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Kristina has forgotten her own reality show, Sasha is a sous chef down by the seashore, Gregory needs full-time care but is too proud to say yes, and Ava and Nina's BFF status has changed to "It's complicated." Let's dive into this and more in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear readers, the moment that Lois convinced an unhinged, unmedicated Sonny to attend Brook Lynn's wedding, I thought, "Uh-oh." Sonny sees the entire town as his enemy, and they're all going to be there. Also, perhaps his real enemy, but we don't really know who that is yet.

Between the brewing mob war and Gregory's quickly advancing ALS, I am not hopeful for a happy wedding. The sad thing is that Chase and Brook Lynn deserve a perfect day. They should have known better and gotten married at Disneyland or maybe by the captain of a cruise ship.

But alas, they invited the menagerie of characters in their lives, and I predict drama will ensue. I just hope no one dies. At least not any of the people I care about.

Right now, that is almost everyone. I find myself being sympathetic with characters I usually don't have much use for. The fight between Ava and Nina this week was particularly brutal. When it suddenly dawned on Nina that Ava gave her bad advice, and probably on purpose, the way her face fell broke my heart. Have you ever been betrayed by someone you thought you could trust? It's the most painful of all cuts to the heart.

Nina thought that Ava was an advocate on her behalf, talking her up to Sonny and trying to pave the way to a reconciliation. Instead, Ava explained to Nina that she understood Sonny in a way Nina never could with her knowledge of the inner workings of the mob world. Nina asked if Ava had been playing her all along, and I hope the answer is yes. That's the only way their friendship would make any sense, which I have said for months. Their history does not allow for forgetting. Maybe forgiveness, but not forgetting. If a woman kidnapped you while you were pregnant and tried to force you into labor and stole your baby, is there any circumstance whatsoever when you'd be besties with her five years later? Nope.

Their fight was spectacular. Nina accused Ava of setting her up, and she was right. Ava said that she understood Sonny in a way Nina never could, due to their shared mob upbringings. Ava taunted Nina by adding that Sonny didn't have to lie to her or explain things about his life like he did to Nina, because Ava gets it. Nina was so hurt and so betrayed. Ava didn't even try to deny it, she just dug in and doubled down.

One of my favorite lines was when Nina was referencing "Mike" who Ava reminded her didn't exist. Ava told Nina that if she wanted a to live a quiet life, she shouldn't have chosen a notorious mob boss for a husband. She's not wrong. I just wish I knew Ava's end game. Is she A) out for revenge for past sins people have committed against her, B) falling in love with Sonny and wants him for herself, C) misses the mob power and wants to be the lady of mob manor, or D) a little bit of all of that.

Nina signed her divorce papers and is already on the prowl. After Nina and Drew had random desk sex, they keep circling each other like sharks. I am not sure how I would feel about a legitimate Drew and Nina relationship, but right now, their vibe feels a bit creepy to me. There is just something "ick" about Drew sleeping with the woman who had him thrown in prison. I can't get my head around it. I preferred Drew's chem test with Jordan. My favorite love match for Jordan was Portia's brother that she had a one-night stand with, and my least favorite potential pairing for Jordan is with Brick. He said so many sleazy double-entendre lines to her, it just made me nauseous.

If Ava used her friendship with Nina to gain an entry back into Sonny's door, I will drink up every drop of that storyline. But like Nina, I have to ask, to what end? What is Ava's end game? Once Ava discovered that Sonny's meds were at quarter strength, she didn't tell him. If she was really on his side, she would have gone to him immediately and let him know. But Ava has an agenda, and keeping Sonny a little off center plays to her advantage. I thought after Morgan, she would have learned her lesson, but apparently not.

Has Ava considered what it would mean for Avery to lose her daddy, whom she dearly loves? Has Ava considered the consequences of how bad things are when Sonny is off his medication? I'm worried. You know it's bad when Nina and Carly agree on something, and both of them are concerned about Ava's role in Sonny's life.

