Drew Garrett talks about being the "new" Michael Corinthos

Posted Monday, June 15, 2009 6:13:47 PM
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Drew Garrett talks about being the

Just over a year ago, General Hospital fans were stunned by rumors that the show was going to kill off Michael Corinthos, the adoptive son of mob mob boss Sonny Corinthos. It was later revealed that Michael would not be killed, but, Dylan Cash, the actor that had played the role for six years, would be leaving the show.

Some fans were skeptical when the show announced earlier this year that it was planning to not only recast Michael, but also "age" the character. The somewhat unenviable task of stepping in as the new Michael fell in the hands of newcomer Drew Garrett. Garrett has since proved his hands to be quite capable.

In a new interview with Michael Fairman On Soaps, Garrett talks about how he came to land in Port Charles and why he feels the show had no choice but to recast the role of Michael.

"For the sake of the storyline, and the summer shows going for the young audience... with all respect to Dylan Cash... there is only so much you can do with a 13-year-old actor, in reference to an interesting and volatile storyline," Garrett explains. "People want to see some stuff go down. And with a younger character, what's it going to be, skipping class and not doing homework? They want some bar brawls! And for that reason, it will add a lot more interest and attract the younger audience for summer time."

As for what those grown-up storylines might involve, Garrett says that he doesn't expect a miraculous soap cure for the injuries his character sustained from being shot in the head. There may, however, be a relationship that develops between Michael and the also recently aged Kristina.

"Kristina, in my eyes, is my sister," Garrett says. "She is a little trickster and a little smarty-pants! I think if anything, she would have feelings for Michael first, [rather] than the other way around. I think he is too preoccupied with everything going on around him to be interested in her. But, yes there could be a possibility of [romance] in the future."

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