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Port Charles wept this week, and so did we -- the loss of Sonya Eddy hit us hard, and saying goodbye to Cam was no picnic, either. Let's talk about all the tears and 60 years in the latest GH Two Scoops.

Dear Readers, I love General Hospital. I loved it first in 1977 when the girls in my high school were talking about it, and I started watching it so I could chime in and be friends with girls who were cooler than me. It worked! Girls that never talked to me suddenly let me into their discussions of Laura and Scotty and that conniving nurse Bobbie. Genie Francis is the reason I kept tuning in. We are the same age, and her adventures were my adventures. I adored her then, and I adore her now.

I loved it in college when I took a class called "Pop Culture and its effect on society" or something like that because one of our class assignments was to pick one network, watch ALL the soaps on that network, and do a term paper about my insights. Are you kidding? Luke and Laura, Noah and Bobbie, Holly and Robert (GH); Greg and Jenny, Jessie and Angie (All My Children); and Karen and Marco (One Life to Live) -- I got real college credit for watching and writing about all of this deliciousness. My parents were not thrilled. They wanted me to take serious classes. I pointed out to them years ago that the only class I ever took in college that directly led to me getting a job was this job and that fun elective pop culture class. They had to admit I was right.

I loved GH when Monica (the eternally lovely Leslie Charleson) was diagnosed with breast cancer in the 1990s because Monica was diagnosed right around the same time my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer. We watched Monica battle and survive cancer, and it gave us hope. (My mother lived for 20 years after her initial diagnosis, despite several surgeries and recurrences, even after two mastectomies.)

I wept when B.J. died, and Maxie got her heart. I cried when Stone died, and Robin was HIV positive. I wept when we thought Lucky was killed in a fire. So many times over the years, this show has moved me to tears, made me laugh when I needed comic relief, made me believe in love and second chances, and given me deep comfort in horrific times, like during the pandemic when they found a way to come back to us despite everything. I love you, GH. For decades, Port Charles has been my second home. I'm also happy to see GH getting some love on talk shows, magazine covers, etc. It's about time this cast gets the respect and love that they deserve every single day!

This week, I wept freely when the gentle folk of Port Charles said goodbye to Epiphany Johnson. Not just because the writing and acting were magnificent but because Sonya Eddy was a dear friend and coworker of this cast, and they had to have a pretend funeral for someone they were mourning for real in their hearts. I once worked at an office where a guy I had worked with for nearly a decade dropped dead during a workday. I recall the shock and devastation of our staff and how long that tragedy haunted us. I know the GH cast must feel the same way -- to walk past her dressing room and have her not be there -- every time, a little jab in the heart. I want to hug them all.

Sonya Eddy was a beautiful lady, a skilled singer, and an authentic actress who made you believe her in every scene. I believed her when she was trying to strike fear into a young intern and when she was a genuine friend to Sonny, Jason, Liz, and so many others. I loved GH's flashbacks during this episode of just a few times that Sonya Eddy gave the show its heart. I especially loved the fireworks at the end of her service. That was an extremely fitting way to send off someone full of light and life.

The saddest thing is that the storyline was growing for her. She had a relationship with Marshall, passed her MCAT, and was on her way to becoming a doctor. Oh, man, did I want to see all that play out! And now, I am crying again as I type because I will never get to see Dr. Epiphany, which feels so wrong. I miss her already, and it was so hard to say goodbye.

It was so wonderful to see Milo and to hear Diane mention Max. I wish Sonny would have taken Milo up on his offer to stay and help Sonny. Without Jason and with Dex being a rat, Sonny could use the help.

I want to shine a light on Rebecca Herbst because she has been playing three extremely emotional storylines simultaneously. Rebecca has not let one second escape without bringing every ounce of emotion out of every scene. She has enough Emmy scenes to make a three-hour tape: 1) watching Liz confessing to her crimes and having to stand before the hospital board, 2) saying goodbye to her friend and mentor Epiphany and wrestling with the notion that Liz had disappointed her dear friend, and 3) saying goodbye to her eldest son as Cam goes off to Stanford was gut-wrenching. I cried with Liz all freaking week.

