Baby Daddy stars headed to GH for Woody Allen-like Valentine's episode

Posted Wednesday, January 07, 2015 6:17:09 PM
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Whoa baby! Port Charles will soon be getting a visit from sitcom stars -- just in time to put a unique spin on Valentine's Day.

What do you get when you mix General Hospital and ABC Family's Baby Daddy together? A fun-filled February, as not only will Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) be guest-starring on the sitcom next month, but two of the primetime series' stars will be heading to Port Charles, as well.

A rep for the show confirms that Derek Theler and Melissa Peterman, who play Danny and Bonnie Wheel on the sitcom, will be hitting the GH canvas for a Valentine's Day themed episode. And it looks to be quite a hilarious romantic situation that ensues.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "When Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) has a surprise visitor from her Bensonhurst days, Melissa Santoro Picard (Peterman), it quickly becomes clear that Olivia is upset on V-day because she's carrying a torch for Ned... who is carrying a torch for Alexis... who is carrying a torch for Julian. (Soaps, right?) Melissa sets out to give Ned a piece of her mind over the way he's treated Olivia and is surprised to find a familiar face working at the Quartermaines'."

The site then goes on to say that "Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) is called to consult on a case at the last minute, delaying his date at the Metro Court with Sam. His [colleague], Derek (Theler), also happened to be stood up by his date, so he keeps Sam company, and the two discover the true meaning of Valentine's Day."

Soap Central first reported on the crossover way back in September.

Monaco's episode of Baby Daddy is scheduled to air on ABC Family on Wednesday, February 4. Meanwhile, the GH portion of the crossover is scheduled for Friday, February 13 on ABC.

What do you think about GH crossing over with Baby Daddy? Are there any other shows you hope the soap mingles with? Share your thoughts in our Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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