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Carly is taunting Britt, Molly got Alexis sprung from the slammer, Jax and Britt had a fling, Liz and Finn need to hide a body -- so much mayhem and madness in Port Charles this week! Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops!

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on.

T.J. and Molly in the marketplace -- getting both their parents out of jail.

We see them hug and kiss their pretty face, and in the evening, they'll be eating lots of kale.

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on -- bra -- la-la, how the life goes on.

Dear readers, I went through all the words ending in the "ale" sound and concluded kale was the funniest one that rhymes with jail, although "they'll be swimming with a whale" factored in, too.

But mostly, I just wanted to start with Molly and T.J. because they have finally come to the forefront and gotten a storyline all their own, and Haley Pullos and Tajh Bellow wowed me. You know, we watched Haley grow up on GH, and sometimes it's still hard for me to fathom that she's old enough to be in college, much less becoming a lawyer. But she's always been a soulful actress, even in her younger years on the show. And after T.J. was recast, we barely got a chance to see Tajh for months. Thankfully, he's finally been given this storyline with Shawn, Alexis, and Molly, and we can see the incredible young actor he is and what he brings to the table.

The relationship between T.J. and Molly is growing stronger daily, and they are definitely on the path to becoming a Port Charles power couple, a doctor and a lawyer, both with firm moral centers and a burning passion for justice. We have needed a couple like them for a while, and I am glad to see them up front and shining. One thing I'd like to see is for Ric Lansing to come home and see his daughter, maybe even open up a practice with her -- "Lansing and Lansing," perhaps? I'm just delighted to see this talented young couple being elevated.

I am also thrilled that their efforts resulted in Shawn and Alexis getting sprung from jail because I was tired of the prison library and jumpsuits. I know they aren't free, and maybe they will have to serve more time in the PCPD holding cells -- but maybe in a new color of jumpsuit. Of course, eventually, they will be free, and that will be a day to celebrate. I could see Alexis going free if she agrees to A.A. meetings, and then she can start working on getting her law license reinstated. As for Shawn, Jason could definitely use his own Jason, as he can't be the don and the enforcer, so I'm sure he will hire Shawn back into the organization with a big fat raise.

If, of course, it doesn't conflict with Jason's wedding plans. Readers, I think Carly was so mean to Britt on Friday. Why on earth would Carly lie to Britt about Jason having feelings for her?

Question: Why is this column called Two Scoops? What does "Scoop" mean in this setting? Here's the dictionary definition:

"a piece of news published by a newspaper or broadcast by a television or radio station in advance of its rivals." So, last week, I talked about Spencer and got several mean notes about posting spoilers... 1) He had already aired on the show. 2) The title of the column is Two Scoops! I'm supposed to scoop! It's right in the title!

I didn't really understand people freaking out about me writing about a character and scene that had already aired. Until the day Nicholas Chavez arrived, I still thought Nicholas J. Bechtel was coming back as Spencer. So, if I spoiled anything significant for you -- well, I'm not going to apologize because seriously, did you really not know it was Spencer? And again -- "Two Scoops."

In this column, we discuss the previous week, and we also dish on and speculate about the future. It's not a straight recap column where we are just reporting what happened day to day. We don't usually drop major spoilers for things coming up far in the future, but -- one day in the future isn't really so earth-shattering, is it? The column posted on the weekend, and by Monday, his identity was confirmed. But to be safe, in the future, if I'm posting something that seems like a spoiler, I'll give you a spoiler alert so you can skip that part.

He's calling himself Victor (like his grandpa), and somehow, he has his own condo... Did Laura send him her mayor's salary? Did his mama Courtney leave him the windfall she got by helping a rich old lady? Did Uncle Sonny buy Spencer a condo before he lost his memory? I don't know. There is so much storyline to unfold. I enjoy the relationship between "Victor" and Trina, but will that blow up when she finds out that Spencer is Ava's stalker?

I am waiting until Cam and Joss discover that the boy Trina is crushing on is Spencer. I wonder if Cam and Spencer will talk about the chupacabra. Next, we will probably have a SORAS'd Emma Drake show up in town to live with Granny Anna to go to PCU. Maybe she will take after her Aunt Alex and be a little vixen who will stir up trouble and catch Spencer's eye away from Trina. Who knows? (That is merely speculation, no need to write me angry spoiler letters.)

