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Did the last five minutes of Friday's GH make you scream in disbelief? You aren't alone! Shocking twists and turns in another heart-pounding GH Sweeps week to discuss in this week's Two Scoops!

Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my GOSH! Readers! The last ten minutes of GH on Friday stunned me! It left me breathless. I actually watched it again. The whole episode. I had all these theories about what might happen, but I never even considered the scenario that actually played out! I love it when they shock me!

I can't decide what I am more worried about or where to begin, but I am going to jump in and start with Franco. He's in a real pickle now! Jordan is the only person who can vouch for him and back up his claims that he only pleaded guilty to help her catch the real killer. (Not like O.J., but really catch the real killer.) But now Jordan has just been run over by the suddenly blind Drew!

Here's the thing... I would never have agreed to pleading guilty to being a serial killer under any circumstances whatsoever, especially if I was not allowed to tell my loved ones about the plan. And readers, let's face it, Jordan doesn't have the best track record of solving crimes. I would not put my entire life in her hands. I understand that Franco was trying to make a selfless choice for the greater good, but look where that got him! He's stuck in Ferncliff, where the real serial killer has a hall pass, and his new cop friend is not going to be checking in on him anytime soon.

My husband, who pretends not to watch GH, thinks Franco will be the one to discover Laura and Kevin locked in the bowels of Ferncliff. That would certainly make for a great escape caper. Said husband's escape idea is that Kevin and Laura should turn off the giant hot water heater behind them in the psych hospital dungeon, and when the hospital patients get tired of showering in cold water, a nice plumber will find them. I just wish Laura would channel her younger self and try picking the lock like Luke taught her.

But I digress. Franco is stuck in Ferncliff, and I think they put him in Carly's old room. But remember just yesterday (in soap time) when the real Kevin was in a hospital room with nurses checking on him daily? Won't those nurses be startled to discover that his room is empty and have the hospital locked down to find their missing patient?

Readers, there are so many things to worry about right now. We have the angry, unlicensed teenage drivers racing off to Niagara Falls in a blizzard, the two blind Quartermaine twins, and Anna who suddenly realized she may not have slept with Faison and had Peter because her evil twin sister's memories were implanted in her brain. We also have Dante lost in Turkey, Sonny inadvisably going off on a reconnaissance mission, Liz trying to explain to her family why she married a confessed serial killer, Ava about to marry a monster, Carly's high-risk pregnancy, and Sam locked in a lighthouse with a crazy cult leader who now knows she was having him followed.

My brain is winded just writing that all down! I have some theories I want to run by you...

Jax is on his way back to Port Charles. Is it because Joss is about to be in a horrible accident? Will he and Carly bond over Joss the way Drew and Kim are bonding over Oscar? If Sonny goes into some danger zone, looking for Dante (as though he's suddenly a superhero), there's a chance he will be caught. That would leave Jax back in Port Charles, tending to Carly and her needs without interference, which frankly, I would really enjoy. Jax was always the much healthier love option for both Carly and Brenda because you know, he's not a mobster. I know ultimately Carly will go back to Sonny, but it would be fun to see Joss's parents together for a hot minute.

In the future, Jax might also be a great love match for Kim when she tires of Julian and Drew. Ingo and Tamara have a little history. I'm glad Ingo is coming back to the canvas. They could match him up with anyone, and I'd be thrilled to watch. Even Nelle. Even Ava after she finds out that Ryan is Ryan. Jax loves to fix damsels in distress. And it would make Sonny and Carly's head explode to see Jax with Ava, so now I am kind of digging that idea.

I keep seeing online polls "Who will take down Ryan?" and all I can tell you is I really want it to be Ava. I want her to go full banshee on him. But do I want him to die? Nah. He's kind of like Heather. It's fun to bring the crazies out from time to time to play with for our amusement. Speaking of Heather, I was thinking she was at Ferncliff, too -- but upon closer inspection, it seems she is wasting away at D'Archam Facility instead, so no chance of her and Franco bonding in the art room over BLT paintings.

Let's move along to Sam and Shiloh. I can't figure out his end game. Is he trying to brainwash Sam? Is he hot for her? Does he want her to become his cult bride? The creepy Dawn of Day abandoned lighthouse is pretty Scooby-Doo-esque. It looks like the kind of place Shaggy and Scooby and the Mystery Mobile would find some old guy dressed up as a ghost.

Shiloh got Sam to go up the winding staircase to tell her his DOD transformation story, which is, if I understand, that he was cold and homeless and woke up to a sunrise in an old lighthouse and knew he should start a cult? During his story, Jason was just a few steps below, ready to pounce if anything went wrong. But the thing that went wrong was Jason suddenly going blind and loudly tumbling down the stairs!

