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Willow's late for court, Sonny has a new cousin, Joss and her friends are sitting around inviting the dead in to the house and Kim wants a baby with anyone who will supply the sperm. Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops.

Well, readers, this should be the last time we see Willow putting things on the blackboard in her (almost always) empty classroom. It's the last day of school. Willow's students must be on permanent recess. They must not have the sort of security at her school that they do at my grandkids'. If I got to my grandkids' school to pick them up, even though my name is on the list as an approved person, even though I have photo ID, even though my grandkids are excitedly yelling "Nana!" when they see me, I cannot get in the door of that school.

But at Willow's school, Michael can walk in at will, wander the halls, and enter a classroom. Has he been background checked or live scanned? Doubt it. At least Chase is a cop, and you can say, "He flashed his badge at the security guard." But Shiloh, Harmony, and other visitors who are not parents and don't have kids in the school are always freely wandering the halls.

Okay, now that I got that rant about Willow off my wait. There's more. Some of you have been asking how me Willow is paying for Diane Miller on her school teacher salary. I do not know. Did Michael or Sonny offer to pay? If so, I missed it.

But then she's late for court to save her child, who she has done nothing but fret about for months, because her students have a present for her. STOP IT NOW. Why would she even go to work on this uber important court date? It was her last day, anyway, right? Oh, Willow, you perplex me. But let me go on the record and say I love Katelyn MacMullen as Willow. She is doing an amazing job of playing a woman who is vulnerable and wounded but also strong and brave -- and willing to take on a crazy cult leader to protect her child. I like her with Chase, and I also like her with Michael. Sometimes I want to shake Willow, but that's a tribute to Katelyn's work.

Willow also feels responsible for her dad's death, but I'm not convinced he is dead. Some of you have suggested he might be Alexis' shrink Neil, but remember that she saw Neil at Kristina's intervention. Unless Neil had some face-altering plastic surgery like Drew, she would have known it was him. Willow believes her father died of a drug overdose, but let's remember Shiloh loves to drug people. Chances are, he gave Willow's dad the date rape drug, let her think he was dead, and then shipped him off somewhere. Is he someone we know? Maybe he's Finn and Chase's dad, and they accidentally have a whole Luke and Leia thing going on.

But the person I am most angry with in this entire storyline is Brad. Brad! Just tell the damned truth already! If Brad would man up and confess that Willow's baby died the night he was adopted, this would all be over. Shiloh could go back to leading his cult. Harmony could rot in prison for Shiloh's crimes. Willow could find a new teaching job, maybe homeschooling Jake (where was he yesterday, by the way?) and Aiden.

But instead, Brad is sneaking into the suddenly coed section of Pentonville to see Nelle and keep the lies going. Bad Brad!

I keep thinking that someone is going to murder Shiloh, but then again, the best villains never die, and he's a pretty great villain. I say send him to prison to get Ryan and Nelle in his cult and have him show up in five years, claiming to be redeemed.

He's already threatening Alexis and reminding her that he knows about her secret from Kristina's pledge. Will this be the thing that makes Alexis have to turn to Julian for help? I heard him swear to Kim this week that he was never going back to the mob, but would he to save Alexis? I hope not, because I like him as a good guy. Julian can make Ava do something shady to help Alexis; Ava doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.

Across town, Josslyn googled séance and got her friends together to try to contact Oscar. In my day, we didn't have to google it (because we didn't have computers). Instead, we had Ouija Board commercials.

The kids had a good time reminiscing about Oscar and thought they'd contacted him, but instead, it was just our friend from Turkey, Dev, rustling around in the bushes. (Or Sonny's new cousin Devin if you prefer...)

First off, how did this unaccompanied minor from Turkey get past TSA? Seriously, I am an AARP member-type grandma, and I got patted down the last time I flew. To the point where I felt violated. When they were done, I wanted to post #metoo because they full-on groped me the way Trump talked about on the Access Hollywood tape. And they weren't even famous.

At any rate, what does Dev being in Port Charles mean? It means Cameron is going to get snaked again. He's been crushing on Josslyn for so long. He had that brief moment when Oscar dumped Joss and was pretending to date Cam. It seemed like they connected. But as soon as Dev walked in and I saw Joss staring at him, I thought, "Uh-oh. Poor Cam is going to get bumped again."

