GH star Emme Rylan breaks her nose

Posted Tuesday, August 23, 2016 10:51:13 AM
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GH star Emme Rylan breaks her nose

General Hospital's Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer) is recovering after an at-home accident left her with a broken nose.

They say being a mom is the greatest job in the world, but it has its downfalls. Take General Hospital's Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer), for example. While having a good time playing with her sons, six-year-old Jackson and four-year-old Levi, the actress suffered a broken nose.

"So it finally happened," the actress tweeted of the incident. "The price of playing outside with my boys. They broke my nose."

Keeping up her usual sense of humor, the petite Rylan used a hashtag to joke that her kids are bigger than she is and also revealed that she'll have to have surgery for the injury.

"My son was running to jump on a cushion I was on & I sat up just as he jumped, his head broke my nose," Rylan added in a subsequent tweet. "Taken down by 4yr old!"

Ironically, Rylan was a guest on co-star Michelle Stafford's (Nina Clay) momcentric video podcast in July to talk about all things related to motherhood. Now that you've (almost) finished this article, you can click here to watch the fun.

Will Rylan miss any work -- and will GH have to make another emergency recast? Well, Soap Central "knows" the answer.

"I have surgery Thursday morning, but because of already scheduled dark weeks i will not be taking time off from work," Rylan shares.

UPDATE: (August 26)
Rylan once again took to social media to share the latest on her condition. After having an operation on Thursday, the actress tweeted, "Thank you all for the love. They said that the surgery was an amazing success!"

The self-proclaimed "tough mama" also shared a few post-op snaps that look a whole lot worse than anything the GH makeup department could have come up with. "Gotta keep your sense of humor. Or maybe it's the meds," she joked with one of the pics. Luckily, co-star Rebecca (Hayden Branes) jumped in with a quick comment to point out that the blonde still looks pretty, despite having a "huge bandage" on her face.

Check out the photos below, and don't forget to send Rylan your get-well wishes in the comment section below!

And this is how it's done! #toughassbeotch #bringiton4yearold #mylifewithboys

A photo posted by Emme Rylan (@emmerylan) on

Gotta keep your sense of humor... Or maybe it's the meds.

A photo posted by Emme Rylan (@emmerylan) on

Can anyone say Washi tape project? #thesemedsareSTRONG ??

A photo posted by Emme Rylan (@emmerylan) on

Would you like to wish Rylan a speedy recovery? Have you ever been injured while playing with your kids? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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