GH release Steve Burton promo, reveals his first airdate

Posted Friday, September 8, 2017 11:09:00 AM
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GH release Steve Burton promo, reveals his first airdate

It's no secret that Steve Burton is returning to General Hospital. While ABC is still keeping who he'll be playing a secret, the network has finally revealed when the drama will start to play out on-screen.

General Hospital has released a new promo teasing the return of Steve Burton -- and fans are already trying to parse the meaning of every single frame of the 15-second video.

The song "Hold On, I'm Coming" plays as someone starts to move into view through a dense fog. There is a man who looks very much like the Jason Morgan of old, straddling a motorcycle and clad in a leather jacket.

A voiceover announces, "Daytime Emmy winner Steve Burton returns. General Hospital. Tuesday, September 19th."

ABC has understandably been very tight-lipped about who Burton will be playing when he returns to the show. After all, GH already has a Jason Morgan, right? At least that's what we've been told ever since Emmy winner Billy Miller first appeared on the ABC soap back in October 2014.

Will there be two Jasons? Is one an impostor?

It's also unclear exactly how long Burton will be sticking around. For his part, Burton has offered the nebulous "a while." General Hospital's executive producer, Frank Valentini, has said that the effects of Burton's return will impact the canvas "for probably about nine months."

Check out the teaser for yourself then tell us what you think.

How do you feel about Burton's return to GH? How do you think he'll fit onto the canvas when he begins airing? Do you want him to be the "real" Jason -- or someone else? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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