Bobbie Eakes's addition to GH looks unlikely

Posted Sunday, December 17, 2000 8:40:31 PM
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Bobbie Eakes's addition to GH looks unlikely

In September, Soap Central reported that Bobbie Eakes (ex-Macy Alexander, The Bold and the Beautiful) was reportedly ready to join the cast of General Hospital. Since that time, though, the rumor has faded away and it looked like the talk was nothing more than hype.

Until now.

According to the Internet rumor mill, Eakes is ready to sign on to General Hospital as a psychiatrist.

Eakes, however, tells a different tale. "It's definitely not even in the negotiation phase yet," says the actress. According the Eakes, a rep from General Hospital contacted her about a new role being added to the show. Eakes admits that there is some interest on her part, but insists that the deal is far from done.

Bradley Bell, executive producer and head writer of The Bold and The Beautiful, says that while he misses Eakes, the show has no plans to bring back Eakes's character.

Soap Central contacted ABC to discuss the report that Eakes is ready to sign her name to a contract, but a spokesperson explained that the network does not comment on rumors.

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