Warlock, Carlivati respond to Kanan exit

Posted Monday, March 17, 2014 11:29:51 AM
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Warlock, Carlivati respond to Kanan exit

Sean Kanan will exit General Hospital next month, and while fans discuss their thoughts on A.J.'s future -- or lack thereof -- GH's head writer and a former A.J. are weighing in on Kanan's departure.

News of Sean Kanan's (A.J. Quartermaine) exit from General Hospital is only a few hours old, but the uncasting news has already resulted in much discussion on social media. While much of the discussion revolves around how A.J. should be written out, some of the chatter focuses on what Kanan had to say about his exit.

In his exit interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan, Kanan stated that he was appreciative that he had been asked to return for General Hospital's 50th anniversary celebration, but the actor lamented that he "was not over the moon about the writing."

"Doing stories about panic attacks and relish was not what I thought I'd signed up for," Kanan stated. "I feel I brought everything I could to the character yet it was obvious they weren't going to give me a great love story, which I found very disappointing."

Meanwhile, General Hospital head writer Ron Carlivati fired back on Twitter.

"His comments are like school in the summertime," Carlivati wrote. "No class."

Another A.J., Emmy winner Billy Warlock (ex-A.J. Quartermaine) weighed in on Kanan's GH exit.

"I must say if it's true about [Sean Kanan] I am truly bummed," Warlock told fans on Twitter. "Not just for him but for A.J. as well. [Sean] was a great AJ!"

Warlock added, "Go B&B," to his tweet, a reference to Kanan's upcoming reprisal of The Bold and the Beautiful's Deacon Sharpe.

For more on Sean Kanan's exit from GH and return to B&B, click here.

Are you surprised that Sean Kanan is out at GH? Disappointed? What are your thoughts on his return to The Bold and the Beautiful? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below this article, or you can click here to send us feedback.

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