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Jason and Carly were married, but things got off to an explosive start. Meanwhile, the saga in Nixon Falls came to a fiery conclusion, but will Sonny serve up karma or forgiveness to Nina? Our Two Scoops columnist is eager to discuss all this soapy goodness and more.

What an exciting week to Two Scoop! I hardly know where to begin, so let's just dive into the deep end: Nixon Falls, where Nina's life of delusion came to an abrupt end when Peter set fire to the Tan-O and Sonny finally regained his memories. I was never so happy to see Sonny in my life. He emerged fit to be tied because he remembered everything as "Mike," and all of Nina's lies. It made me positively giddy with joy when I saw him glare at Nina as she entered his hospital room, ready to embrace "Mike," only to draw up short when Sonny snarled at her.

Folks, I have absolutely no pity for Nina. None. As far as I'm concerned, she deserves to be miserable. If she thinks Sonny is mad now, just wait until he makes his way back to Port Charles and finds out what everyone has been up to -- especially Jason and Carly. My advice to Nina: book a slow boat to the furthest corner of the globe and stay there until Sonny and Carly celebrate their first anniversary of wedding number seven -- or whatever number they are on now. I have honestly lost count.

Nina's comeuppance was a beautiful thing to behold. It started with Peter returning with zero flips to give about Nina and her secret. After waving a gun in Nina's face to make his deadly intentions clear, Peter took pleasure in telling Phyllis all the salacious details about Nina's lie and about Sonny's life in Port Charles. The look of utter disgust on Phyllis' face when she realized that Nina had known the truth about who Sonny was all along was exactly how I've been feeling all along. My heart broke when Phyllis told Peter that she didn't want to die, and it made me despise Nina that much more for hurting so many people.

All of this heartbreak -- and the emotional blows to come -- are because Nina was hurt that Jax and Carly had kept the truth about who Nelle was before Nelle died. Nina, out of spite, told a child too young to understand the complexity of relationships that the mommy he knows wasn't his real mommy, so she was starting to wreak havoc before she ever ended up in Nixon Falls. It sucks that Nina didn't have a chance to be a mother to Nelle, but Nelle was a truly horrible human being with very strong homicidal tendencies. No amount of love could have changed that because Nelle was broken.

Nina should have taken solace in being a part of Wiley's life.

Looks like Nelle didn't fall that far from her mother's destructive tree because Nina has left a similar wake of heartbreak. When Sonny goes home to find his beloved wife married to his best friend -- and no doubt Jason and Carly will have consummated their marriage by that point -- Sonny's anger at Nina is going to mount astronomically. As it should. Sonny is always at his most dangerous when he has nothing to lose.

The events in Nixon Falls did allow me to let go of my anger over Jax for blackmailing Michael into letting Nina see Wiley. I was pretty furious about that, and for a few other things, but Jax's words and actions this week went a long way in earning my forgiveness for the crappy things he's done in the name of winning Nina back. His talk with "Mike" about their history and how there was no hiding from the past made it clear to me that he does have some compassion for Sonny's situation. It wasn't about stopping Carly from marrying Jason because Jax could have found a way to stop that wedding if he had wanted to.

It seems Jax has grown to appreciate Sonny's role as godfather of the eastern seaboard.

Jax tried to throw Nina a lifeline by giving her an opportunity to come clean to "Mike," but Nina never took it. That's why I just can't find it in me to have any empathy for her current plight. She had nine long months to do the right thing, and each day, she made a conscious decision to lie to everyone. I'm also pretty salty about how Nina was willing to put Maxie and Louise in danger by not telling Maxie that Peter was most definitely back in action and plotting the abduction of her and her children.

Granted, Peter has no idea where Louise is, but what's to stop him from snatching Maxie, Georgie, and James? Once again, Jax did the right thing by calling Maxie, but I can't understand why he didn't leave her a message or fire off a text message. Something like: Hey, Peter was in Nixon Falls and set Nina on fire (flame emoji). Call me. Give my best to J&C xoxo Jax

I swear, sometimes it's like these people live in a different century.

Back at the hospital, Phyllis is now mourning the loss of Lenny and "Mike." She told Jax that she saw it in Sonny's eyes that he's a different man. She even noticed that his energy was completely different. Delusional Nina did not.

Dear Maurice Benard, you absolutely rock those silver locks! I've never been one for facial hair, but on you, sir, it looks good. I hope it stays.

I don't know what made Nina think that Sonny could love her the way that "Mike" did. It's just another example of how far off the path from reality Nina has strayed. I knew from Sonny's celestial visit with his father (played by the wonderful Max Gail) that Nina would not be a part of Sonny's future. It was Carly he chose, not living as Sonny. He just had to live as Sonny to get her.

