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This may be the longest column this writer has ever written. SO much happened this year. Did she leave your favorite story out? Let her know after you read this week's Two Scoops Year in Review!

Dear readers, it's been a tumultuous year in Port Charles, and I feel a range of emotions. I'm grieving, I'm mad, I'm elated, I'm frustrated. How can one little TV program get me so riled up?

Let's begin with the all-too-real grief. I was crushed to hear that we lost our beloved Sonya Eddy, who brilliantly played the tough but tender-hearted head nurse of GH, Epiphany Johnson. I had already started writing my end-of-year summary. I had a two-paragraph rant asking where Epiphany was and wondering if she passed her MCATs and if she and Marshall would be an item. Still, I had to delete all that when my questions no longer had meaning.

I loved her. I loved her beautiful singing voice, and if this year's Nurses Ball doesn't have a highlight reel of every time she sang on GH, I'll be annoyed. I especially loved her relationship with Jason, and I'm sad Steve Burton isn't on canvas to react. I know that might be controversial, and people have extreme opinions about everything. Still, I miss the character of Jason, and I miss Steve. He and I may disagree on vaccines, but that doesn't make me hate him.

But I digress. Epiphany was a character who made every scene better. Her no-nonsense attitude at the hospital and her pep talks to her friends were always the kick in the butt they needed to move forward. Sonya Eddy wasn't just great on GH. She had roles in various TV shows, films, stage productions, and ads. Check out her IMDb page someday, and you'll want to hunt down every part she has ever done. So sad.

Next, we have soap grief. A serial killer came and hooked a few characters into the abyss. The Hook struck Ava, Brando (who died), Diane, Oz (who died), Nikolas (close but not hooked), and Rory (killed).

Clues: Snake venom, a woman with jangling bracelets, an earring belonging to Gloria Wilson. Ryan's ex --Heather Webber(!) -- had access to the earring. It's looking very much like Heather may be our Hook, but here's a rundown list of people we have suspected:

Eileen Ashby, evil deputy mayor, working for Victor.

Ryan -- not locked-in. Did he sneak out and kill a few people? Unlikely. One hand and all. Unless the Hook IS his other hand!

Esme -- but the Hook struck while she was (presumably) safely locked in Wyndemere, or was she?

Liz -- DID -- blackouts, unsure of her mental state

Jennifer Arden, A.D.A. who prosecuted Trina -- lost her big career-making case, revenge on those who helped Trina.

Rory -- seemed too good to be true, but now he's dead.

Heather -- now played by the fantastically nutty Alley Mills -- Esme's mom, and out for revenge

Is Selina Wu targeting people close to Sonny's family for a mob takeover?

2022 Storyline Roundup

Austin Gatlin-Holt. How can you take a king of daytime like Roger Howarth and make his storyline so lackluster? In Austin's entire storyline, nothing materialized. Romantically, Austin and Maxie had zero chemistry, and fans never rallied around them. But the writers refused to give up their dud romance. Personally, Austin's skeevy cousin Mason kept showing up and threatening Austin at the bidding of some mystery female that we still haven't seen. The revelations coming too slowly in a storyline make me lose interest. I'm just not that patient.

Austin came to town on the Q front to get his dad's part of the Q fortune, and that angle was just dropped, never to be discussed again. Austin did get invited to the Quartermaine Christmas, though, so that makes me think they will explore his Q ties more in 2023? Let's hope. Austin also had great chemistry with Britt, but that doesn't matter because she's leaving the show. I hope that 2023 brings Austin a new love, an unpacked storyline with the Q's, and maybe even a new gig as co-chief of staff with Terry, since Britt is leaving town.

This brings us to Cody Bell. Cody (Josh Kelly from One Life to Live) came to town and was introduced as a childhood friend of Dante's. He has dropped several hints that Dante did some evil deeds as a kid, but we still don't know what they are. Cody was set up in a romance with Britt that never took flight. He was probably getting close to her because he knew or suspected that she had the Ice Princess necklace, which was now out of play. Also, we were teased that he was Mac's son, and in case you missed the close-up on the DNA test, he IS Mac's son but chose to lie about it.

