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Nina's under Michael's thumb, Mason is under Austin's pillow, T.J. is a witness, Sasha is staying, and Cyrus is making the mea culpa rounds, but no one wants to hear his apologies. Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops.

Well, dear readers, the rat has been trapped, and Nina's secrets have been exposed. Michael knows that Nina was the one who turned Drew and Carly in to the SEC, and instead of blowing her entire life apart as I hoped, he's decided to torment and control the rat fink instead.

This entire SEC storyline has always kind of bugged me. It never made sense. For instance, the part where Drew and Carly pretended not to date and were worried about being seen together... Michael is Carly's son. Wouldn't anyone assume it was her son who told her about their deal? Second, is it a crime to buy stock in your kid's company? I can imagine the moms of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and other tech billionaires have shares in Apple and Tesla.

I understand the judge wanting to take a white-collar criminal and make an example of him, but Carly was the person who acted on insider information, not Drew. What was Drew's actual crime? I honestly don't know. He and Michael told Carly they were going to merge their companies. Is it a crime to tell your mom about your own company dealings? I honestly don't know. Any lawyers out there, feel free to chime in.

If I were queen of the world, rich people would not be able to get out of committing crimes by paying fines. That's incentive to just continue committing crimes. Giving a billionaire a $10,000 fine is like if I parked in a no parking zone, and my fine was a dollar. I'd keep parking there every day because... I have a dollar.

But Nina going off on Michael acting all outraged was too much for me to bear. Nina taking any sort of moral high ground against anyone is laughable. She should be in jail to this day for what she did to Ava, not to mention her long list of other crimes. If you want a reminder, check out Soap Central's character profile on Nina here and read through the "Crimes committed" section. It's hasn't been updated with some of her recent crimes!

When Nina was on her irate rant about Carly, the writers seemed to write a bit of revisionist history. Carly did not find out that Nelle was Nina's daughter until two months after Nelle had died. Carly did not "keep Nina away from her daughter." Her daughter was already six feet under when Carly figured out that Nina was her mother. I hate when the writers think we won't remember stuff. Also, Jax knew this secret, too, and Nina doesn't have some years-old vendetta against Jax. Why isn't she trying to wreck his life, too? I would once again like to suggest that GH recast Jax with James Hyde. I bet he could do an Australian accent, and he's extremely dashing.

Remember when I was mad at Michael for his vendetta against Sonny? Yeah, well, now I'm firmly back on team Michael. At the wedding, Chad Duell's face when he got the call that Nina was the whistleblower was fabulous acting. His entire demeanor changed; you saw the rage slowly making its way through his body. But I can't say that I like the way he's handling this. I wanted him to tell Sonny the truth immediately. If he toys with Nina, then when Sonny does find out, he will be furious with Michael for keeping it from him, and I can't handle those two being at war again.

Who is Michael's contact at the SEC who told him that Nina was the whistleblower? SPOILER ALERT! Jump ahead to the next paragraph if you don't like hot soap gossip! Ready? Okay, rumor has it that it could be Lorenzo Alcazar! He is one of my favorite villains from the past.

First off, Ted King is a honey. Second, there is so much rich history that they could play with -- with Alexis, Carly, Sam, Spinelli and even Skye Quartermaine. This could be FUN. If you want to read more about this theory, check out this article on Soap Central, which explores it in detail!

Keep this rumor in mind as I talk about Joss and Adam studying together. First, in case you didn't know, Adam is played by Joshua Benard, the real-life son of Maurice Benard! So, as Joss and Adam were studying, he was talking about his strict father who will only accept him going to Harvard Medical or Johns Hopkins. All my spidey soap senses started tingling. Imagine if he ends up being Alcazar's son! Imagine if Adam is befriending Joss on Lorenzo's request! This is all just wild speculation, but tell me that wouldn't be soapy perfection!

But back to Nina...I know there are some people out there on Team Nina. I am not one of them. While I enjoyed the wedding scenes and liked seeing Sonny's island again, I wish it had been almost anyone else with him at the altar.

I was an only child, and I was very close to my parents. If someone let me believe my Daddy was dead for a year, they would be my enemy for life. I would never come around. I would never accept that person as my new stepmom. I would never forgive her for letting me weep and grieve for a year. I lost my father in 2004, and nearly 20 years later, it still hurts. I still miss both my parents daily. I'm crying while I type this. So, when I try to put myself into Kristina, Dante, or Michael's shoes, I can't see myself supporting that union. Avery and Donna are too young to get it, but the older kids? Nope.