While we have Anna on the table, let's talk about that kiss with Valentin. I am not ashamed to say it: Valentin is my favorite. He just is. I absolutely adored him with old Nina, I like his friendly co-parenting vibe with Brook Lynn, but I think I'm going to love him with Anna. Anna is saying no, but I see the sizzle when she looks at him. She is seeing him in a new light since their collaboration to take down Peter.

Anna doesn't want to admit it to herself or anyone else, but she is definitely lusting for Valentin. As Anna admitted, she did kiss him back despite herself, and I don't think she will be able to resist that magnetic pull for much longer. I believe that "Vanna" has real potential as a supercouple. For fun, just close your eyes right now and imagine how much Robert would hate Anna sleeping with Valentin. Delicious.

Is Anna still a little heartbroken over Finn? Yeah, sure, but I am pretty sure that since Finn's brother (not son!) nearly died because of Anna, Finn may not want to get involved with her again. Of course, Finn would also have to fess up to the fact that he murdered her son (or nephew) and stuffed him in an underground freezer, so there's that.

Liz and Finn were standing in the hospital corridors, openly talking about the man Finn murdered, the body they hid, and how they would dispose of it. As people on GH always do. They didn't even notice Monica walking up behind them, overhearing them talking about hospital security cameras and sub-basements. Monica jumped to the conclusion that they were worried about criminals getting into GH and reassured them that all the cameras were back online.

I think Liz should totally ignore Finn and tell Jason she has a body she needs disposing of. He can have Spinelli and Brick hack the hospital security cameras long enough for Jason and Shawn to get rid of Peter's body and be done with that rat bastard for real. What do you think about Liz and Finn? I'm undecided. I'm still longing for Liz and Franco, so part of me is rooting for a Liz/Austin romance, but since we aren't sure if Austin is a good guy or a bad guy yet, I have to put my hopes on hold. As for Finn, I'm still hoping Hayden finally comes home and gives Violet a happy family with her mommy and daddy. But if Liz and Finn have a fling, I wouldn't mind that, either.

Liz's BFF Terry is throwing her hat in the ring to be chief of staff. I like this storyline, although, ultimately, I think someone else may end up in charge. Perhaps Britt will keep the gig, or I think it might even be our new doctor, Austin! I hope from Terry's campaign that she gets to highlight the plight of the transgender community in getting medical care. If you are interested in reading a bit, you can check it out here -- and if you are not interested, just skip over this paragraph and move along, no need to send me hate mail.

At any rate, Terry hinted at her reason for trying to become chief of staff; she wants to be an advocate for transgender health care. I think this is a splendid topic for GH to take on, and I am glad Cassandra James is getting the opportunity to tell this story. I loved the scene with Portia and Terry because I think it was a genuine discussion. It's not necessarily that Terry wants this job where she would have to work long hours and do more administration than patient care. It's more that Terry is passionate about health care for the LGBTQ community. Throwing her hat in the ring for the chief of staff role is a way for her to have her voice heard and share her concerns. If, ultimately, she gets the job, I will say huzzah, but I still would place bets it will be Austin.

If rumors are true and Austin is some long-lost Quartermaine, perhaps Ned or Monica brought him in to be a ringer in the fight for ELQ. If that rumor is true, it will make sense that Monica got him hired just in time to throw his hat in the ring for chief of staff -- possibly in exchange for his ELQ proxy or some such nonsense. Anna said she knew his father, but no one has said his last name yet. If it's Holt, then...giddy up!

If Britt loses her chief of staff job after losing her new romance with Jason, I predict she'll go back into full Britch mode. She's not getting any kindness or sympathy from Carly. In fact, Carly went out of her way to hurt Britt and further scare her off from sniffing around Jason. After Jason foolishly told Carly that he intended to still be there for Britt, Carly made a beeline to Britt to mark her territory.

