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Bombshell secrets exploded in Port Charles this week while others stayed hidden. Someone is lurking around Ava, one hairdresser in Port Charles is getting good word of mouth, and Finn's a daddy. Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear readers, it was a week for mystery gifts in Port Charles.

I know Spencer Cassadine is a savvy young man, but who let him buy booze? Isn't he still just 15? I smell a SORAS coming. Valentin referenced him as a "young adult" and Spencer bought celebratory liquor for Nina, so it makes me worry that he might be someone other than our beloved Nicholas J Bechtel when he shows up. I pray I am wrong. But hey, drinking laws are different in France, so maybe he is allowed to buy Champagne there.

Next up, Brad got a romantic bouquet of flowers. Or at least that's what others said. I don't really know romance flowers from thank you flowers or graduation flowers. They're all pretty, and I'm always glad when I get them.

But who sent them? I suspected Nelle, but are people in prison allowed to call FTD and order bouquets? I think not. I did see a movie once where people in prison were manning a travel hotline for Tennessee even though they had never been there. Maybe Nelle works part-time in the prison laundry and part-time as a CSR for FTD or 1-800-Flowers.

My guess is Obrecht or someone else that knows his secret. We are coming up on November sweeps, so hopefully all the secrets will come tumbling out at once.

The best secret that was revealed this week was a beautiful young lady named Violet Finn. The lovely actress who is playing her is named Jophielle Love, which is a delightful name. Oh, isn't she beautiful? Are you as happy as I am that this secret is finally out and that we can stop pretending Honeybun is a Schnauzer?

Anna is still gone, and Hayden and Finn are bonding over their daughter. Will this be the end of Finn and Anna? I hope so. I prefer him with Hayden. But Violet is sick, so first we have to get her healthy. Does she have the same illness as Sasha? Is Cassandra out drugging other people's orange juice at the hotel breakfast bar? Who knows? But I know Finn will find a cure. He may have to inject himself with that potion he used to be addicted to. He might have to start bouncing ideas off of Roxy the bearded dragon, but he will cure that baby.

You know who would be happy if Anna and Finn broke up? Robert Scorpio. He is willing to trade a life of spying adventures to become a small-town D.A., and I can only assume it has to do with his eternal love for Anna. I know they broke up ages ago, but that doesn't mean they can't rekindle what was once a scorching hot romance.

I really like the budding friendship between Ava and Laura. They seem an unlikely match in some ways, but in other ways, they have a lot in common. Laura is the new Lila. Anyone in town, regardless of their reputation or crimes, could find kindness, gentleness, and grace with Lila Quartermaine. Laura is stepping into that role in Port Charles, except for Valentin, who she believed killed her son. Both women were victims of Ryan's. Both women have felt the pain of losing a child.

In fact, Laura thought Lucky burned up in a fire. (He didn't) She thought Valentin killed Nikolas and has grieved him for years now. (It appears that we will find out soon if that is what actually happened.) I appreciate kindness anywhere I see it in the world, even in fictional soap characters. Laura called Julian for backup to help Ava, and it made me happy. I am going through a very challenging season in my own life, and I could use a friend like Laura right now.

But, one bone to pick with Laura: she never seems to be doing any actual mayor-ing; she's too busy working on side investigations -- to be specific, the secrets in Helena's painting about where Mikkos hid the codicil to his will. In case you have no idea who Mikkos is, watch this very ridiculous and campy scene from 1981. It is so awesome -- if you do nothing else this weekend, watch this. Did you know that GH had a 14.0 rating that season? According to the Nielson Ratings page, 1 rating point is currently equal to 1.15 million homes. The "equals" number has changed over the years, but 14 ratings points means that somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 million homes were watching GH that season. And with scenes like the video I shared, is it any wonder?

Readers, the trial to determine Dranco's sanity and competence began and ended this week. I have questions...

Where did Martin Grey get Drew's old uniforms and medals? I mean, the actual biological Drew, the military man who earned them, just died -- wouldn't they be saving those for his funeral? Isn't it some sort of military crime to impersonate a soldier? If not, why doesn't anyone just go buy a uniform and fake medals and go waltzing into the Naval base?

