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In life, you're sometimes forced to pick a side. But that's never quite as divisive as picking a side in soapland. Don't believe it? Are you Team Nina or Team Carly? Team Jasam or Team Brittson? Team Cyrus or Team Martin? So many battles to choose from. Grab your armor and one of those sponges on a handle and get ready to gallop into battle in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear readers, I am about to draw a line in the sand. Half of you will hate me, and half of you will raise your fist in the air and yell, "Damn right!"

Team Carly. Yes, I know it's awful that Jax and Carly kept Nina from finding out that Nelle was her daughter. But Nelle was already dead. (Or supposedly dead, which I personally don't believe for a minute, despite the body that was buried.) Carly had every right in the world to doubt and fear Nelle. Consider every awful thing Nelle has done to Carly over the years and tell me that her hesitation to help Nelle wasn't 100% justified!

Does anyone else remember the hellish stay Carly endured with Nurse Ratched in Ferncliff after Nelle said Carly pushed Nelle down the stairs? I do. I would not have gone near a cliff's edge for Nelle, either. In fact, Carly was a better person than I was because I would not have even gotten close enough to the border to see that Nelle was dangling there.

Nina running around town, telling people Carly murdered her daughter, is a bit over the top. She heard Carly's own words, that she "momentarily hesitated" before trying to save Nelle. Then Nelle couldn't hold onto the hand Carly extended. I can understand Nina being upset and having words with Carly. I can appreciate her breaking up with Jax over the lies. But to march into the police commissioner's office and demand Carly be arrested for murder is a little over the top. Nina's best line was to Jax: "You're just a liar with a tan and a smile."

The upside of this storyline is that it appears it may be a catalyst to the long-awaited reunion of Nina and Valentin. Still, I fear it will be tainted with revenge and insanity instead of the pure romantic bliss I crave. Nina asked Valentin to help her make Carly pay. What I want him to do instead is help Nina come back to her senses. Encourage Nina to be a mom to Charlotte, who is alive and needs her, instead of wasting her time avenging a dead daughter. Nelle was a monster.

I agree with Nina that if Nelle had been raised by parents who loved her, she would have turned out differently. I think love matters. I believe who your parents are matters. Have any of you watched the series Firefly Lane on Netflix? Oh, it's so good. If you have, let me just say... "Cloud." If Cloud is your Mom, you're going to be messed up.

But I digress. Back to Nina. The fact that she chose to interrupt Sonny's funeral to cause her crazy scene was unforgivable. She might be furious with Carly, but did she give no thought to Sonny's many children who would be grieving their believed-to-be-dead Daddy? Despicable.

Laura Wright is so spot-on all the time, sometimes I forget to mention it. It's a given. She's fantastic. But I would be a terrible GH columnist if I failed to mention her powerhouse scenes this week. When Carly lamented to Jason about "that thing inside of you that helps you push through" and her inability to find it at the moment, I literally wept through those scenes. Partly because of Laura's raw and vulnerable performance and partly because of this past year of hellishness in the world. I felt those words.

It's been so sad for so long. There seems to be no end in sight. Every single morning, I wake up and try to find that thing that helps me push through. Some days, it is buried so deep, I wonder how to summon it so I can get up, get dressed, go to my office, put on a mask, and have our clients yell at me all day when I ask them to wear a mask in the office. I mean, I'm just. So. Tired. Know what I mean?

Carly's speech resonated with me and maybe some of you, too, for reasons totally unrelated to Sonny's supposed death. Steve Burton also gave an emotional and beautiful performance. Steve and Laura, as Jason and Carly, have such lovely chemistry together. I love watching them in scenes together and watching their friendship. It was just stunning work from both of them.

But the kicker is, Sonny is not dead. Sonny is over at the Tan-O with his sexy silver locks, making friends and enemies like always. You know what I am really looking forward to? The day Sonny remembers who he is and realizes he is rich. He will offer Lenny and Phyllis protection for life for the way they took him in and cared for him, and a massive wad of cash to fix up the Tan-O.

I can't decide if someone in Jersey knows who Sonny is and targets the Tan-O because he is there or if he is doing crazy things and doesn't know he is doing it. I mean, who drives a drunk back to their hotel and never asks their name? It's all a mystery. I hope this grows into a more prominent storyline, as I mentioned in my last column -- will Nina see "Mike" at the Tan-O and keep him hidden from Carly? Suppose she does, and Carly eventually finds out. In that case, Sonny might remember Spencer's old plea for Sonny to get rid of Valentin for him.

Meanwhile, as couples across town try to celebrate Valentine's Day, things go awry. Readers, I am sure Nikolas didn't give Ava a cockroach under glass for Valentine's Day. One name springs to mind: the supposedly comatose Ryan. But how would he break out of the hospital and buy a cockroach and mount it under glass? It makes no sense, but let's see how it plays out.

