so Helena's curse is still lingering over that boat like a storm cloud. NuJordan has announced that she wants to find Aunt Stella's old beau, Marcus, and for all we know, he's a psycho just waiting to get revenge on Stella for breaking his heart on a haunted boat!

Readers, don't send me hate mail, but I have not been able to warm up to Vinessa Antoine's replacement yet. The original, irreplaceable Jordan had sass and fire. She was a force to be reckoned with. NuJordan is somewhat passive and subdued. I can't believe she is the police commissioner; I don't see the strength in her that one would need to get that job. I am trying to be patient and give her a chance to grow into the role, but right now, I'm just not feeling it. I am happy for Vinessa's success, but I sure do miss her.

On the other hand, I really am loving the heck out of Margaux. Disclaimer -- I am not on her side! I think she is being needlessly cruel by holding the flash drive with Drew's memories hostage to get him to flip on Sonny. But, man, I love watching her. She's certainly not a villain; she is a person wronged by someone and trying to find justice even though she is going about it in a selfish and brutish fashion.

Elizabeth Hendrickson was a favorite of mine on The Young and the Restless, and I am so happy that GH scooped up Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, and now Ms. Hendrickson -- a powerhouse trio of talent and charisma. I feel like there could be a romantic relationship with Margaux and Drew down the line -- they have great chemistry together -- but it won't happen as long as she is blackmailing him with the flash drive.

I am not a brain scientist, so I don't understand the dynamics at hand, but if there is a flash drive of memories from Drew's past, why can't he just read them instead of having them implanted in his brain and replacing the last five years of his life? None of this makes any sense to me, and perhaps it's because it's just crazy soap nonsense. That is perfectly fine because I love that.

Spinelli was able to somehow find evidence online that enabled Sonny to identify that Margaux's mom had an affair with Joe Scully years before the Internet was invented. That's why they call Spinelli the Jackal.... But seriously -- I can't tell you how many times my friends and I have said, "Thank God there were no cell phones in the 80s," because there are no records of the ridiculous things we did. So, how would Spinelli find evidence of an affair from decades ago? Did some No-Tell Motel scan all their paper receipts from 1980s cheaters when they went digital? This makes no sense.

But that's okay, because now our favorite antiheroes, whom we root for even though they are violent criminals, know the reason Joe Scully made Sonny kill Margaux's dad was because Joe was banging his wife... #SoapLogic

In other soap logic scenarios, we are expected to believe that a very expensive European boarding school can be continually outwitted by a 13-year-old boy and an airline willing to sell him tickets to another continent without any adult consent. But I can set my disbelief aside because I truly love Spencer. I know he is on another show, and we only get to keep him for a short time, but his presence brings me joy.

This is a character I am excited to see over the years, coming back in five years when he is 18 to take back his inheritance and get Wyndemere back from Valentin. This could be a long-term juicy Cassadine rivalry. But ultimately, I want Nikolas Cassadine alive. I know Tyler Christopher is on Days right now, but I can wait until he's ready to come back home.

With Laura back on the canvas, I think Lucky needs to come home to visit. I won't be picky; it can be Jonathan Jackson or Greg Vaughan or Jacob Young (although Jonathan is easily my favorite). But the fact that we never hear from Lucky, that Lulu never hears from her brother, that Lucky never sees Liz's kids to whom he was a father figure -- it just bugs me. Besides, he's a detective, so maybe he can figure out that his mom is living with a serial killer.

As it stands, my money is on Spencer to figure it out; he seems to have an innate BS detector.

Joss has that, too -- because she is not buying the lie that Oscar has moved on with another girl. Here's my prediction: she is going to fake-date Cameron, who already has feelings for her. She will develop feelings for him, too -- and then feel terribly guilty when she discovers that Oscar is dying. The thing she doesn't know is that she is breaking Cameron's heart with all of this, because he likes her likes her, and he doesn't want to pretend to be her boyfriend, he wants to actually be her boyfriend.