There are rumors that say this might be an exit story for Maurice Benard. Perhaps he is going to focus on State of Mind full-time and kiss GH goodbye. Maybe the writers are finally going to make Sonny pay for all his crimes and be held accountable for a lifetime of wrongdoing. Anna and Laura, who both care about Sonny, have concluded that they can no longer turn their eyes away from his illegal and violent behavior.

The intense conversation between Laura and Sonny over his proposed art donation to the city was especially pointed. I think in all the years that Sonny has been on GH, very few people have been as honest with him as Laura was. The thing is, because he's off his medication, he can't respond rationally. He's a raw nerve, on edge every minute.

Sonny thinks Carly and Jason are his enemies. When Sonny tearfully said to Carly "of all the people I thought would abandon me, I never thought that it would be you," she teared up. She still loves him, and she doesn't understand why he thinks she and Jason would ever turn on him. That scene broke my heart. His lack of meds is making him unsteady, and he can't tell truth from reality. He also thinks Michael is his enemy, which, as we know, was true for a brief time. Sonny's paranoia is off the charts, but that doesn't mean no one is out to get him. Both Cyrus and Dex have turned in sworn statements against him. The deck is stacking up against Sonny on several fronts.

Is this the end? Or maybe a new beginning? Maybe Jason working with the Feds can get Sonny to help him bring down Pikeman, help him cut a deal, help him find a way out. But it seems unlikely, since Sonny won't let anyone close.

Jason came by and tried to give Sonny sound counsel about not harming Dex, which was not well received. Jason said if any harm came to Dex, everyone would know that Sonny did it, and he'd end up in jail or worse. Jason told Sony it wasn't worth it. He told Sonny to back off Dex and just let him go, but Sonny would not agree. Jason said if Sonny tried to harm Dex, Jason would stop him.

Sonny asked, "How are you going to stop me?" Jason didn't answer and didn't really need to. I mean, Sonny, he worked for you a long time, you know what his "particular set of skills" is, right? I am learning to love and appreciate the new and improved Jason. I like his tattoos, I like his stories, I like his motives, and I like his loyalty to Sonny even when Sonny is accusing him of betrayal.

Sonny told Jason that instead of meddling in Sonny's business and worrying about Sonny's kids, he should be a parent to Danny and Jake and explain to them why he played dead for two years. That had to be painful for Jason to hear. We know he would never want to do that to his kids, but to protect Carly, he did.

The real question is, why didn't Jason call Diane? I mean, Diane has gotten him off many a crime, many a time. Didn't he think Diane could have done the same for Carly with whatever evidence John (Jagger) has on her? It only halfway makes sense, but since I am so happy to have Jason back, I am pretending I don't notice all the holes in the plot.

Like the plot hole where Sasha is suddenly a chef with a great shepherd's pie recipe and coming to be the new cook at the Q's. I can hardly wait until Tracy hears that Olivia hired the former supermodel as the new cook. I'm laughing already.

Speaking of Tracy, I think she may be my favorite character right now. I love the way they have matured Tracy to the point where I can see both Edward and Lila in her. She used to be about 90% Edward and 10% Lila, but the balance has shifted. She is still a shark when it comes to business, but her empathy and caring for others has increased tenfold since the 80s version of Tracy. Her love for Brook Lynn and Chase, her tolerance of Olivia and Lois, her friendship with Finn and Gregory, and her dance moves have my heart smiling. Jane Elliot is a treasure. Plus, I have major hair envy when I see her.

Across town, Danny sneaked into Jason's room and is trying the leather jacket on for size. Sam can say whatever she wants, but readers, you and I both know that Danny didn't inherit his wild side from Jason's DNA. Jason was the good boy in his family, the straight A, no-trouble med student until he sustained a brain injury after an accident. That's not transferable. Danny didn't catch his rebellious streak from Jason, and he wasn't around when Danny was growing up for Danny to mimic his behavior.

But you know who else was wild? Sam. She came to town as a con artist and a diver for hire. She married rich men and dumped them for their money and then fled town. I wish Jason would remind her of that when she's blaming Danny's rebellious nature on Jason. I love this current version of Sam co-parenting with Dante, but I remember her from before that transformation.

