Jon Lindstrom headed back to General Hospital

Posted Wednesday, January 09, 2013 12:32:44 PM
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Jon Lindstrom headed back to General Hospital

General Hospital continues to revisit stories involving characters from its past. In the latest casting move, Jon Lindstrom has been tapped to reprise the role of Kevin Collins, a role he played on both GH and its spinoff, Port Charles.

After nearly a decade away, Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins) is headed back to General Hospital. Lindstrom will reprise the role of Kevin Collins beginning later this month.

Lindstrom joined General Hospital in 1992, but it wasn't as Kevin. Lindstrom started on GH as Ryan Chamberlin, Kevin's troubled twin brother. For a period of a few years, Lindstrom pulled double duty as both Ryan and Kevin.

Kevin's popularity resulted in the character being used to help launch GH's 30-minute spinoff, Port Charles, in 1997. Lindstrom remained with Port Charles for the series' entire six-year run.

Though it had originally been thought that key characters would be brought back into the General Hospital fold after Port Charles' cancellation, that was not the case. In 2004, however, Lindstrom and Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe) reprised their roles on GH for Lila Quartermaine's memorial service.

On GH, Lindstrom will be reunited with several of his Port Charles castmates, most notably Herring, who played Lindstrom's on-screen love interest and returned to General Hospital last month, and Kelly Monaco, who played his daughter, Livvie Locke.

Michael Easton (John McBain) and Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery) also appeared on Port Charles, but played different roles. Easton portrayed vampire Caleb Morley and Buchanan played Joshua Temple.

After wrapping up his Port Charles stint, Lindstrom eventually landed on As the World Turns, where he played the role of Craig Montgomery from 2008 through the series' final episode in 2010.

Lindstrom returns to the airwaves beginning January 30.

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