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Cyrus was foiled by the new queenpin, Cameron nearly threw his life away, and "Mike" eavesdropped on a revealing shakedown between Elijah and a gunman. Meanwhile, Dante contemplated an offer that Mac made, while Jason and Britt went on the lam. Crime and punishment in Port Charles are front and center in this week's Two Scoops.

General Hospital kicked off with a bang this week when Carly put her plan into motion to get Jason out of the hospital -- and police custody. However, Cyrus had his own nefarious plot brewing when he learned that Britt had made the mistake of assuming Cyrus' plant was sent by someone else.

Cyrus didn't hesitate to instruct his man to kill Britt by making it look like an overdose. It was a stupid plan because no one that has even a passing acquaintance with Britt would believe that she'd inject herself with an overdose. They'd know it was murder, especially her supervillain mother, Liesl Obrecht.

Cyrus needs to spend less time trying to weasel himself into his family's good graces and more time doing homework on the good people of Port Charles that he intends to kill.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Carly's plan to break Jason out of the hospital was in full swing, but Jason realized something was afoul when he saw Britt's car in the parking garage. He threw on his superhero cape then flew to her office to save her.

It was all very exciting, and I was never so happy that my daughter shares her Hulu account with me because it meant that I didn't have to sit through commercials, waiting to see what would happen next.

That turned out to be a good old-fashioned shootout in the parking garage, which Cameron had the misfortune to have a front row seat to.

After Cameron was cleared of firing the shot that hit Jason -- and he learned that Peter, not Jason, had killed Franco -- he went with hat in hand to apologize to Josslyn. I felt so bad for him because he was looking for understanding and forgiveness, but instead, he got a lecture.

Josslyn is proving to be quite the chip off her mother's block. She has a set of rules for herself, and a far more stringent one for those around her. Josslyn can't forgive Cameron for believing that Jason was responsible for murdering Franco because she believes that he should have known better than to believe his mother. She also can't get past the idea that Cameron picked up a gun -- during a shootout, no less -- and pointed it at Jason. He didn't fire the gun, but that means nothing to her. It was an unforgiveable act against St. Jason.

I still remember when Josslyn was so mad at her mother for taking Sonny back and putting them all at risk because of Sonny's lifestyle that Josslyn was ready to move all the way to Australia to make it clear that she wanted nothing to do with Carly and Sonny's toxic relationship and lifestyle. I also recall how Josslyn spiraled after Oscar died and how she said and did things during her period of mourning that she later deeply regretted.

Luckily, Josslyn had friends who not only offered her empathy and understanding, but also forgiveness.

I have a vivid memory of how traumatized Cameron was when Cyrus' gunmen kidnapped him and Trina. It's really a shame that Josslyn doesn't, nor does she seem to recognize that what happened in the garage could also have been the result of some post-traumatic stress from the earlier incident. The poor kid walked into a deadly shootout where bullets were whizzing through the air, and one of the shooters was shot dead at Cameron's feet.

In the same situation, I can't say that I wouldn't have picked up the gun, too, if for no other reason than to defend myself against anyone who might take aim at me.

As we later learned, Cameron saw Britt with Jason, and he believed that she was being abducted by the very man who had killed his stepfather. Yes, Cameron took aim, but what matters is that he did not pull the trigger. Judging a traumatized person in a stressful situation is not fair, nor is expecting that person to exhibit rational and clearheaded thoughts and behavior. Yet that is exactly what Josslyn seemed to expect from Cam.

I'm happy that Cameron was quickly exonerated and that he escaped that awful situation with his life, both during the shootout and later, when he turned the gun on Jordan.

I know that I am pretty tough on Jordan, but I commend her in that situation. She remained calm, she spoke to Cameron in a soothing and gentle tone as a mother would, and -- most importantly -- she took into account the kind of kid that she knew Cameron to be. He's incredibly lucky that it was Jordan who faced him, because another police officer -- who didn't know Cameron -- might not have reacted the same way.

