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You can tell we are leading up to February sweeps because the town is ablaze in sizzling storylines! Port Charles residents are buzzing about Nikolas being alive! Nelle is Shiloh's widow and has a stake in ELQ! Spencer's on his way home! Taggert is back and already confronting Sonny and ''Anger Boy!'' Brad has a new roommate who puts his future as Wiley's dad in jeopardy! Oh, readers, we have a lot to catch up on in this week's GH Two Scoops!

Dear readers, we have long suspected that Nelle had tied the knot with Shiloh in jail. This week, those suspicions were proven true! In the best GH shock dress since Lucy Coe married Alan Q in that over-the-top, bright red wedding gown, Nelle showed up at Shiloh's memorial in a jet-black widow's gown complete with giant hat and veil to cover her identity until the moment was perfect to unmask herself.

Ever the master manipulator, Nelle parlayed her carefully calculated stab wound from Ryan into early parole. She masterminded the memorial service for her own amusement and to stick it to all the people on her hit list. In case you had any concern that Nelle was actually a grieving widow, she laid that to rest by telling Brook Lynn that she hadn't really wanted to marry that "skeevy" man. I howled.

I know Nelle is a villain on the show, but I love Chloe Lanier, and I am glad she's back. What is a soap without a villain stirring up trouble for the people of Port Charles? Didn't you get a moment of sheer soap glee when she lifted her veil and they showed the shocked reactions of all the people at the memorial? I sure did.

Chad Duell looked physically pained by her presence. He did a magnificent job of showing that sick feeling when you walk into a place and accidentally run into your ex. Except for me. I stay friends with all of mine because I'm nuts like that.

Next up: that awkward ELQ shareholder meeting. Oh, my goodness, when Nelle and Not Tad sauntered in, I laughed again. I was seriously lying in my bed, watching GH, and laughing so loud. I love nothing more on television than campy soap scenes.

So, any lawyers in the house? Can it be true that with the ELQ shares in dispute, Nelle gets a vote? That sounds unlikely to me, but I dropped out of college to join a theatre company, so what do I know? Oscar only had a 5% share, so certainly Nelle can't take over ELQ with her shares if the court swings her way, but she can definitely continue to annoy the Quartermaines and insert herself into Michael's life. I know she wants the money because I have seen her loopy prison vision board, but I think she wants to annoy Michael just as much.

Readers, I am not saying that I want Nelle to win, but let's face it; Wiley (Jonah) is actually her son. Most likely she is going to win. If she convinced a judge to let her out of prison, she can convince another judge to give her at least visitation or partial custody of her own child. I'm so excited for the day they start calling him Jonah again because I am sick of everyone saying "Wiley" fourteen times an episode. If I had made that name my GH drinking game when it first started, I'd have been drunk for months.

This entire storyline is pure fire. You know I watch multiple soaps, and GH is the absolute best of them right now. Soap ratings bug me sometimes because some soaps score higher in the ratings even when they suck, and I know it is out of sheer habit. I'm guilty of the same. I stuck with GH through some really awful and boring storylines. I want to say to the people who love the soap genre but have never watched GH, "Hey! Tune into GH for two weeks! It's so good right now! You have to see!" But they won't. Just like I have never watched Days of our Lives because it seems too hard to jump in and figure out what's going on when you've never watched it.

But I digress. Nelle's presence will impact Carly, Sonny, Michael, Sasha, Willow, Brad, Lucas (if he ever comes out of the coma), Julian, Chase, Jason, Sam, Harmony -- so many people in town will be impacted by the reveal that Wiley is Jonah. Oh, let it come soon. I am so ready. Imagine the day Willow discovers the baby she has been bonding with is not her child at all, but that her actual son is dead. I am ready to cry with her. Imagine the day Lucas wakes up and discovers the lies and manipulations of Brad in stealing Michael's baby. He will be enraged, and I will be enraged with him. Imagine the scene when Michael finds out this boy he has held and cared for and bonded with is actually his own flesh and blood! He will rejoice, and I will rejoice with him. Oh, let it come soon. I am so ready.

Katelynn MacMullen has had some of her best scenes ever this week. I don't write about her enough, I know, but I really must this week. Willow is best when she is fierce, and knowing that a lunatic is in the same home with her child (or the child she believes is hers) has lit a fire under her. She went toe to toe with Nelle with a rage in her eyes, the fierce protectiveness of a mama who would do anything to protect her child.

Josh Swickard as Chase is also in this up to his eyeballs. Not only does he have history with Nelle, but his love for Willow makes him double protective, and he may lose his job over his desire to keep an eye on his psycho ex-girlfriend.

You must admit it's hilarious that Jordan is cautioning Chase about getting too involved in a case he has personal ties to while she is investigating the death of a former co-worker, which she also has personal ties to... What do you think of this storyline? Who is this former coworker of Jordan's, and what plots will this unlock? It can't be about Sonny, since he's adamantly against drugs, so who in Port Charles does this impact? Maybe Cassandra Pierce? Valentin? Who?

Which brings me to my joy -- Taggert is back! I think ReŠl Andrews, Taggert, was Sonny's greatest foil. As a detective with the PCPD, he actually solved a few crimes, and they could use a man like him again. When I heard back in December that he was battling cancer, I was so sad, but seeing he is on his feet and back in Port Charles makes my heart happy. When I heard him call Jason "Anger Boy," I screamed "YES!" at my TV. ReŠl survived cancer. Taggert survived Sonny and Anger Boy. His presence in Port Charles is going to be good. Let's not forget that some of Sonny's deep, dark secrets are still buried in Mike's failing mind, and if Taggert shows up to visit on the right day, he might get a nugget about Sonny's former crimes!

