General Hospital makes musical changes

Posted Monday, March 12, 2012 2:44:58 AM
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General Hospital makes musical changes

A game of musical chairs has broken out at General Hospital. In addition to a truncated opening credits and new theme music, the soap has replaced its long-time music supervisor.

Last week, General Hospital debuted a new opening sequence that caught many fans by surprise. The show's usual 55-second opening was replaced by a much shorter version. The show's theme song was replaced by the music that has been used during the bumpers that air during the commercial breaks at 30-minute mark of each episode.

A show rep assures fans that the current credits are part of an overhaul of the two-year-old opening.

"The opening is a work in progress," the rep said in a statement. "There's a brand new one in the works, which you'll see in good time."

In addition to the changes at the top of the show, General Hospital has also made some changes to its music department. Long-time music chief and multiple Emmy winner RC Cates is out after more than two decades as General Hospital's music supervisor. In addition to working on General Hospital, Cates also worked on GH's spinoffs, Port Charles and Night Shift.

Executive producer Frank Valentini announced via Twitter that former One Life to Live musical director, Paul Glass, has joined General Hospital. Glass worked on One Life to Live from 1999 until the show's finale in January 2012.

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