Kin Shriner's Hospital return

Posted Monday, January 14, 2013 12:46:58 PM
Kin Shriner's Hospital return

Kin Shriner will return to General Hospital as the show continues to pay tribute to nearly 50 years on broadcast television. Shriner made his first appearance as Scott Baldwin in 1977.

With Genie Francis' (Laura Spencer) return to General Hospital now a done deal, there is word that the actress' first on-screen husband, Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) is also headed back to the canvas.

The news was not revealed by ABC or any of General Hospital's execs -- and it wasn't leaked by the actor himself. Former General Hospital star Billy Warlock (ex-A.J. Quartermaine) made the announcement on Twitter.

"Jon Lindstrom [Kevin] is back on GH and now Kin Shriner is going back," Warlock wrote. "Please give them lots of support."

In an interview with TVGuide's Michael Logan, Shriner confirmed his return -- and offered responses that highlighted his trademark humor.

"I knew if I saw Lucy Coe's duck show up and I still wasn't invited that I should start to get concerned," Shriner quipped. "I really wanted to go back and be part of all that fun. [Head writer] Ron Carlivati has gone on record saying he's been watching GH since the Scotty and Laura days in the '70s, and you can tell he really loves bringing back that old history."

In addition to being part of Laura's past, Shriner's Scott also shares history with Lindstrom and Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe). All three performers also appeared together on General Hospital's spinoff, Port Charles.

There are also whispers, according to Soap Central sources, that Shriner's return could help pave the way for the reintroduction of Scott's daughter, Serena. Serena hasn't been seen since 2003, when actress Carly Schroeder played the role on Port Charles.

Shriner first appeared on GH in 1977. He remained with the show on an off-and-on basis through 1993. Following a three-year run on Port Charles, Shriner returned to General Hospital in September 2000 for a four-year run. He was last seen on the show in 2008, when Scott left Port Charles for Paris with Laura.

Shriner begins taping on January 22, with a first airdate sometime in February.

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