I am trying to figure out where he and Jordan were partners, because I believe she came to town undercover with the WSB? Am I misremembering, or is history being rewritten? I have to admit I don't always pay close attention to her storylines because...Vinessa Antoine.

Meanwhile, across town, the news of Nikolas' resurrection is spreading. I loved the scene with Nikolas and Liz, so tender and true. Rebecca Herbst is a gem, and I saw some chemistry between her and Marcus Coloma. I think Franco will be nervous about that, as well he should be. I mean, let's face it, Liz has a history of sleeping with Nikolas behind her husband's back.

I understand why everyone is mad at our handsome prince, but as he explains his reasoning, we can see that he genuinely believed he had no choice and that the end would justify the means. Do you think it's true that Valentin is Helena's son? I recall her once saying he was the most dangerous Cassadine. Maybe it was because she knew he had her DNA.

As happy as I am to see Nikolas back, and as much as I want him and Spencer to be back at their home in Wyndemere, I feel sorry for Valentin.

Will this experience humble him? Will he go out and seek gainful employment working for Peter (until Peter is busted)? Will he work at becoming the sort of man Nina can fall in love with again? Or will he revert to his evil ways and declare revenge on the entire town? Perhaps for the sake of Charlotte, he will take the high road.

In another fun surprise this week, Spinelli and Georgie showed up to see Maxie and hinted that they might be coming back to stay. As for Ellie, I coudn't care less. She was always a character solely designed to get Spinelli and Maxie to break up for good. She serves no other purpose. I had to focus really hard to even remember what she looked like. Point being that I don't care if we ever see Ellie or if she gets a job in PC or if her plane goes missing on the way here, but I definitely want Spinelli and Georgie back full-time. Maxie and Spinelli are much more fun to watch than Maxie and Peter. His character has devolved to the point of scowling and secret phone calls and looking guilty. There's very little fun and romance in their relationship anymore.

Okay, readers, what is your opinion? What is Gladys' angle? What's she up to? Is she just a lonely lady who wants to latch onto a family and be part of something, or is she trying to get dirt on Sonny to parlay into more hush money? I don't trust her, and Dev is wise to not trust her, either.

I think GH is trying to set up a next generation love triangle like Sonny/Carly/Jax with Dev/Josslyn/Cameron. I can see her spending the next 20 years bouncing between the two of them, can't you?

Sonny is distracted thinking about the experimental treatment Gladys found for Mike. Readers, would you do this if you were Sonny? These kinds of decisions are so hard. After my mother battled cancer for 20 years, the last time it came back, she was 85, and it had spread through most of her body. The doctor told her she could try some experimental treatments, and she declined. People told me I should "make her fight," and I said, "She's been fighting this for 20 years, and she doesn't want to fight anymore." She was of sound mind and decided going through chemo at 85 sounded awful. I loved her more than anything or anyone on this earth. I didn't want her to die. But I didn't want her to be in pain and be miserable for another few months just to appease me, either. I respected her choice.

But in Sonny's case, Mike can't make a choice. He isn't thinking clearly. Is Sonny right or wrong to subject Mike to a treatment that he won't even understand or be able to weigh in on? Is it kind, or is it selfish? Is this Sonny trying to ease his own guilt for the way he treated Mike over the years? Is he really trying to give Mike back his life for a while longer? I would love to hear from you and get your input on this!

I can hardly wait for Monday! Spencer is back! And Ava and her new husband Nikolas are flying to Paris together to tell him that his dad is alive. I am delighted that the powers that be did not SORAS Spencer and that we get to keep Nicholas J Bechtel. Man, I love that kid. But he's not such a kid anymore, is he? I'm excited to see him grow up on GH and for Spencer to be a presence in Port Charles again.

Previews indicate that Ava will be the one to gently break the truth about his father being alive to Spencer. Do you suppose that seeing Ava's tender side with his son will touch Nikolas' heart? Do you think Ava and Nikolas are going to accidentally fall in love? I do, and I hope that they will. They are perfect for one another. Why?

Ava fell for Griffin -- too much of a saint to handle her sinner. Ryan -- a serial killer! Way too evil. But Nikolas is like her, a little good, a little bad, a balance of saint and sinner. I think they could be very good together. Is anyone else rooting for them? Oooh. Just wait until Ryan gets wind of the fact that Ava has married someone else.

Amanda Setton is a spitfire as Brook Lynn on GH. She can hold her own with Jane Elliott and was magnificent in her scenes sparring with Nelle. Is it possible that Nelle has met her match and found someone as badass as she is? The big reveal this week that "Dusty" is Brook Lynn's ex had to make Lulu crazy, but I like that twist. Knowing he writes lyrics and has a past with Brook Lynn means maybe they will sing a duet at the next Nurses Ball -- assuming her sleazeball manager Linc is out of the way by then. He looks exactly as I pictured him.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will I start caring about Alexis and Neil, or will I keep nodding off during their scenes (#teamjulexis)? Will Maxie get weary of being micromanaged and jump ship to work with Lucy and Sasha at Deception? Will Jason ever stop hating Franco and remember that he, too, had a brain injury once that changed his personality? Will Laura revitalize the waterfront and get rid of all the empty warehouses where the criminals meet to plan their crimes? Will Jason actually run Nelle over with a truck? Will Brad's new roomie Nelle overstay her welcome? Will Cam and Trina end up at the prom together? Will Tony Bennett music ease Mike's anxiety like it does mine?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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