But I digress. Sonny and Nina are married, Michael knows her secret, and his plan is to control her access to Willow, Wiley, and Amelia. Will he succeed? It seems like Willow is warming up to her mom, and it might be difficult for Michael to steer the situation with Willow in the dark. Is it Nina that Harmony is coming to warn Willow about, or is Shiloh back from the dead? I hope it's the latter. New Kristina can freak out when Shiloh shows up in town. Or maybe his unknown twin brother. I hope whatever the warning is turns out to be something magically soapalicious.

Like having Lois back in town. That is magically soapalicious. Lois is such a breath of fresh air in Port Charles. She was always one of my favorite characters. I thought Lois was brought in to have Eddie have that "Aha!" moment of recognition, but clearly, I was wrong. Eddie recognized her, but not as his wife or the mother of his child, just as someone familiar. I am interested to see how the story unfolds and if Eddie is here to stay. I hope Lois stays with him, but if Eddie gravitates toward Lois and not Olivia, I see a Bensonhurst catfight coming. Lois informed Brook Lynn that Tracy intends to gift her Deception, and Brook Lynn seems opposed to that idea. But what if Lois stayed around and ran deception for Brook Lynn while Brook Lynn works on her music manager career? Imagine scenes with Lois, Lucy, and Maxie! Gimme!

But what about Sasha? She was all set to leave town but had second thoughts and stopped by the stables to let Cowboy Cody know. Dear readers, I like Cody and Sasha together. Sure, he's a little rough around the edges, but he has a good heart, and after all the loss and heartache she has endured, Sasha deserves someone who loves her enough to get himself committed. Apparently, she still has a job, because Tracy is insistent that Deception keep Sasha in place as the face of Deception. Where does that leave Lucy's pick, Blaze? Maybe the junior face? I don't know, but I am enjoying watching Blaze and Kristina getting to know one another. It does seem odd, though, that of all the resorts in the world, Blaze would end up at Sonny's hotel in Puerto Rico. Is it too convenient? Is Blaze the daughter of one of Sonny's enemies? Is it all a setup? You just never know on GH.

Cody has shared his secret with more people now, so Dante, Sam, and Sasha all know that Cody is Mac's son. I am enthusiastically waiting for those scenes when John J York is back and discovers that he does have a son. I understand why Cody feels unworthy of Mac, but we know Mac's heart, and he will not see it that way. He will embrace Cody but may not understand why Cody lied to him when he first found out. It will be interesting seeing Cody try to integrate himself into a family, and if he and Sasha end up together, it will give her a new family that she can count on and trust, which she deeply deserves.

Do you know who cannot be trusted? Ms. Wu. Sonny did his best to put the fear of God into her, but he knows instinctively that she cannot be trusted. Sonny tried to pin her down about her role in Gladys' gambling issues, and she squirmed in her chair. She doesn't want Sonny as an enemy, but if Selena gets pinned between Cyrus and Sonny, which direction will her loyalty slide?

Cyrus is out and about the town, trying to make amends -- or at least pretending to make amends-- with all his victims. I wonder what his ultimate goal is. Does he just want to earn the respectability that Sonny has, or is it something more sinister? He terrified both Portia and Trina, although he was supposedly there to make amends. He offered to help Trina in any way. Will he manufacture some crisis for Spencer so Trina has to ask him for help so he can be seen as a hero?

His minions are about to lose a member, as it appears that Austin is smothering his cousin Mason to death. I'm not really mad about that. I loathe Mason and will be glad to be rid of him. T.J., who just determined that Mason was his kidnapper, is peeking through the blinds, watching Austin smother Mason, and not doing a thing about it. Will he swoop in at the last minute and save his tormenter, or will he watch Mason die and take that secret to his grave?

I don't know, but I wonder which Molly he will confess this to, since the Molly-Go Round has stopped spinning, but I forget who the last face of Molly was. I doubt Haley Pullos will be back anytime soon, and I liked the first Nu Molly except that they switched Molly and Kristina at the same time, and I couldn't remember which one was which. But now that I am used to Kate Mansi and know that she is Kristina, I think the first new Molly could work? Thoughts? I would love to hear your opinion.

Jordan knew that without T.J. being an eyewitness, there wasn't enough evidence to make a case against Mason. She saw how upset T.J. was. When Mason turns up dead, will T.J. take the heat? He was the last doctor of record in Mason's room. I am pretty sure Austin didn't sign in. Wouldn't a criminal like Mason who kidnapped someone be under police guard at the hospital? I am looking forward to Monday to see how this all plays out.

The worst part is that now there is no denying that Austin is not a good guy. Heroes don't smother their cousins with pillows. Any hope we had that Austin was able to be redeemed and to rekindle his budding romance with Ava has been dashed. I will never stop being mad that they took Franco from us to turn the fantastic Roger Howarth into Austin and then had no idea of what they wanted to do with him.