Next up, Franco. I know this is very shallow, but I love Roger Howarth's hair, and I hope he isn't going to have to shave his head for this cancer storyline. I have loved his hair since he was Todd the rapist in Llanview, PA. The dude just has beautiful locks. Seeing Franco with a wad of hair in his hands made me sad. Even if it was just fake prop hair and not from his own beautiful head.

Cancer is one of Franco's troubles, but not the only one. The townspeople fear him, and his wife's supposedly dead ex is coming back to town. At least my assumption is that Chad Brannon is coming back as Cameron's bio dad, Zander Smith, but who knows? Maybe Zander had a twin. Perhaps he's going to play a whole new character like Sarah Joy Brown, or Tamara Braun, or Tony Geary has done in the past. I'm excited to find out.

Molly and T.J. had planned their commitment ceremony for Valentine's Day, but T.J. volunteered to stay late and help Britt, and he experienced a series of other delays. It may have been the catalyst to get T.J. and his mom talking again. I am glad to see Briana Nicole Henry. Here's hoping for a Monday non-wedding.

The Davis girls have their hands full with their mother's drinking and long road back to recovery. I am anxious for the day when Alexis is back to herself and fighting to get her license renewed and in court slaying people again.

Addiction is an odd thing. I have seen people quit cold turkey and never go back. I have seen people struggle for years, in and out of meetings and rehab, and never quite get a handle on it. I don't know the difference or how two people with the same addiction can have such different struggles. I want Alexis to beat this. I want to watch her succeed.

I have a friend who is easily the most accomplished woman I know. She can do anything that she decides to do. She is stunningly beautiful. She is smart and driven. She is creative and talented. And she's an alcoholic. She sings. She plays an instrument. She handles finances for large companies. She is a freaking pilot. She can do home remodeling -- like she decided one day she wanted hardwood floors, ripped up her floors, watched YouTube videos on floor installation, and did it herself! She's amazing. But she struggles with addiction.

Over the decades I have known her, I have watched in awe as she has built up a life, temporality lost her battle with addiction, and had to start again. I love her so much; she is one of my dearest friends. Right now, she has been sober for years, and I feel like she has finally beaten her addiction. I have so much respect for her. When I see Alexis, I think of her, and I hope Alexis finds that strength inside to finally beat this addiction once and for all.

Now a little discussion of couples or potential couples.

I'll start here: Britt and Jason. I know Sam and Jason's purists are flipping me off right now, but I'm kind of over Sam and Jason. They had a good run. I like the chemistry of Britt and Jason. Britt has not always been the most likable character, but I think she has grown since her last visit to Port Charles. I fear she may have inherited her dad's Huntington's disease, thus the hand tremors. Her willingness to help Jason fight Cyrus will not be forgotten by Jason. If Britt gets sick, Jason will be the loyal friend we know him to be, and he will use all his resources to help her. If Cyrus retaliates against Britt for trying to thwart his drug trials, Jason will defend her. If the two of them had a fling, I wouldn't be mad.

Now to Jason's former better half: Sam. Sam and Dante make total sense. They are both single parents right now, estranged from their former spouses. They have a history together. They know the same people, and they understand each other's world. Maybe they will start out as friends and end up as lovers. I am willing to take this journey with them. Olivia saw them together and gave an approving glance, so there's that. Remember when she used to be psychic? Thank God she isn't anymore.

Now to the fearless foursome: Willow and Sasha both looked stunningly gorgeous for their Valentines' dates. But there are some problems. Willow is spending her date with Chase, gushing over the way Michael keeps giving her extravagant gifts and a gatehouse remodeling.

Sasha really perked up when they went to see Brando in the hospital after Jason shot him in the leg to protect him (mob logic). Sasha seemed way more into Brando than she did Michael.

I thought the couple switch would flip back to where they started, but I am not convinced that's where things are headed after Friday's episode. So, Willow is still into Michael and the lavish Q lifestyle, and Sasha is hot for Brando, who saved her life post-overdose. Sadly, no one is hot for Chase at this moment in time. Who can we pair him up with?

Brad peeked through the slats in his hospital room to see Felix and Lucas going for drinks and assumes it's a date. I like Parry Shen, and I want to see Brad redeemed, but I can't see how. Realistically, it's Brad's involving Julian in his schemes that got Julian killed, so can Lucas ever forgive that? I doubt it. I love the friendship between Britt and Brad, but they bring out the worst impulses in one another. I am not sure how the writers can write Brad out of the hole he is in.

What will happen tomorrow? Will Joss and Trina apply to Stanford to keep the teen trio alive? Will Jackie and Martin go to Vermont and fall in love while on the hunt for his mom? Will someone who wants revenge on Cyrus get scissors and snip off his ponytail where his power lies? (Sunday School kids will get that.) Will Molly's bribe get the clerk of courts to stay late or get Molly arrested? Will Nelle show up at the Tan-O and also have azmnesia? Will Carly and Nina have a hair-pulling fight? It's been so long since I've seen one. Will Bobbie be serving Florence pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup when she is found?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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