It was a pretty crummy choice: die as "Mike" or live as Sonny. Although I did notice that Sonny/Mike never once asked if he could have a third option: live as Mike with Nina. That said volumes. As soon as Sonny saw Carly, it was like "Nina who?" Ouch.

I want to be clear that I don't think Nina is beyond redemption. She isn't. Losing the only biological child she will ever have was a mortal blow to her. This is a woman who was once so desperate for a child that she stole one out of a womb, and there was that tug-o-war over Charlotte that she played with Lulu for quite some time until they worked things out. Yes, losing Nelle had been particularly hard, and it does count for something, but Nina is going to have to take full ownership for her wrongs -- without all the excuses -- and do quite a bit of groveling before I'm ready to cut her slack.

I lost my father right before Christmas in 2019. It was hard, and it continues to be. Wednesday would have been his birthday, and I had a few crying jags that day, thinking of all the past birthdays we had celebrated and how much I missed him. I know the pain of losing a beloved parent, and it's awful. Sonny has two young daughters and a teenage stepdaughter who adore him. Nina hurt them, too, and her own grandson. There has to be a price paid for that.

Speaking of which, I suspect Sonny's first stop in Port Charles will be the police station because I seem to recall that he still has to answer for killing Julian. In fact, I was a little surprised that he wasn't already handcuffed to his hospital bed.

Good thing for Sonny, Mac is now in charge of the police department, and Mac is used to Sonny's shenanigans. I'm sure between Diane and everyone being over the moon that Sonny is alive, Julian's death will quickly be ruled a justifiable homicide.

Nina can start her forgiveness tour by calling Valentin to let him know that Peter is back in action and that he might be involved in Liesl's disappearance. We know that Peter and Victor are in league, but Valentin and Anna don't. That's just a matter of time, especially with Drew about to slip out from under Victor's watchful eye, thanks to a greedy guard named Russell.

I loved all the action that went down in the prison. Chloe is a delightful surprise, and I loved how she saved the day when she and Drew were making their way to the parking lot so she could go for help. I wouldn't mind if she were to stick around, maybe get a job at GH and have a few fun dates with Drew. Heck, they can just be good friends. I like her, and I see potential.

Chase is single these days and probably very ready to mingle.

It's likely that Chloe is headed to the US Embassy, which means that the WSB will be alerted, and Anna will get a call about the nurse that Peter made vanish. If Drew is in Greece, as he suspects, Valentin's first stop will be the infamous Cassadine Island, where most diabolical plots are hatched in that region of the world. If Victor is indeed on Cassadine Island, then it can only mean that he wants to be found. It's going to be deliciously exciting when Valentin faces Victor.

Does Victor fear Valentin the way that Helena did? Does Victor know who Valentin's daddy is? He should, because my money is on Victor being the baby daddy.

I want Peter neutralized, so my hope is that Victor offers to hand over Peter in exchange for staying out of jail. As much as I'm looking forward to seeing what Victor has up his sleeve, I do not want him to get between Liesl and Scott. Liesl and Scott are comedic gold, and I think they are perfect for each other. More so when I heard Britt's end of the conversation with Scott, when he assured her that he would keep her in the loop in the search for Liesl. Scott would be a great stepfather to Britt.

I can just imagine the holidays at Liz's house with Scott, Liesl, Britt, Terry, Finn, and all the kids at the dinner table. Please, dear writers, make this happen.

Now, for the mob wedding.

The show ended with a big bang when one of the limos outside All Saints Church exploded because of a car bomb that had been planted. Not for a nanosecond do I think Jason and Carly died. Instead, it's the mobsters, since Jason was all smiles as he assured Carly that the sultry mob lady didn't tell him anything that he didn't already know. With Novak and Buscema gone and Cyrus in jail, that leaves the whole territory for Sonny and Nina Wu to divvy up.

Sonny's bigger problem is going to be Jason and Carly.

Jason and Carly decided to have a real marriage, and from that point forward, they embraced it with gusto. They gazed adoringly into each other's eyes as the priest married them, they sneaked away to steal some time alone and a kiss, they were full of hope and joy in the reception line, and everyone around them can't stop gushing that they are a match made in heaven. Sonny, they are all certain, would approve.

There will be a lot of crow pie lunch specials in everyone's future next week.

I'm sorry, but I don't see a couple in love. I see two people who love each other and who are determined to make the best of things. If not for the threat of the Five Families, I don't think Jason and Carly would have gone through with the wedding. I say this because it was only a few weeks ago that Jason was, if not in love, then definitely falling in love with Britt.

