GH casting a teenage male -- is it someone we know?

Posted Wednesday, December 05, 2012 12:05:19 PM
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GH casting a teenage male -- is it someone we know?

General Hospital has plans to introduce -- or perhaps reintroduce -- a teenage male to the canvas. The casting notice doesn't give too many hints, but that hasn't stopped fans from guessing.

General Hospital will soon be adding a teen to its roster. The show recently issued a casting call, but there aren't really enough details to pinpoint what the show has in mind. Still, that hasn't stopped some inference and good, old-fashioned guessing.

In the casting call, the show announced that it is seeking a Caucasian male "14-17, blue eyes and dark hair. Soulful, complex, has an intensity beyond his years."

A character name was not issued with this casting call, but soap fans will know that the names used in casting calls often don't end up being the real name of the character.

That has led some to speculate that the character being cast might be a character that has already been introduced to viewers rather than a new one. The name getting the most attention is Morgan, Carly and Sonny's son.

Morgan was born on-screen in October 2003, but the character has been off-screen since the summer of 2011 and that could mean that the show has been waiting for a suitable storyline to recast the role.

If the age of the actor being sought for the role doesn't seem to line up with when the character was born, you needn't question your arithmetic. In 2009, Morgan's birth year was changed from 2003 to 1995.

When last spotted in 2011, actor Aaron Sanders played the role of Morgan. Sanders assumed the role in 2010 after a scheduling conflict required Aaron Refvem to leave the show.

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