Readers, I felt for Robert this week. Cut by the WSB for someone younger and cheaper. I know how much that hurts because my family has been impacted by such a layoff, too. They never tell you it's because you're too old, but in your heart, you know that's why and that a month from now, a 20-year-old will be doing your job. Hats off the best WSB agent ever. Enjoy your retirement, Robert. But we know he won't. He'll be into some new adventure soon because he's built for action. Maybe now that Mac is police commissioner again, he can hire Robert as a consultant, and the PCPD can finally solve one crime.

Mac is there because Jordan is still out of commission and also awash in a sea of medical debt. That's something I know many families can relate to. Of course, not every average American family has a guy like Drew who offered to pick up the tab. If they did, most of them would say yes to his generous offer, since he's mega rich and wouldn't even feel the 100k. But I'm not going to be too hard on them for turning Drew down because I really want GH to show this storyline and shine a light on the medical debt issue. America needs to figure out its health care system so that people don't go bankrupt when they get sick. Many other countries around the world have it figured out. It's not impossible. So, GH writers, shine a light. Help us have a civil national discussion on an important topic.

On a totally unrelated topic, do you follow the GH actors on social media? If not, you're missing out. This week, Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) posted such a happy photo of him and some other GH actors going to visit Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine) for lunch. And it made my heart glad. And seriously, Stuart Damon is 82 years old, and he still looks like Prince Charming. I'm not exaggerating at all. See for yourself!

Back to the show. Kim is grieving in a fierce way and cannot imagine who she is if she is not a mother. So, since her only child died, she decided the fix would be to have a new baby. Not to replace Oscar, but to give her heart someone to love and to mother -- it's part of her identity that she doesn't want to let go of. First up, Julian, who saw that she wasn't in a good place to be making major life decisions and told her no. But she still has that crazy look in her eyes and called Drew, and we all know she's going to pitch her idea to him, too, and see if he will help her make another baby.

Actually, I'd be okay with that because maybe it would keep Billy Miller at GH. I have heard rumors that he's going to follow his friends Michelle Stafford and Elizabeth Hendrickson back to The Young and the Restless. I hope the rumors aren't true, but if they are, I think Y&R has to give us Jason Thompson back in trade. It's only fair, and GH hardly has any doctors anymore. But realistically, Kim will probably have to get Sonny to knock her up. He's the one in town with magically potent sperm.

Which brings me to NuNina. Cynthia Watros is a fine performer. I loved her on Lost, and I am trying to get used to her as Nina. But I do miss Michelle in that role. Of course, I also watch Y&R, so I am already watching Michelle back as Phyllis. It's funny, Phyllis is such a bad girl, and Nina was such a kind girl, but Michelle can play both with ease. I know Cynthia will be great in the role of Nina, but it's going to take me a minute to adjust.

Recasts are always unsettling for me. The one exception to that rule is Carly. I loved Sarah Joy Brown, I loved Tamara Braun, I love Laura Wright, and there was only one Carly recast that I just could not accept in the role. Thankfully, no one else could, either, and she was quickly replaced with Laura, who was (and is) perfect. Now, I can't even imagine anyone else in the role. I'd ask you to give Cynthia some time, too. Don't automatically dismiss her because she isn't Michelle. Okay?

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Faison show up to throw a creepy birthday party for Peter to show him he can do it? Will Jax just randomly show up after years and decide to rejoin the hospital board? (Oh, wait, he did.) Will Lulu realize she almost got killed twice being an investigative reporter and go back to running the Haunted Star? Will anyone in town see Kevin as their shrink, knowing that his brother is a serial killer that he has a soft spot for?

Will Alexis fall off the wagon just once so we can see her and Diane have a girls' night out again? Will anyone tell me how Drew and Kim did the Kilimanjaro trip on a weekend jaunt? Will the rumors be true that Nikolas Cassadine is coming back to town? (Started by Tyler Christopher himself!) Will Shiloh keep scratching open his bloody face wound to get sympathy in court? I swear, it looked better when he was in the hospital than it did Friday.

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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