Even so, Mac is acting fatherly toward him, and I absolutely love that. More airtime for John York is a-okay in my book. Same with Felicia (the always lovely Kristina Wagner). I have genuinely enjoyed the Anna/Valentin/Robert/Laura/Mac/Felicia/Holly/Victor scenes. So many tips of the hat to the GH glory days, and I love seeing those legacy characters front and center, embroiled in mysteries and adventures. Might Cody ever become one of the dashing Scorpio boys officially? Here's hoping Mac can smoke an "It's a boy" cigar in 2023.

But back to Cody's romance. Cody only ended up with Britt by blackmailing Spinelli and using his Society Setups to get a fake match. Britt and Cody started to connect when she realized he had been playing her over Leopold Taub's necklace. We know that Britt is leaving the show, supposedly to go off and die alone like a sick dog. I dislike it, but I understand that Kelly Thiebaud is leaving voluntarily for another show, and I wish her well. I hope it is written so that when her other show wraps, Britt can return home triumphantly, having found some miracle cure for Huntington's disease.

Kelly is such a fantastic actress. She is a force of nature, and she shines in every scene. That having been said, the Cody pairing seemed a bit forced. Britt has more chemistry with her BFF Brad than she does with Cody. Britt sparkled with Austin (my beloved Roger Howarth), and I wish Britt had stayed around long enough for me to watch a romantic interlude with Austin. He's bummed about breaking up with Maxie, and Britt is bummed about her disease progression and Cody. I think they deserve a New Year's Eve fling, don't you agree?

I don't want to gloss over the opening line here. Spinelli lost Ellie this year and created Society Setups. This was a lame storyline. Cyber genius Spinelli, who can hack into all hospital and government websites, made a dating app and a fake figurehead to run it? Spinelli has been perennially sweet and never devious; this didn't ring true. I love Bradford Anderson and his quirky character. Over all these years, I have only liked Maxie with two people -- Nathan and Spinelli. Nathan is dead, and the people she has dated since --the murderous Peter August and the shady Austin doing the bidding of some off-screen villain -- do not love Maxie the way Spinelli does.

The way Spinelli loves Maxie is the purest and most authentic love she will ever know. Maxie could trust him with her heart, her life, and her children. She never has to worry about whether he's faithful. He always would be. I am rooting for a Spixie reunion in 2023. I know she's a fashionista, and he's a computer nerd. But that match works for me. She's been through enough bad relationships to recognize a true one, right?

Next up, Maxie's new pal Brook Lynn. They started as enemies, morphed into frenemies, and are now full-fledged friends. Maxie made Brook Lynn realize she loves Chase. Why did it take a third party to point that out? I don't know. When I am in love, I whisper it to myself as soon as I know. "Oh, my God, I am so in love with you." Back to Chase and Brook Lynn... I loved this couple and I rooted for them for months. The writers kept them apart, and I kept wanting them to kiss (and more).

We finally got that payoff of them getting together. After writing the sweetest slow-burn story of the two of them falling in love, Brook Lynn returned to schemer mode and undid all the personal growth she achieved while mothering Bailey. So, of course, they have broken up again. They only got to be a happy couple for a minute. Will they reunite, or is Chase moving on with Sasha? And please, for the love of heaven, catch sleazy Linc before he molests another girl.

Liz and Finn fizzed out, in my humble opinion. I mean, they came together hiding a (supposedly) dead body. Did we really think that was a solid basis for romance? Nah. It was a mess from the start. This is another instance where I love both actors and characters, yet together, they aren't making my heart go pitter-pat. In one of the oddest storylines this year, Liz started having blackouts and losing time. This convinced us she had DID and her alternate personality was out trashing Franco's studio and stalking herself. Alternately, we thought (and hoped) that maybe Franco was not dead and was lashing out because Liz moved on so quickly, and his brain tumor grew back and made him cray-cray again. None of that was true. Instead, we move on to the very worst historical rewrite this year...

Good guy doctor Jeff Webber, who decades ago left to spend his life in Doctors Without Borders, helping the underprivileged people of the world, is instead a serial cheater who brainwashed his daughter into forgetting she had accidentally knocked someone down the stairs and caused their death, and then dumped his brainwashed daughter off with her grandmother and never gave her a second glance. In addition, many years later, Liz accidentally ends up dating the guy whose wife she killed and doesn't even know it. And Finn thought Reiko died from a rare disease, but now it's all Elizabeth's fault.

