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Where do Wedding dress fittings, mob stings, pinning the tail on the donkey, vaping, faking broken pipes, and prenups live together in almost-harmony? Why, Port Charles -- and this week's Two Scoops commentary.

Dear readers, there was a sweet little movie called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in 2005, and this magical pair of jeans was there. The four ladies in the sisterhood had a pact that whoever had possession of the jeans would keep them until she had an adventure in them, and then she would send them to the next girl in line. None of these women were built the same. They all had different body types. But the jeans fit them all perfectly. I do not question such things; I just enjoy them.

So, when Brook Lynn wanted Lila's dress, I thought about that film. Lila, Tracy, Lois, and Brook Lynn do not have the same body types. No matter. Lila's dress will perfectly fit Brookie. I just know it. And yes, I heard Tracy give her permission to alter it, but I like to think of it as a magic dress, and you can't sway me.

All joking aside, I loved this storyline's sweetness, especially seeing flashbacks of Lila and Lois. I cried when I saw Lila because it was like a visit from my own grandmother. The GH characters feel like family sometimes. I think it's because I grew up next door to my grandmother, and my mama, grandma, and I were all so close. I miss that kind of family connection with them, and when I see it mirrored on GH, or even now as I am typing, I weep.

It's a scary thing when your mom is gone, and your grandma is gone, and you realize that you have somehow become the matriarch of your family. I wonder if my mother felt as ill-equipped for that role as I do. I wonder if Tracy feels like she holds the wisdom of the ages or if she still feels like the girl who got drunk in Vegas and married Luke. I especially loved when she said how excited she was to welcome Chase to the family.

Josh Swickard is just so lovable, as is Amanda Setton. I really enjoy their romance. They took so long to come together; I want this wedding to be epic. I appreciate Lois' enthusiasm about wedding planning; she always brings me joy. I am happy that Rena Sofer is still on recurring and not just gone for good. I think she's a very welcome addition to the Q household.

This current season with Tracy Q is my favorite. She has kept her edge and business sense, but her tenderness with Brook Lynn sometimes makes my heart ache in the most beautiful way. Jane Elliot is a true soap goddess, in my opinion, and I hope she wants to work for another decade. I adore her.

I also love the spark between Gregory and Tracy, but I'm afraid. Tracy just lost a husband, and Gregory is dying. Do I want to watch Tracy suffer another loss? I do not, but I also see the wonder in the two of them living every moment that they can get together, regardless of age or health, so I am torn. To stay true to my stupid romantic heart, I must root for them to connect, even if it will end in inevitable sorrow. What shall we couple name them? Gracy? I dunno.

Okay, I'm shaking off my sentimental tears to move on to something that sends my emotions in the other direction: Nina.

It was highly satisfying to watch Sonny listen to her sob story and then coldly dismiss it all. Nina pleaded her case to Sonny, whose response was perfect: "I can be ruthless when I have to be, but you are reckless and petty, and that's unforgivable." Sure, I could name a few occasions when Sonny was reckless and petty, like getting Jax kicked out of America or hanging A.J. from a meat hook. Still, mostly, he is a nice guy who only attacks when he's threatened.

Nina wasn't threatened. She was just jealous. Nina was mad that Carly existed and that her daughter Willow liked Carly more than her. Nina lied about Sonny in Nixon Falls, and now she has lied again, and if he ever forgives her and trusts her again, he will deserve any hell she brings down on him. And she will because she can't help herself.

I am bracing myself for Sonny and Ava to have revenge sex. The two of them look very cozy these days. On Friday, I felt the sizzle when Ava cooed into Sonny's ear about his circle of trust shrinking and her being in the center of it. Ms. Wu was not too happy when Sonny showed up with Ava. She noted that Sonny could trust Ava because they had a child together. Still, Selina had no such connection to Ava. She was about to leave and trash their plan to capture their enemy.

Bad news for Sonny -- Jagger, Anna, and Dante are on their way to bust in and wreck the whole setup. The look on Dante's face from the previews for next week looks like perhaps he has seen a ghost, like a Jason-shaped ghost. Oh, I hope so. Jagger pleaded with Anna to get Sonny out of his life for good, and it looks like he won't have to wait for long if Monday shapes up the way we think it will shape up. What if Jason shoots Dex? If so, and if they are father and son, it will be one more thing Sonny and Jason have in common: shooting their own kid.

All this mob stuff is about to come to a head -- we know Jason will be back on Monday! But who is the bad guy? Some say Morgan is back from the dead, or in fact, never died. Some say it's a brainwashed Jason. There are so many guesses on who may be behind the mob shootings, and I am very excited to see what the honest answer is.

Don't hate me, but Carly has some chemistry with Nu-Jagger. Soap friends, I must tell you, if I have a type I'm drawn to, he's it. Think Sawyer from Lost. That shaggy-haired, blue-eyed, badass kind of guy just gets me all tingly.