Do you recall that GH tried to cut her role once, and the fandom went mad until GH put her back on contract? Yeah, we'd all rally around her again, wouldn't we? She never phones it in, and I would be terribly remiss if I didn't point that out. I am a huge Liz fan, and I think she's the character I most relate to. Liz is not perfect, but dear God, does she ever try!

I was so sad to think we would lose William Lipton for good, but I exhaled when I read that he would return during school breaks. There is so much good storyline left to play for Cam. When he showed up to his party with Esme and Ace, I thought, "Giddy up, here we go." Because I can see a compelling storyline where Cam helps Esme become a better person with her genuine heart and caring soul. I admit I got a little giddy when Cam mentioned Franco and told Esme about his story of redemption.

But then again, when gorgeous Emma showed up to see Grandma Anna, I thought she'd make a lovely match for Cam, too. I know you think she's too young, but Brooklyn Rae Silzer is 16, and William Lipton is 18, so when she's a college freshman, and he's a junior, you never know what could happen. My husband is five years older than me, and we were in the same college at the same time. Just saying.

Seeing Marc Anthony Samuels back as Felix and reminiscing about Epiphany and her advice to him about Brad was so fun. But Brad truly has grown and changed. I believe he is worthy of a second look. I saw their spark, and I hope the powers that be at GH give Brad a second chance at love and a new BFF, since he lost Britt. I would love to see more of Brad and Felix on my screen.

For a long time, I was just annoyed with the Maxie/Austin pairing, but now that Austin is in Ava's orbit, I am intrigued and want to see what happens next. They will probably start a relationship right before Nikolas pops back up alive. I still think Victor has Nikolas holed away somewhere. When Ava asked Austin if he owned a tux, I got giddy. Roger Howarth and Maura West will look stunning on the red carpet together.

Another fabulous scene with Maura was the Ava/Esme scene. Ava is testing and taking stock of the new and improved Esme. Kudos to Avery Pohl for standing toe to toe with GH masters like Maura West and Genie Francis and holding her own in scenes. However, as Spencer notes, she may have no memory, but her personality hasn't changed much.

Meanwhile, across town, a lifeless Eileen (Heather Mazur) washed up on shore, and readers, I need your help understanding something. Why is everyone always protecting Dex? Why didn't Sonny say, "Yeah, I was walking by, and I had my hot associate Dex strip his shirt off and dive in to retrieve the body"? I mean, no wonder Jordan is suspicious of Sonny. How did the body get out of the water and Sonny not get wet? Why is he standing there fully dry? Why would he not just say he had Dex pull Eileen from the water? I've been sick and on medication this week, so maybe my brain is too fuzzy to make sense of this, or perhaps it just doesn't make sense.

I am sad that Eileen's double-knot spy game ended so soon. I thought she still had some more good snooping to do. If I were Laura, I'd appoint Robert or Anna as my deputy mayor. It's the only way she can trust that Victor doesn't infiltrate her office.

Victor is trying to revive the original Ice Princess plot that Mikkos, Stavros, or both tried to foil. Is he planning on taking over the world? Of course, he is such a dashing egomaniac. I'm worried about Spencer because his hatred of Esme is causing him to make bad choices and throw in with his shady uncle. The funniest line, "Victor Cassadine, nature lover, will wonders never cease?" Ha. Spencer knows something is up, and if his grandmother and Uncle Sonny draw him into their circle of trust, I hope he sides with Laura and not his uncle.

Readers, can't Spencer have a little happiness with Trina before he must start being puppeteered by both Esme and Victor? We only get one glimpse of the Sprina romance we have been jonesing for, and before they can even get close enough to consummate their love, Esme moves into the same house with Spencer. I hope Esme can't find a babysitter for the Nurses Ball and that my sweet Trina and Spencer can have a magical night together.