Seriously. What. The. Heck? (I wanted to use a word other than heck, but this is a family-friendly column, and my Baptist Sunday School teacher's voice is in my head for life after getting kicked out of Youth Group for singing "The B*tch Is Back" in church. But I digress. We got a recast of Liz's parents, and much like Finn and Chase's parents, Jeff Webber is still around. However, Liz's mom, Carolyn, was still too busy to come and check on her daughter after dropping the bombshell on her that they hypnotized her out of remembering that she caused Reiko's fall. Phew. It's a lot.

The upside of this nutty story is Rebecca Herbst. Like always, it doesn't matter what convoluted material they give her; she gives her all and makes me believe it. The impassioned speech she dropped on her parents about all the pivotal moments of her life they had missed should be front and center on her Emmy highlight reel. Liz is one of my favorite characters on GH. She is a single mom, working her butt off as a nurse, trying to be a good friend to all, and raising three boys on her own. She has suffered tremendous loss and made herself move forward.

Lucky never calls or writes. Jason is dead, and Zander Smith is gone. She's lost two children via miscarriage -- one a child with Ric Lansing (remember when Ric had Carly in their panic room while Liz was married to him to try to replace her baby?!?) and one baby she was carrying as a surrogate for Jax and Courtney. She is a strong survivor and still has a good heart instead of becoming hardened. I love her. Let's not forget her past with Nikolas... Let's jump there.

Nikolas Cassadine. Do I start with the storyline drama or the real-life drama? Let's start with the real. It was recently reported that Marcus Coloma was let go by ABC and will no longer be starring in the role of Nikolas. His scenes will air until January, but what is next? It's unknown. Will Nikolas be killed by Hook, Esme, Heather, and Ryan? Who knows. Is Nikolas going to be recast with Tyler Christopher, as fans are clamoring for? I don't know.

I do know that I love the character, but I loved him more in the past than I do right now. I like Marcus Coloma in real life. He has a sparkling personality, he dances, he's an entertainer, and I enjoy his social media very much. But as Nikolas on GH, the writers have made his version of Nikolas less romantic and more Cassadine-y. Nikolas of old had a little Laura in him, too, but we haven't seen that side of Nikolas lately. Instead, he slept with his son's girlfriend, which was super gross to me on many levels. He impregnated her, and now he's holding her captive in his creepy tower.

Mind you, sleeping with a family member's girlfriend isn't new. He slept with Liz when she was with his brother Lucky. Maybe Nikolas gets off stealing other guys' girlfriends. I don't know. At any rate, Marcus Coloma is no longer Nik, and we are left wondering what will become of this character. I can't see GH getting rid of all of Laura's children -- Lucky left for Ireland and never looked back, Lulu is in a coma, and Nikolas is the only kid she has left to mother.

Maybe GH will bring Lucky home. With Nashville ended, Jonathan Jackson might have some free time. Maybe Lulu will come out of her coma in 2023 as either Emme Rylan or Julie Marie Berman and bust up Sam and Dante, or maybe Tyler Christopher will get his wish and return home to GH. I'd be happy with any or all of those outcomes.

Break... I just got up to get a delicious cup of San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser coffee because I have barely made a dent in my year-end notes. Are you tired of reading yet? I hope not. So much happened this year, and I want to try to cover it all. I hope my buddy Max Updates GH does a year-end video. I want to hear his best and worst storylines. He has the most unique take on things.

I love to read other people's input, but I have not yet read my co-Scooper Liz's end-of-year column. I never let myself read it until after I submit mine because I don't want to worry about whether we agree. And that's the thing, soaps are subjective. Some people love a particular couple, and others don't. Some people love the moss, and some hate it. We all have our own preferences. And that's okay. Art is supposed to hit us each in our own space. And yes, I do think GH is art.

What is my proof for that belief? It changes every year, but this year, it's the romance of Spencer and Trina. Or Sprina, if you're cool. Sure, I am an AARP-aged woman and Nana to nine grandkids, yet I am mesmerized by a teenage love story. They are just so beautiful together, and that aching way they look at each other is timeless and eternal. From the instant they met, there was a spark. Although they have been through hell together and apart, even though they are not even a couple yet, their scenes are what I am waiting for every day.

