Rick Springfield returning to GH

Posted Thursday, October 13, 2005 2:51:22 PM
Rick Springfield returning to GH

A blast from the past will be returning to General Hospital next month: actor-singer Rick Springfield (Noah Drake) will be reprising the role he made famous back in the 1980s.

Springfield was born the son of a Lt. Colonel in the British Army and spent his childhood on various army bases in Australia and Britain. As a teenager he fronted many music bans, which later paved the way for his success as a solo artist. Springfield earned a #1 hit with "Jessie's Girl" in 1981. During the same time, Springfield appeared on General Hospital, ending a two-year run with the show in 1983.

In addition to his work on General Hospital, Springfield has appeared in numerous made-for-television films.

When Springfield returns, he will not be doing so alone. Viewers will learn that since Noah last aired, he had a son, who is also a doctor.

Springfield's return is slated for a four-episode engagement beginning on December 2.

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