Is this trial going to spare Oscar's life? Is Dr. Terry going to be a miracle worker? Or is GH going to actually kill off sweet, sensitive Oscar? I'm hoping for a cure, but GH has a bad track record with killing off kids.

I want Cameron to come clean with Joss if Oscar won't -- I want him to stop lying to Joss and stop participating in Oscar's sham. Sure, it's Oscar's life and up to him who he tells about his illness, but when he involves other people in his lies, he loses my sympathy. At least Cameron could say, "You're right, Joss, Oscar lied. He is not seeing anyone else," without revealing his health issues.

Next up, Oscar's mom. I know I am going to take a lot of heat for this opinion, but I want to go on record and say that I like the Kim and "Charlie" relationship. I have been on team Julexis for a long time, but I'm starting to realize that the writers have no plans to reunite them anytime soon. With that belief in mind, I am allowing myself to enjoy Kim and Charlie scenes and embrace the uncomplicated dynamic they have together.

One couple I cannot give up on and I root for daily is Valentin and Nina. I think we made some progress this week when Maxie overheard Valentin's conversation with Sasha and realized how deeply he loves Nina. I think Maxie might even put in a good word for him with her beloved sister-in-law. I saw her eyes soften the more she listened to him. Maxie is a giver of grace and forgiveness in her own life, so perhaps she will convince Nina to do the same.

Side note: my husband, who pretends he doesn't watch GH, said, "I think Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) did the best acting I have ever seen him do on the show in that scene. I totally believed every word he said. It was second best next to the scene he had with his baby (a.k.a. Charlotte) when they were going to run away to Canada." (But remember, he doesn't watch GH and would vehemently deny it if someone accused him of being a fan.)

I am not quite sure of Sasha yet. That all came so easily. Is she really Nina's daughter? Was the DNA test doctored by Obrecht or Brad or someone else with a vested interest in the outcome? Is Nina's mom actually dead, or is she using Sasha to try to gain Nina's fortune for herself? Maybe it's as easy as it seems, but since this is General Hospital, I am always suspicious of things that come too easily.

As I mentioned in my last column, something that has not come easily is the grand reunion of Sam and Jason. And they are dragging it out even more and saying they "aren't ready" to reunite. You're killin' me, Smalls.

Maybe Maxie will kiss Peter before Sam and Jason kiss again. If she is thinking she might want to kiss him, she better hurry up before Lulu kisses him first.

Lulu is lonely with Dante off saving the world, and her excuse for the film fest date of "We're just friends. This was just a work thing," didn't ring true. If Dante saw that Invader photo, you'd think he'd be on the next plane home. But, since Dominic Zamprogna doesn't seem to be coming back to GH anytime soon, the writers are going to have to figure out their next move. Kill Dante off off-screen? Recast him with someone new? Have him disappear and Lulu assumes he's dead and remarries only to find he's alive five years from now? Who knows which soapy path the writers will take, but they can't leave Lulu in limbo forever.

Readers, do you love the outdoor park scenes as much as I do? From time to time, everyone in Port Charles is cutting through the park, and I always enjoy the outdoor scenery. I remember the glory days of soaps in the 80s, when they had location shoots from time to time. The Bold and the Beautiful still does those occasionally, and they help with the daydreaming. I applaud GH for going outside the studio and shining some sunlight into the lives of Port Charles residents.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Willow tell Liz and Franco that Aiden is being bullied by enemies of Princess Calinda? Will Ryan ask Ava out for Halloween and dress as The Phantom of the Opera to her Christine? Will Kiki and Griffin have to bundle up under the blankets when the first fall snow hits New York and their heaters don't work? Will Peter and Valentin make up and resume their sweet bromance? Will Nelle turn her crazy eyes on Brad and escape prison to get Wiley/Jonah back before he gets that baby passport?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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