Emmy-nominated One Life to Live star Kassie DePaiva will be making another appearance on General Hospital later this year. The news, first reported by a popular soap columnist, seems to indicate that DePaiva's stint could last more than just a few days. DePaiva made her debut as Blair on OLTL in 1993.

The Internet has made it possible to share news and information faster than ever. In the soap world, it has also, unfortunately, been a venue where actors and actresses have learned that they've been let go from their shows. But apparently, the power of the Internet can also be used to spread a bit of good news.

That was the case over the weekend when Soap Opera Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey revealed that fan favorite Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer) would soon be returning to General Hospital for what Hinsey called a "nice stint." A short time later, DePaiva also took to the Internet to confirm the news for fans.

"I received a call from GH's executive producer Frank Valentini... My friend... And he said there is something coming up on the canvas for Blair," DePaiva wrote in a blog entry on her personal web site. "I guess it must be true because Carolyn Hinsey tweeted that I would be coming back for a 'nice stint'. I'm not sure what that means exactly... But maybe that's a good sign. I'm always excited to put Blair's hat back on and to walk in her shoes. GH is looking good these days."

DePaiva has made two previous appearances on General Hospital as her One Life to Live alter ego. The actress has been playing Blair since 1993. In 2005, the actress earned a Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Lead Actress category.

A first airdate has yet to be announced.

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