First, he was Jimmy Lee Holt's son coming back for his piece of the Quartermain pie. Then, that storyline was completely dropped, and he was suddenly in cahoots with some bad female boss in Pautauk, who then turned into Cyrus, who is not a female. His romance with Maxie was a dud. He had mad chemistry with Britt, but then she died. He showed a promising sparkle with Ava, but then they made him the guy who kidnapped her daughter and forced her into letting a criminal be her daughter's nanny. I only have one word for every bit of this... WHY?

One of my favorite scenes this week was Scotty, Mac, and Kevin sitting around the table, talking about Cody. Three legends all at one table. I was afraid we'd lost Scott for good, and I am so happy Kin Shriner is back on canvas. I'm also delighted by the return of Kathleen Gati -- Liesl has been missed. I hope that Portia is a terrible co-CEO and that Liesl steps in to be Terry's partner. Just imagine! Please, Soap Santa, make it happen!

I also enjoyed the trip down memory lane of Dante and Sonny. Whenever I see them in scenes, it feels like Dominic Zaprogna and Maurice Benard genuinely adore each other. I think their scene is an important one that all American families should take into account -- even if we have totally different beliefs, lifestyles, etc., we can still love and respect each other as family. On paper, Dante the cop and Sonny the mob boss should not work, but they do. They found the humanity in each other's hearts and chose to embrace what they have in common. I love their relationship.

Finn and Liz ditched their kids for a weekend to go to Vermont and lick maple syrup off each other's fingers. In kindergarten, I got in trouble because I would not put my hand in the paste jar. I could never stand to have sticky things on my fingers. The funniest line in their scenes today was when Finn was trying to tap the maple tree and he said, "Hunting vampires would be easier" -- a delightful throwback for Stephen Clay/Caleb Morley fans! And it's spooky season, so well timed.

I would not be dipping my hand in the maple sap bucket. But if it's a turn-on for our long-suffering lovers, good for them. I hope that right after Liz and Finn have maple syrup sex, Violet's mother, Hayden, comes home, and Finn has to choose between sisters. Finn had amazing chemistry with Hayden, and I can't imagine him not giving Violet exactly what she wanted.

That would leave Liz free to fight Carly for Jason when he comes home, and I hope he comes home soon. Brick is great, and I like Dex, but no one compares to Jason Morgan. You're saying, "No, Carly is with Drew! She wouldn't dump him and run back to Jason!" and I think you are innocent little bunnies, because she totally would.

I don't think Sam would be chasing after Jason, because she is happy with Dante right now. Have I mentioned lately how wonderful Kelly Monaco is? I really loved Sam's part in helping Cody and Sasha catch Gladys, and I love her relationship with Dante. For so many years, Sam just waited around for Jason to get shot, and with Dante, she found a real partner and co-parent, someone with whom she can share everything. Kelly has morphed Sam from a con woman to one of Port Charles's most trusted ladies. My heart was broken for her when Billy Miller died because I remember how close they were in real life. I often wonder how the GH stars have handled so many real-life losses and tragedies this year and continue to give us such stellar performances. It can't be easy.

Another touching scene this week was Ava and Trina expressing how much their relationship means to them. When Ava talked about losing Kiki and finding another daughter figure in Trina, I was crying. Maura West and Tabyana Ali are so beautiful together.

Alexis and Laura talked about Nikolas, Esme, Spencer, and baby Ace while Esme listened in at the door. When they noted that Nikolas wouldn't face criminal charges when he returns because Esme can't recall that he kidnapped her, I suspected that the minute Nikolas comes back into town, Esme will start having memory flashes. But even though she's young enough to be his daughter, do you think Nikolas could fall for Memory Loss Barbie? Esme is the mother to his newest son, and Ace is the only son who doesn't hate him yet! I can see Nikolas wanting to raise Ace and do a better job than he did with Spencer. But I still want Nick with Ava. What do you think will happen?

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Finn lick some excess maple syrup off Liz's scrubs in the hospital showers? Will Obrecht put a Halloween curse on Scotty Baldwin, or will Scotty win back his schnitzel? Will Felicia get fired her first week on the job for making 11,000 mistakes? (And how much does Mac make that she was going to whip out her checkbook and write a check to cover it?!?) Will Cyrus buy one of Heather Webber's BLT paintings for his new apartment?

Will Michael make Nina detail his car for a bedtime story with Wiley? Will Nina sell Carly back her half of the Metro Court before Christmas so Liv and Carly can decorate it up for the holidays and sing tipsy carols over mulled wine? Will Brick discover Nina's sins and drive her away to get his preferred Mrs. C back in place? Will Ghost Harmony ever spit it out, or will Willow still be trying to read her lips next Halloween?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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