Nicholas Chavez -- this is from a column I wrote back in August, and when I read my notes from the year, I just wanted to repeat it. "Readers, I cannot gush enough about the spectacularly talented Nicholas Alexander Chavez. It's so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Spencer Cassadine is his first significant acting role. Here he is, day in and day out, running rings around veteran actors and holding his own in scenes with legends like Genie Francis, Maurice Benard, and Maura West. Every time Spencer looks at Trina with that deep, soulful longing, it makes me physically ache. If his scenes on Friday don't win this young man a Daytime Emmy, I will drive to L.A. and protest."

Nicholas Chavez and Tabyana Ali have smoldering looks down to an art form. It doesn't matter who they are with. The exact instant the other walks into a room, it's magnet and steel. And that is seriously compelling to watch. Have you ever had a person like that in your life? If he's in the room, no one else exists? Oh, God, that's dreamy.

I am rooting for these two to overcome every obstacle, including the crazy Esme. And once they do get together, I hope the GH writers finally learn to write for a happy couple. Tabyana Ali had a challenge as a replacement for the extremely popular Sydney Mikayla, but she met and exceeded that challenge. She has fleshed out Trina into her own character and made her solid, vulnerable, tough, and tender. Tabyana is a gem.

Avery Pohl as Esme Prince is the must-watch character this year. She's so good at being bad, and we love hating her. But then, sometimes, I accidentally find myself feeling sad for her, and therein lies her superpower. She's a phenomenal talent.

On to another mismatch... Gregory and Alexis are a giant snooze fest. Of Chase and Finn's parents, the more interesting one was Jackie Templeton, a beloved character from GH's past. First played by Demi Moore and played this time around by Kim Delaney, they let her go and kept Gregory. Make it make sense. I like Gregory's relationship with his sons and Violet, but his flirtations with Alexis don't move me. Meanwhile, Alexis and Finn have fantastic rapport in every scene together, but the writers don't pair them.

The hottest actual couple in Port Charles is easily Anna and Valentin. I think you all know I have been crushing on Valentin since Michelle Stafford was Nina and their scenes together left me breathless. Likewise with Finola Hughes and James Patrick Stuart. They sizzle together! The twinkle in their eyes when they do scenes together is so electric, and you can tell they are having the time of their lives.

I know feelings run very strong on this one, but I will just say it. I do not care for Sonny and Nina together. Their relationship lies waste to everything we have been told about Sonny since the day we met him. Next year, 2023, will be Maurice Benard's 30th anniversary on GH. Sonny started out as a sleazy strip club owner who got Scotty's daughter Karen hooked on drugs (that should give you context if you never understood why Scotty hates Sonny!), but his character grew and changed and morphed into a monster with a heart of gold.

He could be lethal or loyal. But family loyalty has been Sonny's rallying cry for decades, so this year, when he took up with Nina, the woman who kept him from his family and let them think he was dead and who testified against Michael in a custody trial, I just got mad. I don't think I will ever accept them as a couple. I am not necessarily saying he has to run back to Carly, but I want Sonny to not be with Nina. I like Nina when she is in scenes with Maxie, Britt, Aunt Liesl, and Sasha. I could go for her getting back together with a recast of Jax. But I am not a Sonny/Nina fan. If you are, that's okay. We are still friends who just disagree.

Romances teased -- Robert and Diane, Terry and Amy's brother Chet vs. Terry and Yuri, Epiphany and Marshall -- will they show Marshall mourn her loss? Cameron and Esme? Cameron has always been the sweetest guy, and if anyone can love someone sweetly enough to save them, it's Cam. Joss and Dex? Oh, my, are they pretty together. But is Joss falling into the Carly/Jason pattern? Does she really want the mob life instead of her volleyball scholarship?

2022's host of skeevy characters -- Felty, Linc, Oz Haggerty. Ghostly appearances by Nelle torment the town.

I loved having Holly back from the dead. Seeing her in cahoots with Victor but ultimately finding a way to double-cross him was some fantastically delicious soapiness, and I adored seeing Emma Samms again.

Now let's talk about another storyline that I just didn't understand... Aunt Stella had a stroke, dropped Jordan's divorce papers, and never mailed them. Why was that a secret, and why did Jordan take the blame and let Curtis and Portia hate her? This whole angle made zero sense to me. At this point, I want Portia to lose Curtis. I want him to discover she is lying about Trina being his daughter, and I want him to dump her and return to Jordan. On the downside of that wish, I love Marshall's relationship with Trina as her soon-to-be Grandpa, and I don't want that to change.