Even if Sonny was dead, I don't think Jason and Carly would last. Carly is a passionate person, and she needs a passionate partner. That's why she always ended up with Sonny. Jason is calm, steady, and direct. He doesn't play games, and he can be cold at times. He's pretty much the opposite of Sonny, and that's why I think Carly would eventually grow frustrated in a marriage to Jason. Maybe not right away, but definitely in time.

For me, Jason and Carly have always worked as friends. Jason is a protective older brother, who is always there but never judgmental. That dynamic changes when sex is thrown into the mix, especially for someone as volatile as Carly. Now that Sonny is poised to return, I can't see this working out well for Jason.

On the plus side, Britt might take Jason back. If he begs nicely.

Finally, Portia has a secret. It concerns Trina and Trina's paternity. Cue Curtis Ashford being revealed to be Trina's father. I've been waiting for this ever since I learned that Portia and Curtis had history and Trina blamed Curtis for Marcus' non-death. I love Marcus, and it's going to suck when he learns the truth, but the groundwork for this was laid long ago.

Remember when Aunt Stella did an ancestry search around the same time that Trina did? Do you recall that they were each notified of a match in PC, but it was never followed up?

I'm really happy that the writers have decided to tie up that loose end. Now, if someone would just let Curtis know that his signed divorce papers never made it to the judge to be finalized...

I like Portia and Curtis, so I'm looking forward to seeing this story unfold. I know Curtis is going to be hurt that she's kept quiet all this time, but at this point, I think Portia needs to tell Trina the truth first. She owes her daughter that. I think, in time, Trina will be happy that she has been blessed with two wonderful dads.

I'd like to see Curtis and Shawn sit down for a nice heart-to-heart. If anyone can offer Curtis insight into finding out about a long-lost child, it's Shawn. T.J. will be a wonderful source of support, as well, because he will be able to guide his uncle on getting to know Trina.

Random observations

Folks, if ever I'm in a life-or-death situation, I want Jax to rescue me. While "Mike" was begging Nina to stay with him, Jax was busy actually untying Phyllis and getting her out of the fire. It took so long for "Mike" to free Nina that Jax had enough time to get Phyllis to safety, run back in, and save Nina from the jaws of a fiery death.

I attribute Sonny's lack of burns and singed clothing to his father's angelic powers.

What kind of hospital is GH that it can't treat Jordan's renal failure? I thought it was a state-of-the-art teaching hospital, but I question that now because Jordan had to go to a special clinic for treatment. Why couldn't they write Jordan off by having her accept a job offer from the government or WSB that she just couldn't refuse? It was a rather lame exit, and I think Briana Nicole Henry deserved a better send-off.

Are the writers gearing up to write Leo as being on the autism spectrum? Good. I think we need more stories like these.

Please, keep Phyllis. There's a place for her at GH, and even though I'm mad at Nina, I think Phyllis can be a great motherly influence on her. Besides, Phyllis lost everything in Nixon Falls, so she could use someone, too. She might be hurt that Nina lied, but I do believe Phyllis genuinely loves Nina like a daughter.

Reader feedback

So in trying to map out the location of Port Charles, we know:

It is on or near Lake Ontario or Lake Erie, since they can get to Canada easily by boat.

It is near Potsdam or Buffalo, since you can also get to Canada without a boat.

It is on or near the Atlantic Coast or Long Island, since they can easily get to international waters.

It is in Westchester County, since they can be in and out of Manhattan in an hour.

It is near the Pennsylvania border, since it apparently shares a river that has a Pennsylvania side. It is within a short drive of Philadelphia, since we know Llanview is a northern suburb of Philly.

Therefore, Port Charles is actually the entire state of New York and a good chunk of New Jersey. -- Deffft

Victor was involved in Creighton Clark, where Drew was held. Not sure how that would connect to Hayden or Naomi, but maybe she discovered that Victor was alive, and had to be dealt with? -- Kim LaSota

How ironic is it that Jax would go to a PRISON to discuss his moral dilemma with Alexis, a disbarred and disgraced lawyer? I guess it's only natural that he would turn to his ex-wife, who is in no position to judge him, when he wants to come clean about how "dirty" he's become, to someone with a sympathetic ear. At least Jax is showing some signs of self-awareness, which is more than you can say about some of the more oblivious, egocentric, self-involved characters on this show (I'm talking to YOU, Ava! Talk about a lousy bedside manner with poor Scotty! Sheesh!).-- Scrimmage

I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to leave a comment below or email me.

Liz Masters

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