I live in San Diego, an actual military town, and they recently screened the movie Top Gun on the Midway Museum which is on an old aircraft carrier. The audience was packed with actual troops. When Goose and Maverick get stationed in San Diego Miramar, the crowd went wild with cheers. A fun night to sit under the stars and watch a Navy movie on a Navy ship with the Navy. It made me feel very patriotic.

But I digress...there was a Tom Cruise look-alike on hand, and you could get a photo with him. Even that dude who was being paid to impersonate a movie star Naval Aviator was not wearing a real uniform.

This hearing was full of shocks and surprises. All the dirt of Liz and Kim came out -- Liz kept real Drew, who she thought was Jason, from knowing who he was. Kim tried to date rate real Drew and drugged him.

But what happened next shocked me. When she came off the stand, Dranco gave her a warm embrace. So... apparently Dranco was okay with Kim trying to date rape old Drew?

My husband, who pretends he doesn't watch GH and would never ever admit to being a soap fan, insisted that I put this in. He was very distressed that Scotty wasn't asking the question he felt would have sealed the deal... He thought Scotty should have asked Kim on the stand, "So, you tried to drug Drew to have a baby -- can you show me the Drew you drugged? Point to him. Do you see him in this room?"

While Franco had a lot of fans who testified to his heroism and goodness, the shock of the day was Kevin, who we assumed would be loyal to his former patient Franco and fight to get him back. Instead, he said Dranco was sane and capable of making his own medical decisions. So, if I got a conk to the head and woke up tomorrow, thinking I was Arianna Grande, and started wearing her outfits (that wouldn't even fit my left thigh) and booking concerts and selling tickets, some shrink would say since I really, really believed I was her, that would be okay? Um, no.

Now, on to the next lunacy -- Ryan. What prison would give a serial killer a roommate? Did Jeffrey Dahmer get a cellmate that he could eat as a tasty morsel when he was feeling snack-ish? Of course not. But Ava has to live in fear because her lunatic serial killer ex-lover is still obsessed with her and has a habit of getting away when he is imprisoned, although it is slightly harder now that he's missing a limb.

When we heard the knock at Ava's door and Julian opened it when they heard Ryan/Kevin's voice, we yelled, "Count his arms!" When the door opened and Kevin held up both hands, we howled.

Who do you think is watching Ava? Who is lurking around her gallery and peering around corners when she is dining out? Some are guessing Nikolas, some are guessing Spencer, but there is definitely someone there. We have Constance Towers, Bryan Craig, and Hayley Erin all free and available to come back to GH. If we want to resurrect any dead characters, it could be any one of them. Thoughts?

Okay, readers, have you noticed that Felicia and Ava now have the exact same haircut? Remember that Ryan has been obsessed with both of them... I'm a little afraid he's going to escape and think he's got Ava and grab Felicia by accident.

One more observation... Dev is scouting around flea markets for paintings to sell and coming home with boxes of candy to sell. What's up? Won't Sonny give him an allowance?

Normally, I would ramble on for many more paragraphs, but I am in the midst of a cross-country move, our moving truck is coming today, and I have to stop and get ready to pack it up.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will we find that the hot rumor is true and that Trina is the love child of Nikolas Cassadine and former Face of Deception Gia Campbell? Will Peter buy Maxie a condo he doesn't really want to cover up his lies? Will Sam's prison roommate be someone totally unexpected like Olivia Jerome? Will Laura tell Sonny that Valentin threatened his nephew Spencer, and if so, how long will it take Sonny to send him on a drive to the Pine Barrons?

Will Dev be able to sell enough candy to buy Oscar's car from Cam, since it's just sitting in a garage somewhere, unused? Will Ava's fainting mean she is pregnant with Ryan's baby? (Timelines don't matter on soaps) Will Nina regret believing Valentin again when Maxie and Lulu prove he knew about Sasha? Will baby Donna be four years old by Christmas and asking Santa for a Blume doll? Will Trina fall in love with the art world and go to art school and rent out Liz's old studio? Will Sam's "safe judge" end up being replaced by a DOD freak or a former enemy of Jason's?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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