I don't understand the Marshall storyline, either. I really enjoy Robert Gossett. I'm glad he's here. But his character's storyline has taken a maze of twists and turns that I don't understand. It feels like the writers changed their minds about what they wanted to do with him 20 times. He came to town and reacted strongly to seeing Sonny, and we assumed he had mob ties. But no, after months of leaving us hanging, they said he left his family because he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. What? Okay, well, whatever. Then we had months of worry about if Curtis had the gene, and genetic testing, only to find he did not. And now, Marshall may not have ever even had schizophrenia? I'm dizzy and confused.

A love story I like and want to mention is the dalliance of Lucy and Martin. They lied about it for a while, since Valentin thought it was a conflict of interest for him. Still, understandably, Martin could not stay away from our outfit-changing diva. His grief after she was shot was heartbreaking, and I'm anxious to see what's next in store for those two crazy kids once they find out where Victor has her tucked away.

Meanwhile, in Pentonville, Uncle Cyrus Renault, played by the incredibly talented Jeff Kober, was genuinely helpful to Spencer in prison. His prison religious conversion is suspect, but I like the storyline angle. I hope Spencer visits him and keeps up that relationship. I hope Spencer convinces Grandma Laura to give her brother another chance at a relationship.

Genie Francis is a queen and is perfect in every scene with every person. She made me feel compassion for Esme. She made Spencer realize he might be the better man he thinks he is. She loved Ava as a daughter-in-law. She kept her conniving deputy mayor occupied. Laura does a little spy work, runs the town as mayor, mothers Nikolas, is trying to track down a serial killer, is working to take down Victor, is trying to solve Luke's murder, and does a host of other things. I adore her.

By the way, murdering Luke off-screen -- that better be a lie. I am hoping in 2023, Tony Geary and Jane Elliot will swing by to help Laura save the world after Victor finds the Ice Princess necklace and puts his evil plan in motion. Charles Shaughnessy as Victor is the best recast in eons. I know I should hate him, but I can't. He's far too charming.

Do you know who else is charming? Ned Quartermaine. I love Wally Kurth, and he was especially delightful this year. GH told an incredibly beautiful story this year -- the story of Leo's autism diagnosis, Ned helping Olivia (the gorgeous and fun Lisa Locicero) accept it and get help for her son, and then Ned ultimately adopting him was so heartwarming and so meaningful to many families, including mine. Easton Rocket Sweda's PSA about his own autism was an added touch of beauty to a perfect story. Brilliant work by all the actors involved and every GH writer.

The couples I want the writers to try are Ava and Victor; to have Brenda return to Port Charles and steal Sonny from Nina with a child he doesn't know about; for Drew and Sam to reunite after Lulu comes out of her coma; and for Ryan and Heather to have a full-on crazy romance. The recast of Alley Mills was genius, and I am waiting to see what happens when she sneaks Ryan out of Spring Ridge on a spree with her.

Willow. Please, dear writers, let her tell the world she has cancer. This secret makes no sense. Let Carly know Willow's life is at stake so she can do the right thing.

I love Laura Wright. As much as I hate the Nina/Sonny pairing, I loved seeing that even after Carly lost Sonny, Jason, her hotel, and most of her money, she bounced back and survived. I always assumed that would happen to Carly because she is a fighter. I have also enjoyed the blossoming, dare I say, friendship between Ava and Carly.

Maura West is another person on GH's enormously talented cast who has chemistry with everyone. Put her in a scene with Ryan, Nikolas, Laura, Nina, Sonny, Victor, Spencer, Trina, or anyone, and you can't take your damned eyes off her. She's a splendid actor. She reminds me of old Hollywood, that effortless glamour. Maura is just stunning. Her relationship with Trina is sweet. I prefer Ava's relationship with Trina to Portia's. When Trina eventually finds out that her mom lied to her for her entire life about who her daddy is, I am certain Ava will step in to be a maternal presence in Trina's life.

Mad love for Dominic Zaprogna and Kelly Monaco. The romance between Sam and Dante has been beautiful to watch. They are adorable together, and their storyline of both losing the love of their life and coming together was touching. Still, I worry about what happens when either Jason or Lulu shows up. P.S. Where are Charlotte, Rocco, Scout, and Danny? More missing kids?