Maurice Benard and Adam J Harrington have some great chemistry. When Sonny reminded Jagger that he was the one sitting at the bedside by Stone, holding his hand when he died, I thought the top of Jagger's head would fly off like Anger in the Disney Inside Out movie. These two are volatile and have a deep disgust for each other. But I don't think Jagger is the one out to get Sonny. I believe him when he says he was sent to protect Sonny.

I am yearning for the day that Carly sees Jason. Their relationship has always moved me. It's good that Drew has gone dark, and Carly is rethinking her relationship with him. Don't hate me, but I think Cameron Mathison needs to step aside now and return to making Hallmark movies. His turn as Drew started out promising in those sweet scenes with Scout but then completely turned into someone other than Drew. Until today's birthday party, he has barely had any scenes with Scout, Sam, or anyone else the old Drew cared about.

I know it's not Cameron's fault; he played what was written for him, but it may be too late to undo the damage. What do you think? If Drew stays, who does he belong with, and where does he fit? Side note, did Elizabeth draw that pin the tail on the donkey game? No way he picked that up at Target.

Now, on to Dex and Joss. First, McCall and Jackal P.I. should hire Josslyn as a part-time detective, since, with Spinelli's point in the right direction, Josslyn tracked down her man in the first place she looked. Michael asked Joss to bring Dex back to Port Charles because Sonny needs him, and I'm wondering if Michael knows that Sonny almost killed Dex three days ago. If Dex is so blindly loyal as to go back, then I will be sure he will be Jason's son. No one else but Jason has that much loyalty to Sonny, so maybe blind loyalty runs in the DNA.

If Dex is Jason's son, imagine the double date of Carly, Jason, Josslyn, and Dex. Like mother, like daughter. Remember way back when Joss first got involved with Dex, and Carly gave her the talk on being with a man in the business? I wonder if the writers knew back then that Dex might be Jason's son?

He could also be Jagger's son, but that seems less likely to me just because of things Jagger has said about his son. But hey, I have been wrong before. Either scenario would make Thanksgiving awkward.

Another family that will have an awkward holiday is Blaze's family. Eve La Rue came to town as Blaze's mother and was unhappy about finding Kristina in Blaze's bed. Blaze got brave and told her mother the truth about being in a relationship with Kristina, and it did not go well. Wait until she finds out that Kristina is pregnant! I seriously would rather see Kristina trip over a puppy like Maxie did and lose the baby than watch Not-Kristina and Not-Molly in a custody battle for months. I'm sorry I'm so mean today.

Readers, Maxie, and Spinelli kissed. And then they talked about the kiss. They shared their feelings with one another. It was sublime. And then Spinelli had to open his blabbermouth to confess about fake pipes bursting, and poof, it was gone again. I think Felicia convinced Maxie to forgive him. I hope so, because I'm tired of having happiness dangled in front of me and then snatched away. These two belong together.

I adored Nathan, but other than that, every other Maxie romance has been a disaster. Please let her have the man who worships her back. She deserves that. And Spinelli deserves to be chosen. Sure, he's a quirky, nerdy kind of guy, but with the absolute sweetest and most genuine heart. That made sense to me when Maxie explained about not being able to tell when she was being lied to. She's dated a lot of liars over the years. She has held Damien Spinelli up as a beacon of trust and sincerity, so I can understand that discovering he lied to her, even for a good cause, rocked her faith in him. I hope he can win her trust back -- and soon -- before he gets caught in the mob crossfire. And that, my friends, is my current fear.

I loved that Sonny came to Spinelli for help. Sure, it's because Jason is headed back, but even so, in the context of the story, when Sonny has literally no one to trust, he still trusts Jason's judgment about Spinelli. Wouldn't it be amazing if Spinelli was the one to find Jason? Oh, Stone Cold, how I have missed you.

I want to go on record and say how much I appreciate Dante and his role in the family as full-time mediator between Michael and Sonny. All three Corinthos men have this very genuine family dynamic. I do feel sorry for Michael right now, as he legitimately wants to protect Sonny, but Sonny can't trust his good intentions just because of that time he was trying specifically to get Sonny arrested. I know all the Corinthos men will eventually make up, but I hope no one has to shed blood in order for that to happen.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Nina continue to use Ava to get to Sonny until Ava realizes Nina is a whiny anchor around her neck and cuts Nina loose? Will Curtis convince Drew to move on from his revenge scheme, or will Curtis end up as collateral damage in Drew's rage? Will Donna ever stop being the most adorable child in Port Charles? (I hope not.) Will anyone ever ask where Ned is? Did Eddie Maine return and go on tour with his "Siren"?

Will Sonny realize that Michael was trying to protect him *right after* he changed his mind about destroying him? Will Brooke Lynn regret signing the prenup after Chase and Blaze's song goes viral and he becomes a billionaire? Will Danny and Jake come to blows over the vape pen and make their dad separate them? (By the way, doesn't Jake look more and more like young Jason every day?) Will Drew be happy his brother is back in town, or super jelly of Jason and Carly's unbreakable bond?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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