Are Juan's days numbered?

Posted Sunday, October 29, 2000 11:39:29 PM
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Are Juan's days numbered?

Fans of Juan may be getting some bad news soon. It appears that rumors are circling that Michael Saucedo might be on his way out.

Saucedo, who has played Juan since June 1999, has taken a backseat since Emily became involved with Zander Smith.

A source close to General Hospital insists that Saucedo isn't going anywhere and, like all characters do from time to time, is currently being given a rest while the writers explore other characters.

The rumors of Saucedo's demise aren't new. In fact, the talk first popped up when Zander was recast earlier this fall with Chad Brannon assuming the role. Zander remains a recurring character, which may be good news for Juan and Saucedo. The source at GH, however, admits that bumping Brannon up to a full-term contract is not out of the realm of possibility.

Overall, fans remain mixed on dumping Juan. Many have expressed a strong disinterest in Juan's music career. Others feel that Zander is a better match for Emily, but those same fans are hesitant to ask for Juan to be removed from the canvas entirely.

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