Speaking of Scout. Let's talk about Drew. I am crazy for Cameron Mathison, and I love him as Drew. But one thing irks me. For the weeks and months he was locked away in captivity on Cassadine Island, he kept carving Scout's name into the wall and talking to her. It was the thought of her that kept him alive. But now he's in town, and we have had maybe three scenes with Drew and Scout. Boo. SHOW us the devotion that you told us about. I want to see it.

Same with Liz. We often hear about her boys and have only seen Cameron for months. Where are Aiden and Jake?

Same with Maxie! Where is Bailey Lou -- last year, it was all Bailey Lou ALL the time, and now? Poof. James? Hello, where are you? Maxie ditched Bailey Lou and James to try to fly to Portland to see Georgie for Christmas, even though Georgie lives in Port Charles and only went to see Ellie for a couple of days? Um, make it make sense.

Michael Corinthos. Man, I used to adore Michael. He was the reasonable, kindhearted person in his violent family, often the peacemaker. But now he's been ruined. Michael is working to destroy Sonny because Sonny is dating Nina? Think of everything that Sonny has done over the years that Michael overlooked, but dating Nina was the thing that drove Michael into the abyss? It makes Michael very unlikable and unrelatable. He thought his dad was dead for a year and mourned his loss. Then Sonny shows up alive, and Michael rejects him over Sonny's new girlfriend? Alrighty then.

Rewrite of Harmony. So, Harmony went from cult leader assistant to prison, redeemed herself, became a good and faithful friend to Alexis, and then was rewritten to be Neil's murderer and tried to kill Alexis. That one made me sad because I liked Inga Cadranel a lot, and I was looking forward to her character's redemption.

Alexis went from lawyer to newspaper editor. Okay, but I liked her better beating people up in court. Now, it's all just scenes of Alexis at her desk, having tedious conversations with Gregory about what to print in their rag to make it a real newspaper. I love Nancy Lee Grahn. I think she deserves more fire than that in her storylines. Maybe this is her punishment from ABC for being outspoken in real life.

2022 random questions

Who is running Crimson since Nina is busy handing out towels at the Metro Court?

Is Deception making it without Lucy?

How much money has Gladys lost, and is Sasha bankrupt now?

What happened to Jennifer Smith?

The West Coast Mob?

Liz's blackouts?

Why doesn't ABC use Lexi Ainsworth more when every single time Kristina has a scene, the audience goes wild because she's SO good?

Will Sonny and Dante come to blows in 2023, as hinted at in their recent conversations? I have truly enjoyed their father/son scenes together this year. If Michael being a jerk is what it took to get them closer together, I guess I can't be mad.

Why didn't Liz's psychic see her pushing Reiko down the stairs?

Did Leo's love potion have an expiration date? Some couples need another dose.

Where is Molly, and why do we never see her lawyering?

Where is Taggert? Where is Lucas? Where is Monica?

Where is Finn's creepy lizard, Roxy? (Bearded dragon, I know.)

Did they give up looking for Hayden? Does Violet ever ask about Mommy?

Why was Charlotte rescued from boarding school, only to vanish again?

How about bringing Emma Drake home to go to PCU as a love interest for Cam?

How can I accept an Ava and Nina friendship? Nina cut Ava's baby out of her body. Man, you just don't get over that.

Little Love Letters

GH Casting Team: You Rock. You keep picking fantastic actors for us, and I thank you for the joy you bring into my home every day.

GH writers: This is my sincere message of LOVE and ADORATION. Despite every plot I questioned, and every story I wish had taken a different turn, I can't even imagine your job. Dear readers, can you imagine having to come up with a story for every character on GH every day all year long and make everyone happy? It's not possible. I deeply loved some storylines and didn't connect with others. But I am in awe that the writers keep this story going daily, year after year, to bring us new and old adventures, drawing on history and sometimes rewriting it, but never letting my story end. I love you. Every word of every story is precious. I thank you for writing it, even when I whine because my favorite pretty people aren't happy when I want them to be.

GH Cast: I am crazy about every one of you. I love your faces, voices, and talent, and I hope you stay. And for those of you who talk to me sometimes, you make me downright giddy.

GH/Soap Central fans: To our soapy family -- happy 2023. I can hardly wait to see what happens tomorrow! And I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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