WATCH: Will Lipton on joining GH and the soooo untypical commute he makes to get to Port Charles

Posted Monday, October 15, 2018 7:43:42 AM
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General Hospital's Will Lipton (Cameron Webber) opens up about causing "a little trouble in paradise for Oscar and Josslyn," among other things.

New General Hospital star Will Lipton (Cameron Webber) is quickly making himself at home in Port Charles. And he's just as quickly establishing himself as one of the most lovable teens to hit the ABC soap opera in recent memory. His on-screen presence has been likened to a young Brad Pitt, and he's using that irresistible charisma to make Cameron quite the heartbreaker.

As viewers have seen in the past several weeks since he's been on-screen, the SORAS'd youngster is, as Lipton describes it, causing "a little trouble in paradise for Oscar [Garren Stitt] and Josslyn [Eden McCoy]." And the actor couldn't be more grateful for landing the role of Elizabeth's son.

"It's been such an incredible experience," he tells ABC7 News in a video interview (see below). "All of the actors are so talented and amazing, and it's been great being able to learn from them and work with them."

Being on the ABC soap opera, however, isn't exactly a piece of cake for the San Mateo native, who spends part of his time attending high school and part of his time taping GH in Los Angeles.

"My typical week is not very typical: I'm usually down in L.A. two or three days [per week]," the 15-year-old shares, adding that his mom drives him to work every week. "It's a six-hour car drive, and we listen to audiobooks, we talk, I do my homework. And then when we're there, we stay in a hotel and then at the set, I do homework or work with my set teacher or my fellow actors and then we tape [my scenes] and go back home."

Believe it or not, despite juggling high school with GH and a tough weekly commute, Lipton manages to make time for his other passion: singing. In fact, he's been in a band since he was six years old.

"I've been singing ever since I was able to make sound. Singing has always been a big passion of mine," he shares, adding that his current band, WJM, strives to help the community by creating songs about voting, social justice, and other important topics. "Being able to do something you love and being able to help other people in the process is such an amazing experience."

For Lipton's full ABC7 interview, check out the video below.

What do you think about Lipton in the role of Cameron Webber? Would you make a six-hour commute for work each week? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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