I feel like the new writers are just throwing things out to see what sticks. Like having Trina wanting to spend time with baby Ace and become his babysitter... I almost choked on that one. Can you imagine if Esme comes back to town and finds Trina being Ace's caregiver? Yikes. Which brings me to the news that is sad for us but happy for him, Nicholas Alexander Chavez is not coming back to GH. I'm gutted by this, even though I knew there was a strong chance we would not be able to keep him for long.

Super shiny people just pass through Daytime on their way to the bright lights. Go to YouTube and watch some old episodes of They Started on Soaps. So many movie stars got their first big break in Daytime. I hate to see this be the end of Sprina. If ABC decides to hire a recast of Spencer to keep this beloved couple alive, I promise I will give the new guy a chance, since N.A.C. opted to leave of his own will. It's only when GH axes someone I adore, like Lexie Ainsworth, without good reason that I get cranky about a recast. When Sydney Mikayla left, I didn't think Sprina would survive, and then they hired Tabyana Ali, who instantly proved me wrong. I hope lighting can strike one more time with a new Spencer. I wish Mr. Chavez the best in his new endeavors, and I will continue to be a fan wherever he goes.

Readers, last week, Curtis took his first steps, and now he's bouncing around, throwing hatchets, and he doesn't even have a limp. I'm glad to see him up and about, but wow, what a speedy recovery. I am glad they mentioned that in the script, because as soon as I saw Curtis with axe in hand, I made some wisecrack to my husband (who pretends he doesn't watch GH), and then Anna said almost the same thing to him, and I felt pleased with myself.

Across town at Brook Lynn's bridal shower/bachelorette party/catfight, Josslyn and Kristina nearly came to blows. Readers, do you recall that Kristina was once on a reality show called Mob Princess? The fact that she's now acting shocked by Sonny's being in the mob and acting so doe eyed and innocent over his dirty deeds doesn't ring true. There is a lot of revisionist history happening right now, and unless you're a long-time soap nerd viewer like me, you might not know that past plot.

As I mentioned before, one past plot I was glad that the writers brought up was Ava and Nina's past. Their catfight was divine. Nina accused Ava of setting her up, and she was right. Ava and Sonny do share mob upbringings. Ava made a valid point that Sonny didn't have to lie to her or explain things about his life to her, because Ava gets it. Nina was so hurt and so betrayed, but she's going to bring this pain into story moving forward, and it is May Sweeps time, so I'm ready.

Speaking of betrayal, I sense one is brewing in the Davis girls' circle. Kristina is all riled up about Sonny. T.J. is all riled up about Kristina being riled up. Molly is trying to appease them both. But Molly was told last week, in no uncertain terms, that she would have to prosecute Sonny when the time is right. So, if Molly prosecutes Sonny, what are the odds that Kristina will give her the baby? I just feel like this is all about to blow up.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Tracy start calling Sasha "Cook 4"? Will Leo spit out his shepherd's pie after the tenth time she makes it? Will Sasha start selling cookware on Home & Heart and outsell Lucy? Will Nikolas bust out of prison during the mysterious out-of-state transfer, hide in the caves of Wyndemere, and find Esme down there? Will the writers make Tracy the new caregiver for Gregory and say she's secretly been a doctor all these years, unbeknownst to us? Will anyone get poor Violet counseling after she has lost her birth mother, then lost Anna, and is now about to lose Gregory?

Will Jackie Templeton attend Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding, or will they make some lame excuse why she can't be there? Will Carly, who has been married to Sonny four times, ever realize he's off his meds? Will Dante start to worry about how shaky Sam is when she talks about Jason and how her bottom lip quivers when she says his name? Will Tracy order a case of schnapps and let the good times roll? Will Drew and Willow stop giving each other smoldering looks over casual conversation? What is up with that, anyway? Will Joss and Trina ever actually reschedule their dinner with Aunt Stella?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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