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Willow and Diane stood for their convictions, and Kim was on a mission, Scotty has a scooter, and Michael helped Jason break out of jail. It's a little lawless in Port Charles right now, so buckle up because things are about to get bumpy.

Wow, what a crazy week. I hardly know where to start. Wait, that's not true. I know exactly where I want to start -- the kangaroo court that passed for a custody hearing.

Judge Walters needs to be fired -- and possibly thrown in jail for questionable ethics because I'm pretty sure that he abused his power, and he might possibly be a Dawn of Day follower. How else do you explain the absolutely ridiculous ruling that he made by demanding that Willow and Diane turn over all paperwork pertaining to the adoption.

The last time that I checked, a judge's role was to make a ruling based on the evidence that was presented in court, not his assumptions.

At what point did anyone submit evidence that Wiley was in danger? The last time that I checked, no one except Diane and Willow even knew where the baby was much less whether he was in danger or not. Is Judge Walters saying that because Wiley isn't with his birth father, he's somehow at risk?

Also, I find it downright slanderous of Judge Walters to suggest that an officer of the court -- which is exactly what Diane is -- would put a child in harm's way to protect a client's privacy. It's beyond insulting; it's libelous. Judge Walters has nothing to base this accusation on because we the viewers know exactly where Wiley is, and that he's safe and being well cared for. He's not in any kind of danger except from the sexual predator sitting across from Judge Walters. Nothing that I've seen of the court hearing justified the judge flagrantly violating Willow's HIPAA rights the way that he did.

I loved that Willow stood up for her convictions, but her impassioned speech seemed a little over the top. After all, Willow was late for court because she couldn't find her voice to tell everyone that she had an important hearing to get to at the courthouse. Plus, if you are going to lose your mind in court, you should make it count and throw accusations out like, "You rapist! You drugged me, and you targeted me when I was a minor!" Things that would force the judge think twice and create a nice little court record to establish that the judge had gone rogue despite being warned that Shiloh was a sexual deviant and a sociopath.

I'm curious why Shiloh's arrest record wasn't admitted as evidence. And I'm still waiting to hear how Harmony's confession to drugging the tea absolved Shiloh of sexual assault and kidnapping. These things must be addressed because this is exactly one of the reasons that the police department looks completely inept, and why I think it's time for Jordan to move on once she recovers. But more on that later.

Back at court, Shiloh's attorney, Zahra Amir (Maysoon Zayid) was having none of Shiloh's fortune cookie philosophy and histrionics. She easily saw through Shank's schtick, and she warned him that his evil slime ball ways were leeching through, so he better work on his impersonation of a decent human being. Sadly, Zahra loses a few points because she's representing the enemy, and she's okay with using unethical tactics, since she had to have known that Shiloh did not get access to Willow's medical records ethically.

Oh, and why is the woman at Mercy Hospital who violated Willow's rights not being hauled into jail?

Alas, the sneaking, lying, and courtroom drama was completely unnecessary. It turns out that Shiloh just needed to pay Kim a visit to get all the information that he needed.

Kim heard about Josslyn's sťance and the ripple in the water that signaled that Oscar was near, and in her altitude-scrambled brain, it occurred to her that she can be reunited with her beloved son if she has another baby with Drew. It doesn't make a lick of sense, but Kim is waaay past the point of rational thought. She's wandering around her tiny apartment, hearing babies crying and seeing creepy visions of her son.

I love Drew, but what in the world was he thinking when he left Kim alone after she pretty much laid all her crazy out there for him to see in all its twisted glory? The poor woman was shaking, pacing, weeping, and talking pure lunacy, then -- when she didn't get her way -- she shut down and demanded to be left alone. Newsflash, buddy, that's the last thing that she needed. That is usually when people do stupid things like give in to their depression or call up cult leaders for guidance.

Thankfully, Kim's crazy had its limits, and sleeping with Shank was not on the table. When Kim clarified that she needed Drew's seed to complete her mission, I was so relieved that I could have kissed Kim. I never want to see Shank shirtless again, and I definitely do not want to see him be intimate with anyone. I was so happy the writers didn't go there that it took me a minute to realize that Kim was unwittingly spilling all kinds of revealing secrets that practically spelled out that Lucas and Brad adopted Shiloh's baby.

Naturally, Kim remembers everything about the issues that Lucas and Brad are facing, except the most important part -- baby daddy is a cult leader. How did no one mention that part to Kim while they were sharing all the other revealing details? It seems to me that a person might want to lead with that when they're explaining why someone is unfit to be a father.

Alas, Julian -- the bonehead -- did not, so when Shiloh parked himself in Charlie's Pub to ponder all those wonderful tantalizing clues that Kim gave him, the echoes of Brad and Lucas' warnings still ringing hot in his ears, Shank was able to set aside his delusions of grandeur long enough to piece everything together. Now, Shiloh knows the truth, so I'm sure that by next week, he will be seeking Wiley out. My skin crawls just thinking about it.