Jason got to say, "Carly, what did you do?" again. I bet he does a shot every time he sees that in a script. Carly's clear intent was to hurt Britt, to push her even further away, and to ensure Britt wouldn't mess up Carly's marriage of convenience scam. My hope is that when Sonny comes back home and finds Jason and Carly married, Britt will tell Sonny about that conversation. Britt can convince Sonny that Carly has always secretly wanted to be Jason's wife instead, sending "Mike" running back to Nina for revenge sex.

I like Phyllis as a character, but I must wonder about her priorities. She decided to attend the Fourth of July fireworks with her amnesiac bartender rather than staying home with her sick husband. But apparently, Phyllis is so invested in the idea of Nina and "Mike" hooking up that she tossed "Mike" her car keys and was willing to walk back home from the Fourth of July fireworks in Nixon Falls so "Mike" could drive to Port Charles to stalk Nina? Um, okay.

Readers, I can't imagine having to watch four more months of scenes like this where people try to convince "Mike" to go to Port Charles, and he says, "No. I better not. She's probably busy with her grandson" I'm already getting sleepy thinking about it.

At this point, Nina has probably lost out on her fallback man, as Jax has taken up with Britt. If we can get Britt to somehow have a one-night stand with "Mike," it will be fun later for Britt to tell Carly she's slept with all of Carly's exes. Meow.

As for Jason's other ex Sam -- she is burning mementos and drinking to excess to deal with her emotions. She burned the treasured leather jacket, but at least she didn't burn the little dragon statue from Noodle Buddha. Or does she even still have it? I can't remember. If you do, drop me a note and let me know!

When Jason broke the news to Monica about his impending nuptials, Monica asked her son if he thought he could be happy with Carly. He said yes, but -- he won't be. I am somewhat shocked that Carly's kids are all taking this in stride. I thought at least Joss would say, "Ew, gross, I can't believe you are marrying Sonny's BFF three months after he died." I mean, it apparently took Joss longer to grieve Oscar, a boy she dated for less than a year, than it did for Carly to get over Sonny, whom she has been married to for decades. We, the viewers, know that this is mob violence-dictated, but no one else does. I think at least one person should have an adverse reaction to this wedding announcement.

As one wedding is approaching, another is ending. Curtis went to Jordan and asked her to sign the divorce papers. He accused her of tanking his budding relationship with Portia and warning Portia off, but after all Aunt Stella did to keep him and Jordan apart, I can't believe she wasn't his first thought. Frankly, I am on Aunt Stella's side on this. Don't get involved in a rebound relationship with someone else before your marriage is even over. And in truth, once they do get together, I don't think Portia will be able to keep Curtis' interest long term. She's a lovely lady, but he is a guy who walks the line of danger and intrigue. I don't see him being content as a bar owner living a quiet life for long. He will want to dive back into the fray and solve a mystery somewhere along the line. I'd rather see him with Sam if he's not reuniting with Jordan.

Sam and Dante may have something, but she's not ready to move on, and let's face it, as soon as Dante gets involved with someone else, Lulu is totally coming out of her coma. I hope that happens sooner than later. So many storylines are in limbo.

Like Chase and Willow -- will they stay married? Or will she run back to Michael? Readers, I must tell you, I prefer Willow with Chase. They are more fun. When they were dating, their scenes were adorable. Michael never wins at love. The entire time he's been on GH, he has never been allowed to be or stay happy. All his love affairs end in despair. Why change a winning formula? So, I predict Willow will have pity sex with Chase, end up pregnant, and not know who the daddy is, and a DNA test will show it's Chase's baby. Willow will ditch Michael and Wiley for her very own flesh and blood baby, and Michael will be left moping in the Q mansion, alone again.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Maxie dress up like Max the butler -- like when Alexis was Dobson to see her baby? Will Nikolas trace the bloody footprint of the exotic one-of-a-kind shoe to his naughty son's townhouse? Will Liesl give Herr Jason a piece of her mind about breaking Britta's heart? Will Cam and Joss become an item at PCU? Will Ava push through a divorce and then immediately plan a fantastic new wedding once she finds out it's her evil stepson scaring her instead of Ryan? Will Valentin vow revenge on the Q's when he discovers he's been duped by Brook Lynn? Will Laura visit Cyrus in prison and try to convince him to change his evil ways? Will Molly bring down a judge before she even passes the bar?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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