Jordan and her fellow police officers would have been completely justified if they had shot Cameron, and there was a brief, heart-stopping moment when I feared that poor Cam would meet the same fate as his father, but that didn't happen.

I'm so happy that the writers didn't go there. I prefer that only the bad guys meet a violent end, not misguided teenagers.

I really do hope that Josslyn doesn't kick Cameron to the curb simply because he didn't live up to her lofty expectations or take her word over his mother's. However, with the repeated mention of Spencer (the Beetlejuice effect) -- not to mention his sinister Uncle Cyrus' ominous threats -- it seems almost a certainty that Spencer will soon be back in Port Charles.

Could that be the real reason for this little drama between Cameron and Josslyn? The last time Cameron and Spencer locked horns over a girl, a birthday party went up in flames.

Folks, does anyone else find themselves annoyed by the way people treat Chase, or is it just me? He's a grown man with a pretty dangerous job as a police detective, yet they all act like he's a ball of cotton candy caught in a typhoon.

I appreciate that Willow doesn't want to add to Chase's woes by letting him know that she and Michael are in a relationship, but lying to him is not the answer. In fact, it's just going to make things so much worse when the truth comes out -- and it will -- because he will feel like a charity case. I know that some will think that Chase might deserve it, since he essentially did the same when he lied about his relationship with Sasha, but two wrongs don't make a right.

Chase needs to hear the truth, and not just from Michael and Willow.

Finn needs to be honest with Chase about what happened because Chase needs to make informed choices -- not just about his treatment options, but also about how to proceed with Peter. Again, Chase is a police detective, and since he was poisoned, it should be investigated by Chase's very own department, even if it's undercover. If not, then let that be Chase's decision, too.

Honestly, I don't even understand why Anna isn't building a case against Peter. She should be recording her conversations with Peter for when charges are filed and he faces prosecution. Additionally, why are she and Valentin not searching Peter's office or residence for the antidote? They know he has it close, and those are the two most logical places for him to keep it. At least look. What kind of superspies are they that they haven't covered that most basic ground?

That brings me to the endgame. What is it? I thought the plan was to get the antidote then send Peter to jail. How is that going to happen if it's just Anna and Valentin working together? Shouldn't they bring in the WSB, who might be able to help track down Peter's mad scientist that much faster?

That can't happen soon enough. I want Peter gone. He has become so evil that if the man had a mustache, he'd be twirling it whenever he did something nefarious.

Peter's latest plot is to get his hands on Maxie's new nurse, no doubt to persuade the poor creature into doing his bidding by spying on Maxie. That or he will just flat-out kill the woman and have one of is invisible minions take her place. Either way, the nurse will not be someone that Maxie can trust, which is going to make pulling off her baby switch with Brook Lynn far less likely to succeed.

Britt cannot get back soon enough, but that's far less likely to happen now that the duo is on the road out of town. Wouldn't it be a hoot if they ended up in Nixon Falls? The only way I can see that happening is if they are passing through and skedaddled as soon as they spotted Nina. I don't get any sense that Sonny's sojourn as "Mike" is close to ending.

Plus, "Mike" needs to take down Elijah.

More and more, it's looking like Elijah is up to no good. That scene between Elijah and his hired gunman was very damning. It's possible that there could be an explanation for Elijah's involvement with the men who tried to rob the dance, but it's slim.

What galls me, though, is that "Mike" is so quick to judge Elijah and snoop into the man's background, but he shows zero initiative or interest in finding out about his own life because he's hurt that no one has come looking for him. Why has it not occurred to him that his family isn't looking because they believe that he's dead?

Regardless, I would want some answers, but "Mike" seems perfectly content to chase after an illusion in the form of Nina.

Is Nina the only single woman in town?

It's weird that both "Mike" and Elijah are so fixated on her. I know she's wealthy and all that, but that's not why both men are smitten. They were each drawn to her before they knew anything about her. The thing is, Nina has a whole other life in another state that is hours away by car. Eventually, that life is going to pull her away from Nixon Falls because she runs a huge fashion magazine. At best, she's a summer visitor.

