GH casting unnamed 20something character

Posted Sunday, November 10, 2013 7:35:00 PM
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GH casting unnamed 20something character

General Hospital is looking to add a new face to its roster. The ABC soap is casting the role of a charming, unnamed bad boy -- but who might he be?

General Hospital's casting department is seeking a Caucasian male performer in or around his late 20s for an unnamed contract role.

The role is described as "handsome, sexy, dynamic. Rich, privileged, charming bad boy. Gets into trouble and gets out of it."

Unlike most casting calls, the ABC soap did not attach a name to the casting notice. That isn't to say that a name would've been the name of the role that GH is casting. Soaps will often use a fake name so as not to tip off fans to their plans. That has not, however, stopped fans from speculating about the show's intentions. The majority of fans seem to be lining up on one of two fronts: Dillon Quartermaine or Lucas Jones.

Dillon, the son of Tracy Quartermaine and Paul Hornsby, would boost the Quartermaines' presence on the canvas. It's been six years since Dillon, last played by Scott Clifton, was seen in town. Clifton now appears as Liam Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful.

It's been seven years since Lucas was spotted in Port Charles. Lucas' return would make sense for several reasons: he is Bobbie Spencer's adopted son and the biological son of Julian Jerome, a character that was recently reintroduced to the canvas. Lucas is also a gay male, and could be a possible romantic interest for Felix Dubois.

News of the new role was first reported by Soap Opera Uncensored.

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