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Jason chokes Shiloh and Dante shoots Lulu
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Dante came and went. Griffin went and may not be back. Ryan is suspected of heavy breathing but might be dead. Ava is drunk and likely to stay that way. Oscar's time is ticking away. What a sad and disturbing week on GH. Let's discuss in Two Scoops.

When I see Shiloh, I'm reminded of an old song by Aimee Mann:

"When you're a charmer
People respond
They can't see the hidden agenda
You got going on..."

Shiloh is charismatic and has a virtual harem of young ladies swarming around, waiting to do his bidding. Daisy, Kristina, Harmony, (formerly) Willow, soon to be Sam, and God knows how many others.

"Soon to be Sam?" you ask. Yeah. She's probably going to be brainwashed just like all the others. When Jason got arrested, I thought, "Oh, no, Sam lost her protector. She's going to have a creepy tattoo by week's end." But thankfully, Shiloh dropped the charges.

I predict that we are building up to a murder mystery, and the list of people who want Shiloh dead continues to grow. I don't want to be right, though, because he's such a fun character to hate that it will be sad to lose him. Maybe evil Shiloh has a good twin that can come back and go blind for a few days.

There is a broader discussion to be had here -- can bad people do good things? Sure. Shiloh's "Dawn of Day" group apparently does community service, helps people in need, and has the appearance of a charity, but, in fact, he is a creep who controls and manipulates his followers into giving him large amounts of cash and possibly sex. And bad tattoos. And boring seminars.

Let's make a list... Chase, Jason, Sonny, Alexis, Molly, Willow, Sam, Michael, Daisy, Kristina, Brad, and Harmony could all potentially be suspects in his murder should he come to an untimely end. Did I forget anyone? All of those people have a motive. That's a very long suspect list, so Jordan better get a new kidney before she has to investigate all of those people.

Bets are open, who will give Jordan a kidney? Some folks (like me) think it's going to be Aunt Stella, but I heard another theory that Cameron's friend Trina will end up in a situation where she ends up being Jordan's donor. I hope that doesn't mean they're going to kill her off.

So, readers, what say you? Is Oscar going to die in a few weeks, or is Shiloh going to "heal" him as he hinted to Kim that he could try to do? I think he will try to bilk money from Kim to "heal" Oscar and that Jason will throat slam him into another wall.

I'm embarrassed at how much I enjoyed watching Jason choke out Shiloh. Forgive me, oh, Lord.

You know who else needs forgiveness? Valentin. Did Dr. Obrecht get to the DNA test before Maxie and Peter did? I can't decide if Valentin's lies will catch up to him or if he got an extension. Or, wouldn't it be cool if Sasha really was Nina's daughter, and he faked the DNA test for nothing? They do look an awful lot alike. I doubt it will be that simple, but until Monday, I am pretending that it's possible.

I also wish it were possible for Dante to stay in town since we just got him home. It's kind of a letdown that he is leaving again as soon as he got back in town -- a turnaround of less than a week.

It was great to see his scenes with Lulu, Sonny, Carly, Olivia, Anna, and especially with Mike. Dante and Mike were having that moment of mutual understanding of the pain of not being in control of their own minds. Those scenes were poignant and heartbreaking, etc.-- but he's out again before he even had a chance to unpack his bags. He barely got time to recognize the face of the SORAS'd Rocco. And I disliked watching him dream-shoot Lulu.

Why is he leaving? Are they going to kill him off, and he got that line in about how Lulu should move on with her life? Is he going to come back like Jason Morgan and want to quit the PCPD and work for the mob and be called Dante Corinthos? Is he going to fade into the WSB vortex like Frisco Jones and never return? So many questions. I really like Dominic Zamprogna and seeing him this week reminded me just how much I've missed his presence.

I thought this visit was supposed to give us closure after his last abrupt departure, but I'm still left wanting more. I understand after his two near misses with violence, the muttering of his brainwashing catchphrase under his breath, the dream about stabbing his wife, and the butter knife incident at the Metro Court that he felt he had to go. But I am sad about it. Both for Lulu and for me.

I've been wondering if Lulu may be about to get some incredible moral support. Since Tyler Christopher is not at Days of our Lives right now, maybe it means Nikolas will finally be resurrected and come home to take Wyndemere away from Valentin? A summer with Spencer and Nikolas battling Valentin and Charlotte would be highly watchable.

Besides, both Laura and Lulu need some of the menfolk in their family -- any of the big three, Lucky, Luke, and/or Nikolas -- to show up after they were both nearly killed by a psychopath! Sure, Laura has Kevin...sort of. It looks like he might be headed off to Pentonville for the time being.

When Ava saw him being carted off, it seemed to me like she possibly felt a little sympathy for him. Is it possible Ava will fall for the brother of the serial killer she fell for previously? She has been drowning her sorrows in vodka, so it's possible she isn't thinking clearly.

Her former flame Fr. Dr. Griffin also wasn't thinking clearly and fled town, but not before beating the bloody hell out of Kevin.

I'm sad to see Matt Cohen go. When Griffin Munro arrived in town, a confused priest/doctor, son of Duke Lavery, I fell in love with him instantly. I understood the internal struggle between faith and doubt, the grief of losing a parent, of feeling adrift in your own life; his angst resonated with me.

Griffin's relationship with Ava moved me. His relationship with Kiki delighted me. His friendship with Anna was downright precious. But now? Poof -- he's gone. The timing is awful because I thought it would have been sheer poetry to let Griffin and Ava find each other again in their grief over Kiki and in their despair of learning Ryan had been posing as Kevin for months. They could have consoled one another and honestly found salvation in each other -- but, nah, he is gone. Ugh. I hate the transient nature of soaps sometimes.

Speaking of which, Brytni Sarpi is now over at The Young and the Restless as a doctor, while GH has recast the role of Valerie. I'm not sure what her first airdate is or how she will arrive on the scene, but I look forward to it. Before old Valerie left, she was very concerned with Kristina's obsession with Dawn of Day. Does Valerie feel more for Kristina than she is willing to admit? It will be fun to see if new Valerie blazes into town as fiery and fierce as Brytni's Val.

In some news of "Comings" rather than "Goings," Denise Alexander will arrive back in Port Charles soon as Laura's mother, Leslie. I watched GH when she was one of the main characters, so it's always a treat for us longtime viewers to see her. Like someday when Laura Wright is 79 years old, and they bring Carly back on for a while. Trust me, you will be giddy about it. GH will be airing a 56th anniversary special episode, and I always love the flashback episodes because I grew up on GH, and it reminds me of my happy family days, watching GH with my Mama. Oh, how I miss her!

Also coming home soon is Jasper Jacks, hopefully in time to help mend Josslyn's broken heart. No, scratch that. I hope he gets back before Oscar dies because I'd like Jax to know the boy his daughter loves. He'd want that, don't you think? I hope he's actually going to stick around for a while and not just drop by for two weeks. Give him a real storyline and a love interest, and let him put down roots.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will the small-minded parents of Port Charles ever let poor little Aiden go to any birthday parties? Will Dante and Anna recite their catchphrases on a loop to one another? "Can you hear the waters whispering," "I must complete my mission." Will Drew be far behind if Oscar and Kim move into the Q house with Monica? Will Franco leave a lousy Yelp review about whichever barbershop gave him that haircut?

Will Ned and Laura become bipartisan co-mayors, since Laura is going to be spending a lot of time in court soon? Will we see more of Amy now that Chet took a bartending job at the Floating Rib? Will Anna and Peter ever have a conversation that doesn't end up with one of them crying? Will Sonny take self-help classes at Dawn of Day and learn how to de-mob-ify himself?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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