Readers, this week, GH turned 60, and I am sad that Monica isn't there, although I understand. Leslie Charleson is 78 and probably wants to retire and enjoy her life. But that knowledge doesn't make me miss her any less. I am also hoping for Tracy and Luke to show up in town; Austin's dad, Jimmy Lee Holt, to make a scene; and Jason to return from the dead. That is unlikely, as Steve Burton is over on Days of our Lives, which may explain why we haven't seen my beloved Ned Ashton, although I hope Wally Kurth will beam in on Zoom to do a song for us because I love to hear him sing. The GH 60th is like many of our family reunions these days. "Too bad we can't invite cousin Jax because he doesn't play nice with others," etc.

That one hurts, too, because Jax was one of my favorites. My mother told me once that I was always dissatisfied with my love interests over the years because I thought soap guys like Jax were real, and I was waiting for some guy to sweep me up in his private jet to Paris for breakfast. Hilarious and somewhat accurate.

Next week, it appears we will have the Nurses Ball and Willow's surgery -- I feel like I need to stock up on Puff's and whiskey. Carly and Nina are trying to put up a united front for Willow, but when she leaves the room, the meowing begins, the claws emerge, and they fight like two feral cats. Readers, I was 100% Team Carly on Friday's episode -- Carly is right that Nina pretending that Sonny's business doesn't exist will be the beginning of the end of their relationship. Nina can't successfully be with Sonny and pretend he's just a coffee importer.

The danger and challenges of a relationship with a mobster are bound to spill over into Nina's life, whether she wants them to or not. Will Nina be okay with what Sonny does if Wiley gets kidnapped like Michael did when he was a kid? Nope. I think Nina will run for the hills if the mob war heats up. And I would, too, so I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I love watching mobsters on TV, but I would not want to live the mob life with Sonny, no matter how adorable those dimples are. That having been said, the speech Sonny gave about Luke being his friend and Victor having to pay with that wicked little smile at the end made me giddy.

I'm annoyed with Lucy, but I was moved by her speech about the Nurses Ball being the only day anyone takes her seriously. I understand that completely. I'm a cheery little sunflower like Lucy, and I'm not taken seriously very often, either, so I know how much it matters when someone sees your depth underneath the smiles. I just hope she doesn't get everyone killed. I hope her gummies have a little kick to them, if you know what I mean, because she needs to chill. I love Lynn Herring, and I hope she hides in plain sight in her undies on the Nurses Ball stage.

Anna blames herself for Eileen's death, and Valentin does his best to convince Anna that Eileen's fate was sealed the day she got into cahoots with Victor. I genuinely love the mature and mutually supportive relationship between Anna and Valentin. Finn could take some notes from them. I am excited to see how their relationship unfolds once they are out in the world again and not confined to a safe house. Can their love survive public scrutiny? Has Valentin proven himself to Anna's protectors? I think so. He's dreamy.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Joss bring a lame donation, like a bag of pretzels, to the Nurses Ball? Will Milo stay in town to coach the new Magic crew? Will Maxie ever stop being a spaz and revert to the old Maxie who used to run the Deception office alone when Lulu blew off work? Will we get to keep enjoying Brad and Felix's beautiful, renewed connection? Will Aiden please make me some banana chocolate chip muffins? (Because they looked delicious.)

Will Ms. Wu and Sonny throw down over Gladys? Will Marshall and Milo become a grief support group for one another -- Men who loved Epiphany? Will Lucy's shenanigans get everyone killed? Will Marshall continue stepping in like a dad for Trina until she finds out which dude is her dad? Will we see more of Jake and Aiden now that Cam is off to college, or will Liz keep talking about having to get home to her invisible boys? Will they move the Nurses Ball to the safe house, since virtually everyone knows its whereabouts now? Will Sam and Spinelli decide to start up their PI firm again after hanging out together at the memorial? Will Victor send any more of his goons disguised as elderly gentlemen with canes to spy on the ball?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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