US Surgeon General grilled about ABC's General Hospital

Posted Monday, July 27, 2015 10:38:36 AM
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US Surgeon General grilled about ABC's General Hospital

The Surgeon General of the United States, Vivek Murthy, was asked a series of quiz questions about ABC's General Hospital. Did he pass with flying colors or flat line faster than a dying soap character?

Vivek Murthy, the 19th Surgeon General of the United States, has a lot of important things to do, one of them being answering quiz questions about the long-running ABC soap opera General Hospital. Because knowing all there is to know about daytime TV is an important part of overall good health, obviously!

NPR spoke with the 38-year-old about a variety of topics, including what the surgeon general does specifically, how Americans can improve our health, and, of course, his knowledge of General Hospital. The outlet asked Murthy three questions about the ABC soap, and his goal was to get two out of the three correct. Crazily enough, he succeeded! Can you? Read excerpts from his interview below and play along to find out.

The first NPR GH question for Murthy was: "Soap opera actors have to deal with a grueling five-day-a-week shooting schedule. General Hospital star Jack Wagner [ex-Frisco Jones; ex-Nick Marone, The Bold and the Beautiful] once proved himself a true professional when he did what? Was it A, during a love scene, rather than stopping, getting out of bed, finding a bathroom to go pee, he just grabbed a Champagne bottle off the nightstand, pulled it under the covers, and relieved himself in it right there? B, Mr. Wagner is the only actor to ever successfully pull off the soap opera trifecta. In one ninety-second scene, he got amnesia, revealed himself to be his own evil twin, and went into a coma... Or C, when struck with acute appendicitis, he filmed a scene for General Hospital from his room at Massachusetts General Hospital?"

The answer, which Murthy got wrong by answering C, is actually A. "When you've got to go, apparently you have to go," joked the NPR interviewer.

Next question: "When one actress learned she was going to be fired from General Hospital, she did not take it lying down. Oh, no, instead, she did what? A, she ad-libbed her final line, took off her shirt, flashed the camera, said F-you and walked off the set. B, without realizing what had just happened, she took a swig from Jack Wagner's bottle of Champagne... Or C, not liking that the producers killed her off, in her funeral scene, she sat up in her casket and waved at the mourners?"

Murthy got the answer right by guessing A. Says NPR, "The story comes from an actress on General Hospital who says, quote, 'Stuff like that happened all the time. I think every door in the building was broken from someone slamming it.'"

And the final question: "General Hospital's biggest storyline, of course, was the famous relationship of Luke and Laura.... Those two star-crossed lovers, Luke and Laura, fell in love while they were doing what? Was it A, hanging around flash dancing and wearing leg warmers, as one did in the early '80s? B, saving the world from a bad tycoon determined to freeze civilization with, quote, 'carbonic snow,' or C, simultaneously romancing Tracy Unterman, who General Hospital doctors called, quote, 'the world's only left-right divided hermaphrodite'?"

Murthy again guessed right when he said B, which made his total two out of three questions correct.

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What do you think about our Surgeon General's GH knowledge? Were you able to answer the questions as well as he? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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