Of course, Wiley isn't really Shiloh's son. That child is dead, but only Brad knows that. Well, Brad, Nelle, and Liesl. Liesl is the wild card here, but I don't see her being moved to fess up, and Nelle has her reasons to see Wiley with anyone except Michael. That means that it's all up to Brad, and I don't see him coming clean unless someone confronts him with the truth. So, what happens when a DNA test reveals that Shiloh is not Wiley's father? Will all the parties assume that someone tampered with the test like is often the case in Port Charles?

I don't think so, because the truth needs to come out. There's no reason to for Lucas to remain saddled to a lying weasel like Brad, and Michael deserves to be a part of his son's life. I hate that Nelle is prevailing as long as Jonah and Michael are apart.

As for Kim, I'm happy that Julian returned. That image of Oscar standing in the living room and crying like a baby was unsettling. Kim needs TLC -- and some therapy. I get why losing Oscar has hit her hard. He was her whole world, and now he's suddenly gone. I couldn't imagine being in those shoes. I wouldn't want to.

That brings me to Carly and Sonny.

This week, Carly had an ultrasound, and it did not go well. Dr. Navarro went from smiling to running out of the room so fast that I'm surprised there weren't plumes of smoke rising up from her feet. It's a wonder that poor Carly didn't have a panic attack because Dr. Navarro was not the least bit smooth about any of that.

My heart broke for Carly and Sonny. I know that I said that it would be interesting to see them deal with a child who has a disability, but spina bifida? Wow, I did not see that coming, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I do know that Dr. Navarro is right about there being varying degrees of spina bifida and that there are people born with the birth defect that have gone on to lead full and productive lives. People like John Cougar Mellencamp and Hank Williams. However, there's also the other spectrum where the birth defect is severe, and yes, death is a possibility.

I don't want that for Carly and Sonny. As I said when Carly first found out that she was pregnant, I do not want to see them lose a third child, and I certainly have no desire to watch a child suffer, so I want this story to have an uplifting outcome, where the baby undergoes medical procedures and physical therapy growing up. I want Baby Corinthos to be a sign of hope that getting news like this doesn't have to mean the end of the world, that there is help out there, and there can be a good outcome with a challenging prognosis.

I do appreciate the shift that the writers have made this week to show everyday people living with disabilities and illnesses. Not only did Ms. Zayid have cerebral palsy, but Bobbie found out that she has type 2 diabetes, and Epiphany revealed that she did, too. I love that GH is taking the time to teach about the challenges that people face living with these types of struggles, because I believe that through education comes understanding, and through understanding, compassion and empathy.

One of the reasons that I've always been drawn to medical shows is because I'm fascinated by medical science. I'm terrified of needles and all things gory, so it was never a career option, but I enjoy learning about the various treatments and cures. It's why I've always had a fondness for shows like Greys Anatomy and ER, and why I loved watching GH, Quincy, M*A*S*H, and St. Elsewhere with my parents growing up.

I like the storylines about diseases and illness, and I miss the days when there was romance at the hospital. This week gave me hope, though. It definitely felt much more like the General Hospital that I fell in love with all those years ago when doctors and nurses were saving lives and dealing with affairs of the heart. Not to say that I don't like other aspects of the show, but I've missed the medical stuff.

Speaking of the hospital, Jordan found out that crime isn't taking a break while she heals from transplant surgery, so Laura put Mac Scorpio in charge until Jordan gets better. Jordan was having none of that, so she checked out of the hospital then marched herself down to the police station to remind everyone that she, not Mac, is the police commissioner.

Ryan's kidney must be made of kryptonite.

How is Jordan even walking, much less doing it in heels? It took me two weeks to recover from having my wisdom teeth removed, and during that time, I lived in yoga pants and an oversized hoodie, and if I had to put anything on my feet besides thick socks, it was my Sketchers.

I don't blame Jordan for being worried about her job. I'd be concerned, too, if I had her record of solving crimes. I can't remember the last crime that the police were on top of, unless they got assistance from outside sources like Anna, Robert, Sonny, Sam, Jason, or Curtis. They are the real crimefighters of Port Charles, not the police. The only exception is Chase. He seems to have a decent record fighting crime, but as a whole, the Port Charles police are generally a day late and a dollar short. Much like Jordan and Curtis' bank account.

I get that neither Curtis nor Jordan blame Drew for the accident, but I assume that Drew was driving legally, which means that he had car insurance. Also, Drew's mom runs the hospital, so I'm sure there are some family rates that could reduce Jordan's bill significantly. Why is their bill so high?

Also, can someone please explain to me why Curtis had an issue accepting Drew's job offer as head of security for Aurora Media, but he had no problem taking it as a means to spy on Jax for Valentin? Don't get me wrong; I like the idea of Curtis and Drew working together and someone keeping Jax on his toes, but what's the big deal about accepting a job offer from a friend? In fact, I think that Jordan should consider talking to her friend Anna about a job, or she might consider teaming up with Curtis at Aurora Media, since she enjoys working with him. They do make a good team, and I know the perfect person to slide in as police commissioner.