Also, Nina has family in Port Charles, and one of her loved ones is about to give birth to a baby. Will Nina be able to stay away when word reaches her that Maxie's baby died? Of course not. She is going to break land speed records to rush to Maxie's side when that happens, and she is not going to want "Mike" to accompany her, since that would mean outing her dirty little secret.

I really can't understand what Nina is doing with "Mike." She's not just flirting with "Mike," she's flirting with complete disaster because someone is going to figure out the truth if Sonny's memories don't return before then. The appearance of Jax, Josslyn, and Trina means that everyone will now know where to find her, so she can't possibly think that she can hide out in Nixon Falls indefinitely.

It's a bit creepy that Nina is having this pseudo-romantic interlude with Sonny because, in their real lives, he would never give her a second glance, much less pursue a relationship with her, and she has got to know that. Additionally, and probably more importantly, how does she see this playing out with Michael when he finds out what Nina has been up to?

Michael will be furious and far from receptive to having Wiley spend time with a scheming woman who chose spite over doing the right thing. Even if that's not what is driving Nina now, it's what drove her to keep silent about Sonny to Carly in the first place. Michael is going to side with his mother, not with Nina.

Speaking of Carly, she was quite the busy little queen bee this week. She gave Jason a lifesaving pint or two of her blood -- I cracked up that the equipment necessary to make that possible was in that first aid bag of tricks, but it had not even so much as an aspirin to dull the pain for poor Jason -- then she hotfooted it over to the meeting of the Five Families in a stunning white dress that totally gave me Angel Ellis vibes. I also loved Carly's black mules with the sparkly rhinestone accents.

I will say one thing about Carly, she certainly knows how to dress for an occasion, and this one was no exception. I loved how Carly sauntered up to the head of the table, forcing Cyrus to step aside, then took her seat. I'm not a Carly fan, but I do enjoy watching her get the best of Cyrus. The look on his face when Brando told him that his shipment had been sunk in the harbor was delightful, but his expression when Carly took credit for the deed was absolutely priceless.

Carly has made an impressive queenpin so far, but can she sustain it? I know that Carly felt that she had no choice in the matter because Jason had been shot and was unable to attend the meeting without collapsing, but she has made a choice that I don't think she will be able to pull back from.

Even if Sonny returned tomorrow, Carly has made it clear that she is part of his organization. An integral part of it. She will forever have a target on her back from this point forward, and she will never again be able to hide behind the security of "innocent/untouchable" family members. Too bad for Jax that Josslyn is no longer a minor because he won't be able to whisk her away from the violence that is sure to follow now that Carly has thrown down the gauntlet with Cyrus.

Carly made all the right moves by getting Jason out of police custody and securing the Corinthos organization a seat at the head of the table, but Carly is not exactly known for her ability to focus on the big picture. She's impulsive, many of her schemes end up blowing up in her face, and she's quick to jump to wild conclusions.

Jason has tremendous influence over Carly, and he's skilled at talking sense into her, but all bets are off if some guy comes along to snag her attention and heart. She believes that Sonny is dead, so there's no reason that Carly can't start dating.

Will that be the opening salvo to herald Roger Howarth's return? It's an intriguing thought, don't you think?

I wasn't a fan of Carly and Franco, but I might be open to a pairing if Roger is playing someone else, especially an undercover good guy out to take down the new mob boss in town. If a romance should spark, it won't last because we all know that Sonny is waiting in the wings, which will free up Roger's new character to find love with another lovely damsel in town -- like Liz.

So, who shot Jason? Was it Cyrus, one of his other minions, or someone else like Peter?

I don't think it was Peter, mainly because he doesn't care if Jason kidnaps Britt. With Britt out of the way, Peter has easier access to Maxie. Peter no longer cares about Britt because he knows that she's one of the people trying to keep Maxie from falling for his charms, which makes Britt an expendable thorn in his side. Peter would see the kidnapping as a good thing, not something to be stopped.

