Details are out on Michelle Stafford's "secret" new series

Posted Thursday, April 02, 2015 12:14:39 PM
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Details are out on Michelle Stafford's  secret  new series

Emmy winner Michelle Stafford will soon star alongside her real-life daughter in a new web series for Stafford currently appears as Nina Clay on General Hospital.

Forget the minivan, rumpled clothes, messy hair, and frazzled facial expression because they will not be a part of Michelle Stafford's (Nina Clay, General Hospital; ex-Phyllis Summers, The Young and the Restless) new series, The Secret Mind of a Single Mom. Nope, the web series, which also stars the actress' five-year-old daughter, Natalia, will be a bit more cutting edge, as Stafford describes.

"[Nickelodeon] came to me after seeing [my previous project], The Stafford Project, and taking a look at my website, which is all about me doing life and motherhood as a single chick," she told TV Insider. "They wanted some sort of single mom, cutting edge, comedic show on their NickMom site, something to watch when the kids are asleep or off of school. They wanted something relatable where moms can see themselves and empathize and laugh at the truth."

So what exactly can fans expect from The Secret Mind of a Single Mom? "It's pretty much my daughter humiliating me," she admits of the two-minute episodes. "She's truly the smart one, which is what she is in life, and these are little vignettes of everyday stuff, like the mom and daughter getting into a fight about how a sandwich should or shouldn't be cut. One episode has the mom trying to get something going with this hot guy and the daughter, with just two comments, completely ends it. Like with The Stafford Project, I'm pretty much making fun of myself. As you know, self-deprecation is my friend -- and sometimes my enemy."

Funny enough, while she'll be seen on as the single gal getting terrorized by a five-year-old, she'll simultaneously been seen as GH's Nina Clay -- a character daytime fans know is an absolute wreck. "This is the type of character I wanted to play; in our society, there is so much bull--t now, so many people are a mess, and I wanted to play a character that encompasses that," Stafford explains. "Nina is flawed, she has demons, she's pretty f--ked up, but I didn't want her to be a loudmouth screamer. I wanted to play someone who can hide all of that chaos behind a sweet smile, which is what Nina and a lot of other people do in this world."

For more from Stafford, including details on her new film role and what's on the horizon for Nina and Franco (Roger Howarth), check out her full interview here.

Will you be watching Stafford's new NickMom series? And what do you think about her assessment of Nina? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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