You guessed it: Robert Scorpio. If you didn't guess that, you should have, because Robert needs a job, and Port Charles needs a good crime fighter.

Plus, it will give Robert a reason to stay.

Across town, Mike is busy planning his wedding to Yvonne. They are picking out flowers and witnesses, and working on their guest list as their special day fast approaches. Yet, I'm mystified how Yvonne remembers Sonny, Carly, Mike, and pretty much everyone else except Marcus. Poor Marcus. That's got to sting.

I adore Mike, so I have no problem with him sticking around, but the writers need to address the advanced Alzheimer's that Mike is supposed to have because it sure seems like he's in some kind of remission, which is not possible with Alzheimer's. Perhaps Mike and Yvonne can get some kind of miracle when Drew pays Andre a visit with the flash drive. That's not a spoiler; it's an educated guess.

It didn't escape my notice that Kim mentioned that flash drive to Shiloh. Nor did I miss the way that Shank's soulless eyes got all squinty when Kim vomited up that little nugget of info, so I'm certain that he's going to be on the hunt for it. There was a reason that the writers made Shank a part of Drew's past and that flash drive keeps cropping up. I think it's a good time for Drew to explore his past.

Billy Miller needs a good storyline, and this one has been begging to be told since the writers first dangled the possibility of Drew's memories being restored. I want the real Drew Caine to please stand up -- and kick Shank's ass.

I know it was a totally ludicrous premise, but I really enjoyed Michael and Jason's jailbreak in Beechers Corners. Michael was a riot playing a drunk, and he even made bad cop Billy Price smile. We need more scenes like that -- and definitely more romance for Michael.

I can't blame Sasha for wanting to stay in Port Charles. Michael is the whole package; handsome, rich, charming, genuinely caring, sweet, and loyal to the end.

Unfortunately for Sasha, Michael can't seem to stay away from Willow , and while Willow seems perfectly happy with Chase, I can't help but notice that she's not exactly immune to Michael, either. At least, it seems that way because she always ends up in his arms and crying on his shoulder. I realize that it's because Michael happens to be there when things go sideways, but I doubt that she would let Valentin comfort her if he happened to be on hand during one of those moments.

I think Willow leans on Michael and confides to him because she's drawn to him. I can't blame Willow, but I think that both Michael and Willow are headed down a treacherous path because I sometimes get the feeling that Chase has the capacity to snap and go dark. Very dark. I've always felt that way because of his history with Nelle. There was a time that he took things too far for her, and it cost him his job and nearly his life. How would Chase react if the woman that he idolized betrayed him with a friend? Would he once again cross that line?

Then, there's Sasha. I like her, too, and while I can't see her doing anything extreme, I can't say the same for Nina. Until Nina learns the truth about Sasha, which doesn't appear to be anytime soon, Nina is going to remain in full-fledged Mama Bear mode, and Nina already despises Willow.

For the record, I still think that Willow is Nina's long-lost daughter, and my eyes always stray to Willow's neck in every scene to see if she's wearing the necklace; the one with the half-heart pendant. The nastier that Nina is to Willow, the more that I hope to find that necklace around Willow's slender neck. I hate seeing women treat each other the way that Nina treats many of the women in her life, especially Willow. That's not cool, and she needs to learn a lesson. Who better to teach Nina that lesson than her own daughter, the woman whose teaching credentials Nina had once questioned? Now, that would be ironic.

Random observations

I wonder if Bobbie will hunt down Sam, and slap her the way that Bobbie did Julian? Julian didn't act alone, yet everyone acts as if he did.

What is with Dev's behavior? It's not the least bit appealing. Not only is barging in on your hosts while they visit with a parent rude but stealing phones from their kid is a bit ungrateful, not funny. I get it -- Dev is a bad boy, and he's crushing on Josslyn, but he's acting more like a tool rather than cool. Cameron has so much more game than Dev.

If you're wondering why Scotty has a scooter, it's because Kin Shriner recently had foot surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery, good sir!

Reader feedback

I was impressed with last year's MeToo Movement storyline and less than a year later, a sexual assault victim sets herself up to be assaulted, WILLINGLY. I have no sympathy for Sam since that was what she wanted. Technology can fail. Jason may not have saved her in time. Kristina was out of the Cult. Sam still insisted that this was a good idea. I never liked her, but after this, I have no respect for her. -- Meghan Patricia

Curtis made a ton of money working with Valentin. Is there a secret gambling problem or a black hole created in his bank account? -- Stacib23

Why did they have to wait until they wrote Margaux out to give her some decent lines and let her shine? At least, as a criminal defense attorney somewhere, they could bring her back some day to defend one of our many criminals. -- Kim LaSota

Even though I'm sure everyone, including Liz Masters, expects this pairing to result in the worst case scenario -- Harmony learning the TRUTH about NotWylie -- I think just the opposite might happen. What if Nelle convinces Harmony to stand up for herself, and recant her confession, instead of being Shank's doormat? Let's not underestimate just how persuasive our little JaNelle can be. -- Scrimmage

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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