Tony Geary recuperating from back surgery

Posted Tuesday, June 24, 2014 1:56:32 AM
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Tony Geary recuperating from back surgery

General Hospital star Anthony Geary is resting at his home in Amsterdam following two surgical procedures that have required him to take an extended leave from the show.

Seven-time Daytime Emmy winner Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer) is recuperating from major surgery at his home in the Netherlands.

"It's been a challenging year," Geary told TVGuide Magazine's Michael Logan. "I knew for a while that I had to have this surgery but I love my story on GH and didn't want to walk away from it, so I delayed the operation a bit. I had two operations, actually -- one on April 21 and another April 23 -- thinking that after two weeks I'd be able to fly home to Amsterdam. As it turned out, it took me two weeks before I was even walking. I decided to take six months off the show because I was told it would be an arduous recovery. I need to walk two to three miles a day to get my strength back and regenerate the nerves damaged during the operation. But the surgery was a success and I'm a fast healer. I have only myself to blame. My chickens finally came home to roost."

In addition to previous knee replacement surgery, Geary now has "a metal cage" around his spine. The winningest actor in Daytime Emmy history believes that his rough-and-tumble ways as a kid -- jumping off the roof of his home, pole-vaulting, and cliff diving -- may have led to his current issues.

Geary also admits that there was a point when he was ready to walk away from General Hospital, but that the current so-called "Fluke" storyline helped to change his mind.

"This storyline has revived my whole interest in the game," he stated.

TVGuide couldn't get Geary to spill the beans about the identity of the Luke imposter, but Geary did say that the "the guy has no joy in life [and] no moral compass whatsoever."

There's no word yet on when Geary will be back in the United States to resume his General Hospital work, but the actor's delayed leave did allow him to shoot some additional scenes that will keep Luke present on-screen a bit longer than expected.

The entire interview with Anthony Geary, which includes a great deal of behind-the-scenes talk, can be read here.

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