As soon as Dr. Cabot talked to Anna about the virus and Andre's "building on his research," the blindness instantly triggered in both Jason and Drew as if Dr. Cabot had the power to speak it into being. Readers, what do you think Shiloh will do when he realizes that Sam called Jason and that he was listening in on their conversation? Something tells me he's not going to be very forgiving.

Methinks he will brainwash Sam, and by the time Jason comes to, Sam will be a full-fledged member of DOD. Jason's only hope is that Carly saw Sam leaving with Shiloh and knows Jason and Sam are watching Shiloh. Next week's previews show Carly in the hospital, telling Jason about her pregnancy (because even though Jason has gone blind, it still has to be about her), so at least we know he isn't going to die. But why was Carly sitting there next to him instead of Sam? Probably creepy cult stuff.

Drew also went blind, and it happened as he was behind the wheel of a car, and he plowed right into Jordan. Poor T.J. is probably sitting at some restaurant somewhere, waiting for his mom to show up and ordering more breadsticks.

There is a rumor that Oscar won't die from cancer, but in a car crash with his friends. Is this that moment? Is Oscar going to die on the way to Niagara Falls? I've rolled this around in my mind, and I'm trying to think like a writer instead of a fan. Storywise, it could be good because it shows the sad fact that life is unpredictable and that while you're afraid of dying of cancer, you get hit by a train instead. Its overarching message would be "Live each day to the fullest because you don't know how many you have."

As a fan, I hate to see Oscar die before he and Drew get to make their trip, before he and Joss get to check off all the items on their calendar, before they find some cure to whatever ails him. But if the rumors are true, I'll accept it and ride the tidal wave of stories it would bring.

For instance, if Oscar dies, will Drew use that flash drive of memories that Marguax gave him? Maybe he will be in so much pain over Oscar's demise that he wants to forget him to stop the pain? I don't know, just speculation here, but I think that would be a good catalyst to getting Drew's old life back and finding out the truth about Shiloh. Since Shiloh really, really, really doesn't want Drew to use that flash drive, I think Drew might have a very different version of their relationship.

Which leads me to this question: could Shiloh be a person connected to Drew and Jason's brainwashing? Or is that person Valentin? If Valentin faked Sasha's DNA test and helped fake Anna's false memories of being Peter's mother? Yikes. He's never getting Nina back, and he'll be in jail with Franco. Nina wants Sasha to stay in town for the wedding, but will there even be a wedding? This seems destined to be another GH Nuptials-Interruptus.

Dante is coming back on canvas, but for how long? I hope it's for an extended stint, but rumors say it's just for a short time and that he may not live to get back to the WSB. I hope those rumors are wrong. Lulu, who was completely adamant that Franco was her attacker, is now having doubts about her memories, because his confession didn't feel right to her. And rightly so. When Laura didn't show up because of "mayor business," I was screaming at my TV, "C'mon, Lulu, what 'mayor business' would keep your mom from being in court with you a week after you were stabbed?"

It's driving me mad that Franco, who has worked so hard to get his life back, is being blamed. It's going to be a sweet day when Franco is cleared of all charges and he and Liz can have their "post-serial-killer-suspicion" honeymoon.

Readers, I desperately need a friend like Terry. Don't you? Man, did she ever call it -- Liz wasn't sad; she was angry and needed to scream. When she screamed, I thought, "Damn, I need to do that." I realized I am also angry instead of sad. Cassandra James is a tremendous addition to the cast, Liz has needed a true girlfriend for a really long time. I loved when Terry said to her, "I don't know Franco well enough to have faith in him, but I have faith in you." What a sweet friendship.

I want to keep Robert Scorpio forever. I don't want him going back to the WSB. I want him to take over the PCPD from Jordan and just do a lot of talking in that sweet, sexy accent of his. Maybe he and Jax can talk together a lot. I have my Siri voice set to "Male Australian." I am unashamed.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Ryan have more serial killer fun with hijinks like making people think his letter opener is a killing knife? Will Ava pick out a red wedding dress and live out the poetic warning "married in red, you'll wish yourself dead"? Will Alexis find out her new shrink is a DOD plant and end up in the cult with Sam and Kristina? Will someone please tell Willow that her baby died so she stops drooling over Wiley and can rightfully go to grief support?

What is the major incident Spinelli found out about DOD in Beechers Corner? Did Shiloh and Harmony masquerade as Lloyd and Lucy? Will the kids make it to Niagara Falls and get to ride the (probably frozen) Maid of the Mist before they crash Oscar's new car? Will we ever find out where the hell Griffin is?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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