Linda Dano's soap-hopping Rae is GH-bound

Posted Sunday, March 12, 2000 - 9:54:58 PM
Linda Dano's soap-hopping Rae is GH-bound

For those of you who have been following the bouncing storyline, Linda Dano (Rae Cummings) will be arriving in Port Charles (on the GH side) on March 31 and will stay through April 25. She will be spending time on GH's sister soap, Port Charles, from April 15 through April 26th.

Dano's multi-soap saga began in Llanview (One Life to Live), where it was revealed that that it was vital that Rae locate her wandering ex-husband, Daniel Faulkner. She developed a relationship (though has remained platonic) with Detective John Sykes before tracking Daniel to Pine Valley.

That lead Dano to All My Children. On AMC, viewers learned that in addition to the money he stole from her, Daniel has vital information concerning the whereabouts of Rae's daughter. Rae's daughter was taken from her shortly after childbirth. For years, she believed that her child had died --- but her family had lied to her. It was also learned that Myrtle Fargate (played by Eileen Herlie) is Rae's biological mother.

The mystery continues as she carries over to Port Charles. There has been speculation that perhaps she will be connected to Felicia, since Felicia's maiden name is Cummings.

About her stint in Port Charles, Head Writer Robert Guza Jr. says, "Rae will be looking for a desk. That's what brings her to Port Charles. In this desk is something that contains information critical to Rae finding her daughter." Rae mingles with many of the characters during her stay in Port Charles, Guza says. "She has major stuff with the Qs ... as well as Sonny and Carly. She has scenes with Bobbie. I'm thrilled to have Linda. She'll fit right in with our cast. Rae will get the full tour, and it's going to be really interesting." What else will she find? "Let's just say that during the course of Rae's run on GH, you will also get a very strong clue as to who the father of her daughter is."

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