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Posted Tuesday, January 20, 2015 1:06:14 PM
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Former General Hospital star Genie Francis (ex-Laura Spencer) is back in the spotlight, but this time it's as the newest spokesperson for Nutrisystem.

General Hospital's Genie Francis' (ex-Laura Spencer) looked like a million bucks when she drew in 30 million viewers as Luke's bride back in 1981, but the beloved actress reveals that she hasn't always felt like it. As the newest spokesperson for Nutrisystem, the actress -- who has lost 30 pounds on the popular weight loss program -- admits that she's struggled with her weight for as long as she can remember.

"I've always been an emotional eater. I use food to comfort myself. It's been an ongoing problem in my life," she says. "But the biggest part of the problem was that before, in order lose weight, I would do extreme diets and starve. The good thing about Nutrisystem is that I'm more at peace with food."

The former All My Children, Days of our Lives, and The Young and the Restless actress goes on to explain that being on the program has not only made considerable changes to her appearance but also to her spirit. "It's amazing what losing weight can do for you," she says. "I am feeling more like my old self. I have more confidence, don't dread getting dressed, and have much more energy."

The 52-year-old is the latest in a long line of other known personalities who have successfully lost weight with Nutrisystem, including singer and actress Marie Osmond, who lost 50 pounds; Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, who lost 22 pounds; actress and director Melissa Joan Hart, who lost 40 pounds; actress and entrepreneur Soleil Moon Frye, who lost 23 pounds; and reality star Darrell Sheets, who lost 40 pounds.

Watch for Francis' Nutrisystem ads to start airing mid-February, but in the meantime, check out Genie discussing her new role as product ambassador below.

What do you think about Francis posing as Nutrisystem's newest spokesperson? Have you also struggled with weight issues in your life? Let us know your thoughts in our Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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