Sebastian Roch checks back in to GH

Posted Sunday, October 03, 2010 8:52:03 PM
Sebastian Roché checks back in to GH

Sebastian Roché will reprise the role of Jerry Jax in December. The actor's return gives fans yet another name to add to their lists of who the Balkan might really be. Roché last appeared on General Hospital in August 2009.

Sebastian Roché (Jerry Jacks) will reprise the role of Jerry Jacks on General Hospital later this year. It will mark the actor's first appearance on the ABC soap in more than a year.

So with Jerry's seemingly out-of-nowhere return, many fans are wondering if the Aussie will turn out to be the infamous Balkan. Of course no one at ABC is officially commenting on the theory, but General Hospital's head writer is aware of the fan speculation. In fact, in a recent interview, Robert Guza, Jr., revealed that fans will be very familiar with the Balkan.

"There's been a lot of speculation out there," Guza told Soap Opera Digest. "I've seen Jerry Jacks, Suzanne, Robert Scorpio, Sean Donely, which surprised me, and Faison. They're all very good contenders I will say that it's going to look very much like somebody who much of the audience thinks it is."

Guza's remarks are sure to only fuel the speculation.

Roché assumed the role of Jerry in 2007. The role had previously been played by actor Julian Stone in 1998 and 1999. Since taking over as Jerry, Roché has made a handful of guest appearances, most lasting no more than a few weeks.

Roché makes his first appearance on December 13.

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