INTERVIEW: Lilly Melgar on fabulous one-liners and the 船isneyland' glamour in Ladies of the Lake

Posted Friday, April 21, 2017 3:19:45 AM
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INTERVIEW: Lilly Melgar on fabulous one-liners and the 船isneyland' glamour in Ladies of the Lake

General Hospital's Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily Corinthos) gives fans a sneak peek at the dazzling drama set to beguile fans in Ladies of the Lake.

General Hospital's Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily Corinthos) knows a thing or a two about glitzy glamour. After all, the soap-star-turned-concert-video-director played a large part in bringing Britney Spears's Femme Fatale tour to life and directed video in Ricky Martin's (ex-Miguel Morez, GH) All In Las Vegas residency, which just opened at the new Park Theater in the Monte Carlo Hotel earlier this month. But even the glam that goes along with working with some of the hottest stars in the music industry can't hold a candle to the magic of her latest project, Ladies of the Lake, the upcoming Amazon series based on the book of the same name by Days of our Lives executive producer Ken Corday. Don't believe us? Then check out our interview with Melgar, who confesses that working on the project was like her own personal Disneyland. Congratulations on landing a role in Ladies of the Lake! The Amazon debut of the show is just around the corner, on May 15. How excited are you?

Lilly Melgar: It's incredibly exciting to be releasing it, as we know our fans will really enjoy it! It's what I refer to as a naughty pleasure with heart and a few laughs. How did you become involved with Ladies of the Lake, and what convinced you to sign on?

Melgar: I said yes to the project because it was a character I hadn't played before, a script I thoroughly enjoyed, and a team of people I respect and admire. I also have some of my favorite one-liners in the piece, get to wear designer dresses, and look fabulous! I'm sorry... what was the question? (Laughs) For those who haven't read the book yet, what can you tease about your character, Angelica?

Melgar: I wholeheartedly believe you will love her, root for her, and side with her. Anjelica is broken. She hides behind the "image" of perfection -- an image she feels she needs to create. Her husband has been not only the love of her life, but her main focus. So when she is betrayed by that which she has loved the most, it sends her on a dark path. The rest you will have to watch on May 15th! What was it like to play Angelica? It all sounds like such delicious fun.

Melgar: Delicious fun! I love that! In order for any character to work, you first need to find the heart in it. There is a lot of depth and many layers to Angelica. I loved playing her and finding her dynamics. It was such a wonderful character to bring to life, as there was so much range to play with. I even got to find comedic moments here and there. So in the end, it was a well-rounded character that got to do things we have maybe only dreamed of doing -- wink wink. Even though the story of these women seeking revenge on their horrible husbands is admittedly over the top, do you think viewers will still be able to relate to these women?

Melgar: Yes, for the exact reason I mentioned above. These ladies have heart. It's a guilty pleasure and somehow relatable. You will get these women. You will care for these women. And who knows -- some may even want to be these women. [Laughs] What can you say about working with your costars: DAYS' Ari Zucker (Nicole Walker), As the World Turns' Marie Wilson (ex-Meg Snyder), DAYS' Martha Madison (ex-Belle Black), and One Life to Live's Jessica Morris (ex-Jennifer Rappaport)?

Melgar: Well I've worked with Martha for years, so that was just a huge treat. To get to work with one of your best friends is half the battle, as the love and listening is already there. Add to that Marie and Jessica -- two incredible actresses and lovely ladies -- you have a cast of truly talented women with whom you have chemistry, trust, and who are all committed to doing and being your best. [It's] a dream come true for any project. The look and feel of Ladies of the Lake seems very stylized -- over the top and just glamorous fun. What do you think about the style choices that were made, and how much fun was it to be in a project like that?

Melgar: I love fashion, makeup, and all things glamorous, so for me, it was my personal Disneyland. No happier place on Earth! [Laughs] I heard Ken Corday allowed you all to keep your costumes? What is your favorite piece from the show, and where do you think you might wear it again?

Melgar: My favorite piece is a black and white Roberto Cavalli dress, and I can't tell you when and where I'll wear again, but I can tell you that I love it so much that if I could live in it, I would! When can fans expect to hear more news and a release date for your series Dangerous Curves?! (teaser trailer below)

Melgar: I will let you know as soon as things are in order! Thank you for asking. It seems to have resonated with a wide audience. We couldn't be more thrilled. Is there anything else you want to add that I didn't ask you about?

Melgar: It was an incredible shoot in every way. Michael [Caruso, co-producer], [his wife] Barbi, and Kyle [Lowder, co-producer; ex-Brady Black, DAYS; ex-Rick Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful] were impressive leaders that ran a tight ship. There was attention to every single detail on and off camera, and you felt taken care of in every way. My respects, and I would work with this team again in a heartbeat! One of my favorite set experiences yet.

Ladies of the Lake is scheduled to premiere on Amazon on Monday, May 15.

How much are you looking forward to the premiere of Ladies of the Lake? What would you consider to be your "personal Disneyland"? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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