Michael Sutton returning as GH's Stone

Posted Monday, August 16, 2010 1:30:28 PM
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Michael Sutton returning as GH's Stone

15 years ago, General Hospital broke new ground in daytime with a storyline involving two young lovers and a medical condition not often addressed on daytime, HIV. Now, one of the actors involved in that storyline, Michael Sutton, is headed back to General Hospital.

Michael Sutton (ex-Stone Cates) will return to General Hospital next month. The actor was part of one of General Hospital's most memorable and groundbreaking storylines: 1995's romance between Stone and Robin, and Stone's subsequent death from AIDS-related complications.

Fans need not worry that the ABC soap is planning to undo its landmark 1995 AIDS storyline. TVGuide's Michael Logan reports that Sutton "won't be coming back as a ghost or a spirit." Instead, Robin will see Stone when she finds herself in a "physically perilous situation."

At ABC's request, details of exactly how Robin's life hangs in the balance are not being revealed.

Since leaving General Hospital in 1995, Sutton has focused his attention on things outside of acting. Sutton is a highly successful restaurant owner and nightclub promoter in Los Angeles.

Sutton was nominated for an Outstanding Supporting Actor Daytime Emmy for Stone's death storyline.

Sutton will return for a special two-episode story arc beginning on September 28.

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