However, I also don't think it was Cyrus, mainly because he's not going to be firing a gun in a parking garage where there are surveillance cameras. Cyrus prefers to carry out his murders far from prying eyes.

It could be the character that Roger is slated to play. I'm sure it hasn't escaped anyone's attention that they've kept the viewers completely in the dark about the person's identity. I feel if it had been Cyrus, a minion, or Peter, then we would have seen the shooter, especially since we saw Cyrus kill one of his men a few scenes earlier.

It's the mystery shooter lurking in the shadows that makes me think someone might be in town with an agenda to take down the Five Families now that there's a power vacuum left by Sonny's "death."

Despite being kept in the dark about who pulled the trigger on Jason, I am really enjoying Jason and Britt's adventure. I loved how Jason scolded Spinelli for referring to Britt as "Britch," and I found myself smiling just like Britt when she overheard Jason and Spinelli's exchange. Steve Burton and Kelly Thiebaud have wonderful chemistry, and Britt's past kind of makes her the perfect companion for a man like Jason.

I also love how Britt pushes Jason out of his comfort zone. He needs that. Jason and Britt are my new favorite couple.

Finally, Mac offered Dante a job, but Dante only agreed to help track down Jason. He used Sam to do it because Sam was able to squeeze the address of Jason's hideout from Spinelli.

I don't blame Dante for using Sam to lead him to Jason. It's exactly what a good police officer would do. Sam might be Dante's friend, but she was about to aid and abet an escaped prisoner. He had every right to do what he did. Sam might be miffed now, but I suspect that she will get over it once she sees it from Dante's point of view.

Plus, I think Sam is sweet on Dante.

Surprisingly, I do like Dante and Sam as a romantic pairing. Like Britt challenges Jason, I think Dante does the same for Sam. He certainly will be a better role model for her children, and there's the added bonus that he has a son close to Danny's age.

Sam is a compassionate person, and someone like Dante needs that in his life as he slowly picks up the pieces of his life.

That's why I hope that Dante takes Mac up on his offer to return to the police force. With Chase out of commission and Valerie all but invisible, all the sleuthing is left up to Mac and Jordan.

Of course, Dante could also opt to go into the private eye business with Sam, which might be a lot of fun.

Random observations

How exactly is "Mike" improving business at the Tan-O? I never see any patrons, and the few that do wander in end up getting free service!

Why would the other heads of the Five Families throw in with Cyrus when the only way that he got a seat at the table was by killing one of their members? More importantly, why haven't they all joined forces to take Cyrus down and divide up the territory that he stole?

I know that Cyrus is supposed to be the big bad wolf, but he has a seriously fragile psyche. He practically stomped his foot and left in a huff because Laura hurt his feelings during the charade of a family dinner. Later, he practically sulked during the mob meeting when he realized that Carly had bested him. Seems to me, a wise person would find a way to use that character flaw to their advantage.

Dear Soap Scribes, please bring Roger Howarth back. I'm eager to see his storyline and to find out if he and Liz will be crossing paths and recapturing the spark that they shared when he was Franco.

Reader feedback

That's right Maxi, wear sunglasses at night to your husband's grave. Heiny would NEVER recognize you. Then proceed to SHOUT all your PLANS at Nathan's HEADSTONE!! I'm sure NOBODY will be lurking in the bushes to HEAR you!!! Except, maybe, Olivia, who we all know is just great at keeping secrets. -- Missez Premise

It seems as though the show might be setting up to use the time Shawn has spent in jail as an upcoming story with Molly - so if they go that route, this could give him an easy entry back to the outside. -- Andrew

Sonny as Mike is the same judgmental man as Sonny is. He is able to investigate and judge Elijah for his past and does not even want to know what he was up to. -- Mary Keeley

I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to leave a comment below or email me.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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